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The Games of Pasola

The next morning dawned bright and hot, intense conditions for the outdoor Pasola celebrations. Pasola is a traditional war game played by Western Sumbanese in honor of the rice planting season. 543 kata lagi


The war-like ritual in Sumba

I was in Sumba, Indonesia, in Ratenggaro Village to be precise. That very morning, the usually quiet village looked pretty busy and also crowded. Many people passing by the village’s gate; almost all of them walked toward the village square while many had already gathered around the square ignoring the heat caused by the scorching morning sun. 1.383 kata lagi


Sumba - an exotic Indonesian island of worms and horses!

When my travel writer partner told me about an island where people eat worms and charge about on tinsel-decorated ponies hurling spears at each other I thought he was having me on – but no, he was describing the magical Indonesian island of Sumba which has inspired me to design a simple travel kimono – find out why below and… 728 kata lagi