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[MUSIC REVIEW] Live vs Recorded - Latest Infinity Challenge Music Festival (Part 1)

Have you ever listened to a new song, and think to yourself “Was that good? Did I like it?” only to continue listening to it some more to decide if you do.   624 kata lagi


Yoo Jae Suk dan Haha Berlinang Air Mata di 'Infinity Challenge', "Kami Sangat Terlambat"

‘Infinity Challenge‘ episode 29 Agustus melanjutkan spesial ‘Infinity Challenge Delivery‘.
Dalam episode ini, Park Myung Soo menganta kimchi dan pai untuk ayah dan putranya yang tinggal di Punta Arenas, Chile, sesuai permintaan ibu mereka. 13 kata lagi

Jive Monkey Playlist: 8/24/15

This weekend, Infinity Challenge finally aired their Young Dong Highway Music Festival which was filmed earlier this month on the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic grounds.  Despite the unfortunate incident where… 1.847 kata lagi

Jive Monkey Playlist

EU God-G Isn't EU - IU, Park Myung Soo (이유 갓지 않은 이유 - 아이유, 박명수) - Léon (레옹)

They included the EDM version at the end. kkk Jaehwan’s appearance cracked me up lmao. he’s funny. Nice song IU!

Infinite Challenge ‘Yeongdong Expressway’ Music Festival 2015… 802 kata lagi