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"And after all this time,

I’m still
into you.

I should be over all the butterflies,
but I’m into you,
I’m into you.”


One of the weirdest things about life, at least for a music-obsessed individual like myself, is loving an album for an extended period of time. Say, eleven years. 2.507 kata lagi

Song of the Week IV

Sorry guys, I haven’t been posting these regularly; I’ve much busier summer than I have expected.

But, PARAMORE!!! This band is the literal bomb.com. Paramore is the only well-known pop punk/emo band (dominated many by the male voices) with a female front singer. 239 kata lagi

The Only Exception

This has been true for eleven years and eleven months now. This will forever be true, Anhtukin. I will be your EXCEPTION.


19 Things All Recovering Emo Kids Were Definitely Guilty Of

1. You had those weird, ugly, plastic sex bracelets. You did not do any of the sexual things they indicated, but still definitely wore them. And lied to your Mom about what they meant. 393 kata lagi

Nashville Locals Spotify Playlist

So Nashville is much MUCH more than Country music. We curated a playlist showcasing local bands , big and small, that call Nashville home.