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The beauty of music

Music is one of the best things that we as a race are able to share; you can speak a totally different language or have led a completely different lifestyle to someone and still be able to connect with them over something so simple. 688 more words


 After a little while, the punk subculture can really feel like it’s made for and by the male side of the human spectrum.  I’m not saying that is accurate, but male alternative rock bands do outnumber female alternative rock bands by quite a large margin.   1.050 more words


It's just a spark

The first time I ever heard of the programme Desert Island Discs, a radio show in which celebrities list eight music albums they would take with the if they were exiled to a desert island, I began to wonder what CD’s I would choose as my own. 879 more words

How could you do it? I never saw it coming.

Dear A.,

I think the title sums all up. How could you do it? You broke me in so many pieces I don’t even know where to start to put them back together. 243 more words