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SNACK – Fun and Health

How many snacks that you usually give your child a day? As for me, I’m usually giving them 2 times snack (10 am and 3 pm). 252 kata lagi


Baby wearing: Boba Wrap

Hi Mama (possibly Dada) friends, I want to introduce you to something that saved me and my baby from many things that could of been very difficult if I did not have my boba baby wrap. 761 kata lagi



Halloween fast approaching the family went shopping
To the department store for some costume aisle hopping!
The kids bounced around and saw Star Wars and Rangers… 170 kata lagi


Why Your Kids Won't Talk To You

Do you have a quiet kid?  Do you hear crickets when you ask about school?  Silence when you ask how they are feeling?

Why are some children reluctant to have conversations? 1.050 kata lagi

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I love Fridays

I love my Fridays. My Thursday starts with making the cookie dough in the morning. I look up the recipe, get all the ingredients sorted and have the dough done before the kids get home from school. 158 kata lagi



We have all been there. We have all had that moment as a parent when your child is playing and something happens with another kid. And be honest, you secretly hope it is your kid doing it because that is the easier situation to deal with. 887 kata lagi


How I Balance It All as a Working Mom of Two Young Children [video]

First off, let me just say that I feel *immensely* blessed to be able to work. The extra money is nice and it helps that I actually LOVE what I do (I work in development for a nonprofit, in case you didn’t know). 80 kata lagi