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three blue candles

three blue candles in a row
where she knew she shouldn’t go
in a room of closed desire
smoke now circles ever higher

lying thoughtlessly has crept… 38 kata lagi

Original Poems

You are your choices.

Stop it.

Stop acting like you had no choice.

Stop acting like you were forced into it.

Stop acting like you are not in control anymore. 117 kata lagi


Sometimes it opens

just a crack,

that heavy door –

and she will see

his lamp aflame

and though she’s not

the only one… 101 kata lagi




The tight clutch

The quickening breath

The rising fire

The sensual sounds

The soft and smooth

The rise and fall

The warm and wet… 22 kata lagi


A New Determination...

Hi guys!

So basically I’ve not written a blog for a little while. I suppose work has been getting in the way now that it’s getting closer to Christmas BUT I have got a little bit of gossip for you. 629 kata lagi