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Parallelism Gone Really Wrong

Couple days ago my friend told me that his team made a lot of efforts to Parallelise their computations for better performance. But strangely enough the performance worsened. 462 kata lagi


Invoke-Async - Asynchronous parallel processing for any workload in PowerShell

Why asynchronous processing?

If it takes a man 10 hours to do something, technically, it would take just one hour if 10 men did it. Right? 1.341 kata lagi


From days to seconds: experiences with parallel processing and GIS (Part I, the team)

Many of you know that I have been working with parallel processing for GIS in the form of video card general purpose, graphical processing units (GPGPU).   604 kata lagi

Parallel Processing

When More is Less.... lessons from processing large data files

My good friend Stuart Hamilton gave me a fun conundrum to try out. He has a file of province boundaries (400 areas) and lidar derived mangrove locations (37 million points – 2.2GB in size). 513 kata lagi

Spatial SQL

Task Parallel Library - Internet of Things

We want to implement a energy monitoring system with the help of C# library which has interface with an Embedded System and relevant controllers attached to it. 326 kata lagi


Why faster is seldom quicker

The laws determining how fast a conventional bicycle will go are simple, and can be succinctly summarised as “the more you pay, the less you get, the faster you go”. 741 kata lagi


Another Radian Test - Finding the distance between lines and areas

Following up on my previous post with ArcGIS and the Near Table, I created an SQL query in Manifold 8 to do both the near distances and group them by the number of points within specific distances (I grouped them every 50 km.).   240 kata lagi

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