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To be with you ...#like+love=live#

Just wanna stand here and watch you smile

Savor your every movement for a while

Relishing the way your eyes glimmer

The way your lips curves up ….. 123 kata lagi

From “Who to be” to “Who I am?” (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Shubham Gupta

Founder & Owner of: My Exploits

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Writing Writer

As I write this, a quote in my high school corridor flashes across my eyes: “Do not underestimate yourself. 444 kata lagi


It Was the Blessing Event for Me

The origin of apocalypse was that Mr. Virgin had a huge crush on Keiko san. How did he fall for her? That was simple and quick. 165 kata lagi



Passion. You have to have passion for what you do. When you create something from thin air, which is what I do as a writer, you have to be able to have passion for what you create. 387 kata lagi


A Time Before Love

There is a valley,

we all have a vantage point,

it carries a visual acumen,

filled with a variable progress.

I often wonder of accurate planning… 103 kata lagi


Inspiration as Passion

Walking, Drowning…They seem the same to me
For no sooner do I take my first step, two more needed are added for good measure
Passion, she calls herself, and no man lets her be… 126 kata lagi

Commitment to Life

Promises are not copperless pennies collected at the bottom of a purse
Or walked over with indifference
They are little contracts we make for ourselves… 175 kata lagi

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