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Pain is a color and I'm a rainbow.

Darkness isn’t necessarily black. It is not colors that I lack but a darker shade of black; or maybe a bottle of Jack; or stronger bones in my back… 687 kata lagi


An Iconic American Fast Food Restaurant Chain Revealed Their Favourite Paramore Album On Twitter

*The question we ask… Do you agree?*

It would seem Paramore have a new fan.

Iconic American fast food restaurant chain Wendy’s revealed (recently) what their favourite… 19 kata lagi


Someone Has Isolated The Vocals On Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception’ And It Proves That Hayley Williams Is Exceptional

*“I cried listening to it… NO JOKE!” – Jamie Simms, Hands Up Media Founder/Editor*

This vocals only version of ‘The Only Exception’ is absolutely stunning! PERIOD! 70 kata lagi


Terra – Watercolour (single) 2016

Introducing Terra.

Smooth pop hooks with the backing of an energetic punk-rock band finding their feet. 255 kata lagi


Wrapped in the Covers: Paramore "Grow Up"

Search the “Paramore” tag on this site and you’ll find a lot on their self-titled album. Still one I can put on and lose myself to, I am forever enamored by the reality of the lyrics. 142 kata lagi

Wrapped In The Covers

Our Concert Adventures: A Brief History

Third Eye Blind (Iowa City, IA) – 2013

We went to this concert for free hosted by our university in September of 2013 when we were strangers that lived on the same floor of our dorm. 1.091 kata lagi

The Curse of Curves- the slut shamming songs of the pop-punk culture.

Remember 2006-2009 when you were in middle school, went through that emo-punk-hardcore (whatever you want to call it) phase, and things were easier? I was  12-15 during those years and loved bands like Taking Back Sunday, Paramore, Cute is What We Aim For, The Maine… the list can go on. 1.596 kata lagi