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Task Parallel Library - Internet of Things

We want to implement a energy monitoring system with the help of C# library which has interface with an Embedded System and relevant controllers attached to it. 326 more words

Data Ingestion

Why faster is seldom quicker

The laws determining how fast a conventional bicycle will go are simple, and can be succinctly summarised as “the more you pay, the less you get, the faster you go”. 741 more words


Another Radian Test - Finding the distance between lines and areas

Following up on my previous post with ArcGIS and the Near Table, I created an SQL query in Manifold 8 to do both the near distances and group them by the number of points within specific distances (I grouped them every 50 km.).   240 more words

Manifold GIS

Computer Organization Unit - 6

Pipeline And Vector Processing
Flynn’s taxonomy, Parallel Processing, Pipelining, Arithmetic Pipeline,  Instruction, Pipeline, RISC Pipeline, Vector Processing, Array Processors


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Execute commands on multiple computers using GNU Parallel (setting up a cluster on the cheap)

I’ve mentioned before how awesome GNU Parallel[1] for easily making use of multiple cores on a single machine. You can also use it to run commands on multiple machines if you have SSH access to them, and have set up SSH keys for password-less login (there is a guide to setting up SSH keys here… 423 more words

UNIX / Linux

A Poor Man's Parallel Processor for GIS

In addition to SQL, I also am interested in processing large volumes of spatial data.  One of the newest rages in “big data” is Hadoop.  According to Wikipedia: 859 more words

Spatial SQL