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Beri Daku Sumba

Rinduku pada Sumba adalah rindu padang-padang terbuka
Di mana matahari bagai bola api, cuaca kering dan ternak melenguh
Rinduku pada Sumba adalah rindu seribu ekor kuda… 1.043 kata lagi


Tradisi Sumba, PASOLA

Tradisi merupakan tradisi dari agama asal Sumba, Marapu. Tradisi yang juga telah menjadi  obyek wisata terkenal di pulau Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Pasola yang berasal dari kata sola atau hola berarti lembing atau tombak. 139 kata lagi

Pasola: One Of Mankind's Oldest And Most Violent Rituals

Pasola is a harvest festival in the Indonesian Island of Sumba wherein two villages face-off on horseback. The shamans determine the date of the Pasola based on the annual appearance of the nyale seaworms. 88 kata lagi


Seven days to Pasola

Horsemen roam the battlefield, spears are flying and hopefully there will be blood soaking the ground, a necessary toll to guarantee a bountiful harvest: this is Pasola, an astonishing joust that marks the end of a ceremonial ritual taking place after the February and March full moon, when sea worms called Bau Nyale flood the coast of South-West Sumba. 2.223 kata lagi


Five Festive Events You Won’t Want to Miss in 2013

1. Pasola
Every February and March, when the moon grows full, residents of the Indonesian island of Sumba drink heartily, rave all night, then stagger to the shoreline before dawn. 1.045 kata lagi