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Computer Organization Unit - 6

Pipeline And Vector Processing
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Execute commands on multiple computers using GNU Parallel (setting up a cluster on the cheap)

I’ve mentioned before how awesome GNU Parallel[1] for easily making use of multiple cores on a single machine. You can also use it to run commands on multiple machines if you have SSH access to them, and have set up SSH keys for password-less login (there is a guide to setting up SSH keys here… 423 more words

UNIX / Linux

A Poor Man's Parallel Processor for GIS

In addition to SQL, I also am interested in processing large volumes of spatial data.  One of the newest rages in “big data” is Hadoop.  According to Wikipedia: 859 more words

Spatial SQL

Python Beowulf cluster - find a use for those computers that are 10+ years old

“He has thirty men’s heft of grasp in the gripe of his hand, the bold-in-battle. Blessed God out of his mercy this man hath sent to Danes of the West, as I ween indeed, against horror of Grendel”

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Parallel Query, Broadcast distribution and TEMP space

When it comes to parallel operations there are fundamentally two data distribution methods between individual parallel (PX) server sets: hash-hash and broadcast distribution. Suppose that you are going to operate a parallel HASH JOIN between two full table scans using a Degree of Parallelism (DOP) of 2. 2.115 more words

Parallel Processing

Visual processors for High Performance Computing (HPC)

The chips that drive the visual processing behind advanced video games are finding a role in many other applications which depend upon High Performance Computing (HPC). 464 more words