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I love the volatile variable qualifier. I never had to use it until I started playing with an Arduino and so it was double the fun. 345 kata lagi

Coding Diary

CUDA: Where to start?

I am listing some great resources!

  • You can have a free trial of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs for your applications.
  • Learn GPU programming in your browser with NVIDIA hands-On.
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Neural Nets in the Browser: Why Not?

We keep seeing more and more Tensor Flow neural network projects. We also keep seeing more and more things running in the browser. You don’t have to be Mr. 220 kata lagi

Software Development

vectorized operations.. is the mindset!!

I’ve just realized, just watching one of the zillion courses you can reach through the internet to expand your knowledge further that jupiter. An Octave usage case, simple one, we have a vector and we want to add one (the scalar one, this: ‘1’ to each existing element. 374 kata lagi


Concept Of Parallel Processing In ABAP

In normal processing, a modular process is usually called in a separate function module. When this FM is called, the processing in the current program goes on hold and FM is processed. 207 kata lagi


How the brain really works (maybe)

Stare at the picture just below long and hard. It’s where the brain probably does its calculation — no, not the neuron in the center. No, not the astrocyte just above. 1.889 kata lagi

Neurology & Psychiatry

Machine Learning at Scale with Parallel Processing

Machine Learning can leverage modern parallel data processing platforms like Hadoop and Spark in several ways. In this post we will discuss how to have Machine Learning at scale with Hadoop or Spark. 1.135 kata lagi

Hadoop And Map Reduce