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New Release: Bismoth

Album title: Psalmic Peace

Album length: 38 minutes

Record label: Independent

FFO: Be Not Betrayed, Antestor, Crimson Moonlight, Drottnar, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Lo-Ruhamah, Paramaecium… 14 kata lagi

South African black metal band announce new album

Black metal band Be Not Betrayed hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa have announced their sophomore EP “Suffering” which is due to be released later in 2018. 30 kata lagi

Announcing: "Exploring the Ancient Forest" podcast

Dear reader,

As if life were not exciting enough, I just started a podcast.

Podbean: http://exploringtheancientforest.podbean.com

iTunes: http://exploringtheancientforest.podbean.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AncientForestPodcast

The podcast will basically be me reading out my 2012… 37 kata lagi