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My Story

Since the scandal happened, I have thought of saying something on Pages. I had so many things to say but ended up saying nothing due to my lack of writing skills. 1.074 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun

Yes, I Am Still A Fan Of Park Yoochun

Every Chunsa has at least once wondered in her fandom life, how it is that she has so much in common with her fellow ones. I realized that the answer, after all, is very simple: we resemble the person we bias. 819 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun

Này thế giới ngoài kia?

Này thế giới ngoài kia, hôm nay các cậu có biết rằng Park Yoochun đã hoàn toàn vô tội chưa? Và những con người hãm hại cuộc đời anh đã phải chịu án tù? 545 kata lagi

Gods Of The East

Different |11|

“Kau pikir aku hanya ada urusan denganmu? Aku juga punya urusan dengannya!”

Myungsoo mengerutkan keningnya. “Maksudmu?”

Ahn In memainkan rambutnya, lalu tertawa. “Kau tidak perlu tahu. 2.606 kata lagi


Different |10|

“Aku bisa menukar apapun untuk bertemu dengannya. Dan, itu sudah sangat bahagia, untukku”

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[INFO] Clasamentul Global K-Star – Saptamana 27.12.16 ~ 02.01.17: Jaejoong si Yoochun de la JYJ/Global K-Star Ranking: December 27th, 2016~January 02, 2017 – JYJ’s Jaejoong & Yoochun

Topul ‘Global K-Star’ ia in considerare datele provenite de pe portalul chinezesc Baidu, sondajele website-ului chinez 123fan, clasamentul ‘Star Influence’ de pe Weibo si numarul vizitatorilor, respectiv cautarile acestora pe SSTV. 72 kata lagi

Kim Jaejoong

Sinking in the Swamp of Sadness – Review – I Miss You

Sinking in the Swamp of Sadness – Review – I Miss You

Well, this drama was a big ball of bawling.  If you made a drinking game involving how often the characters broke down into hysterical tears, you’d be drunk off your ass before the end of episode two, possibly a danger to yourself and others by episode four and definitely dead from alcohol poisoning by episode six.  1.206 kata lagi