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I’m more productive when I’m Busy

Simply floating through the day makes me less creative and less productive…In fact it is dangerous for me…(luckily not often!! )

What do you mean by busy.. 465 kata lagi


Yet another (very short) tutorial on doParallel for R

*UPDATED ON DEC. 7th AS PREVIOUS CODE WAS WRONG*. My apologies if you tried the code, and did not work. In those cases leave a comment! 816 kata lagi


Tote Boards: the Impressive Engineering of Horse Gambling

Horse racing has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks. Often called the sport of kings, it was an early platform for making friendly wagers. 1.240 kata lagi

Classic Hacks

How To Install Apache Spark On Ubuntu

There’s so much data being generated in today’s world that we need platforms and frameworks that it’s mind boggling. This field of study is called Big Data Analysis. 583 kata lagi


Creativity and idea generation

By Gordon Rugg

So what is creativity, and how can you generate more and better ideas?

There’s pretty general agreement that:

Useful Concepts

Why locking your data?

In one of my previous posts i described the motivation for using Parallel processing and how it can be misused. In this post i want to simplify the concept of locking mechanisms as one of the methods for enabling a correct use of Parallel processing. 595 kata lagi

Software Development

Parallelism Gone Really Wrong

Couple days ago my friend told me that his team made a lot of efforts to Parallelise their computations for better performance. But strangely enough the performance worsened. 462 kata lagi

Software Development