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How to run OpenSees with Matlab as a driver on JANUS

Thanks to Travis’ previous blog posts, we now know how to compile OpenSeesMP and OpenSeesSP on the JANUS and run .tcl files on the supercomputer. Thanks, buddy! 972 kata lagi


Parallel Processing Compute Framework – Banyan

Just reading some random blogs, I stumbled upon a very interesting Parallel Processing Compute Framework – Banyan. Banyan can run any unit code in parallel across multiple machines independently without the overhead required in distributed processing frameworks. 251 kata lagi


Tip #19 Using Effects in Parallel

A couple months ago I wrote two posts, 1 on Parallel Compression, 2 on a brightness chain that i made.

This post continues with that theme, using effects in parallel. 201 kata lagi


Python, global state, multiprocessing and other ways to hang yourself

C and C++ were supposed to be the “dangerous” languages. There’s Stroustrup’s quote, for example, widely circulated on the internet. However, Stroustrup clarifies that his statement applies to all powerful languages. 1.184 kata lagi


Parallel Processing with QGIS

Once again, I am continuing my role as a mentor in a National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experience for Undergraduate program.  This year we’ve decided to build a… 405 kata lagi

1000 CPUs on a Chip

Often, CPUs that work together operate on SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) or MISD (Multiple Instruction Single Data), part of Flynn’s taxonomy. For example, your video card probably has the ability to apply a single operation (an instruction) to lots of pixels simultaneously (multiple data). 162 kata lagi


SETI@Home Project

We all are fascinated about stars and galaxies. And curiosity level reaches at peak when we hear about space, especially about Aliens. We generally think that all the stuff related to space is done in space centers like… 311 kata lagi

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