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The average, working, procrastinating woman... 

Hello fellow readers!

I will be posting a song of my choice every other day (hopefully.) Dani’s every-other-day dailies. Because let’s be honest, I procrastinate just as much as I work and I’ll forget from time to time to post one daily, so why not every other day!? 182 kata lagi


NEWS: Aaron Gillespie Anounces An Acoustic Tour

Aaron Gillespie has announced a headlining tour for this fall and winter on which he’ll be playing songs from the primary bands he has been a part of, Underoath and The Almost. 129 kata lagi

Freshly Pressed

Music to my ears- Part II

Okay folks, it’s been about 3 weeks since the first installment and I know I said I would do these weekly but frankly, I lied. 788 kata lagi


Back in the Thames

On 2 October, Halley wrote a short letter to Josiah Burchett, advising that he had arrived back in the Thames and requesting permission to come up to London to give the Lords of the Admiralty a report of his Channel voyage. 127 kata lagi

Edmond Halley

Halley's third logbook

I said at the start of this Channel voyage that I wouldn’t be live-tweeting the logbook as I’d done for Halley’s two Atlantic voyages, as I felt the high proportion of technical data would be of little interest to the general reader. 1.227 kata lagi

Edmond Halley

Ain’t It Fun to be Hayley Williams

Although she’s jokingly claimed not to know what her original hair colour is, and despite changing colours quicker than the seasons, Haylee Williams of Paramore loves it most when her hair is a vibrant shade that harkens back to her ginger beginnings. 1.608 kata lagi

Dan Crazy Opinions

Brand New Eyes- The Importance of Music and Honest Writing

It was six years ago today. I hurried home from high school, freshman year still in its infancy, and downloaded an album on some shady Russian site. 717 kata lagi