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CUDA is Like Owning a Supercomputer

The word supercomputer gets thrown around quite a bit. The original Cray-1, for example, operated at about 150 MIPS and had about eight megabytes of memory. 2.091 kata lagi


Time-intensive collection processing in Python

The code has been vastly simplified, but should serve to illustrate my question.

S = ('A1RT', 'BDF7', 'CP09')
for s in S:
    if is_valid(s): # very slow! 415 kata lagi

Rules while working with stream in Java 8

First, let’s have a basic understanding of stream. Then we will have a look at the side effects that can occur while working with streams. 822 kata lagi


self-portrait + doodlement

Drawn while listening to Radio 4 – so parts of this image evoke the Archers omnibus (hand) and other parts Desert Island Discs (background – Edna Adan Ismail is an amazing woman!). 97 kata lagi


Eight Most Powerful Supercomputers in the World

By Victor Tangermann  – Re-Blogged From Futurism

Competitive Computing

The experience of using a computer today is nothing like it was a few decades ago. The sheer speed of computer systems has nearly doubled each year; transistors, once as big as a pencil eraser, have become so small that billions could fit on a fingernail. 1.169 kata lagi

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I love the volatile variable qualifier. I never had to use it until I started playing with an Arduino and so it was double the fun. 345 kata lagi

Coding Diary

CUDA: Where to start?

I am listing some great resources!

  • You can have a free trial of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs for your applications.
  • Learn GPU programming in your browser with NVIDIA hands-On.
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