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Life as a mother with anxiety

If you’ve read any of my previous mental health blog posts or you know me in real life, you’ll know that I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression on and off since, well, forever. 540 kata lagi

Mary Joanna Coogan

Playhouse lessons for Mommies (Fiction)

Little Anna played with her toys all day long. Besides being fond of them, she liked to proudly show off her possessions and at this tender age of five, her two full crates did represent her amour propre. 1.537 kata lagi


Top 5 Ways to Be a Good Friend to a New Parent

by Erin Bockstael

Becoming a caregiver of a vulnerable little human – by birth, fostering, or adoption – can really turn a person’s world upside down.   481 kata lagi


Dear Sarah: Lying

Dear Sarah,

My daughter is only 7 and already she has started lying to me about things. Most recently she told me she had brushed her teeth but I know that she didn’t. 600 kata lagi

Contributing Writer

Profile Pique

So this happened…

Child #2 sees my Twitter profile, and squints.

“Mum – that photo looks like that guy from Hogwarts”

I expand the photo… 128 kata lagi


Entry Six: Sharing is caring.

Bean at 14-16 weeks is the size of an apple and then an avocado.

I bought more clothes and I don’t care about the cost. I’m fed up of looking in the cupboard and not knowing what to wear. 344 kata lagi


I Wonder What's Going On?

Wednesday 16th July 2008

Steve phoned earlier to say he’d moved into his new room. So he should be happy – yet he sounded really down. 1.121 kata lagi