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Data storage has become a critical problem that facing computer scientists. Not only is it the huge amount of data; it is also also the problem of safety and privacy because of the revolution of information technology security. 3.065 kata lagi

Open Source

Sleep on it

I was pretty annoyed. I had installed a program into a docker container and had invoked this container via our cloud computing platform and it was garbling my output files – with the exact same inputs and parameters I had just tested it with on my local machine. 548 kata lagi


The Mystery and Magic of Prefix Scan | Dr Dobb's

Prefix Scan might be considered an elemental parallel computation. This operation computes all partial sums of a vector of values resulting in a vector, the same size as the original vector, where each element is the sum of the preceding elements in the original vector up to the corresponding position. 11 kata lagi

Distributed Computing

Akka Persistence using MongoDB - Part I

Akka is a powerful actor based tool kit for Concurrency, Parallelism and Clustering. But for every concurrent applications, Akka actors are not fit because Futures are another alternative for performing Concurrency. 641 kata lagi


Some notes on using Python multiprocessing

This is a short note describing a common code pattern useful for parallelizing some computations using the Python multiprocessing module.

Many problems are of the… 654 kata lagi