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The girl who got her wisdom teeth removed

Its just an appointment to do some fitting and a check up they said. A tingly and painful face and 500g of Froyo later i realized they lied. 675 kata lagi


This is a haiku all on my description of a headache and the wonders of a paracetamol. Hope you enjoy! :)

Daggers cut deep… 15 kata lagi

Prolonged paracetamol use in pregnancy could harm male offspring.

A mouse study has found that exposure of foetal testes to paracetamol can reduce testosterone levels.

Pregnant women who take the commonly used analgesic paracetamol for more than a week could lead to reproductive problems in their male offspring, suggests a study. 502 kata lagi

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Jolina, Suzi, Jackie leads Calpol "Go Ginhawa" Mom Movement

Instantly, a woman’s priorities shift once she becomes a mother. The world stops being just all about herself because there is another precious being that now depends on her for genuine love, care, and concern. 1.469 kata lagi

Media Launch/Press Conference


A new study has revealed that unborn baby boys could be greatly harmed by paracetamol.

On the heels of the study, pregnant women were warned that taking paracetamol could have life-long effects on baby boys, raising their risk of everything  from infertility to cancer. 144 kata lagi


Sore Throats in Babies and Children

Sore Throats in Babies and Children 

Unfortunately sore throats are quite common, especially in children, and can occur for several reasons including viral or bacterial infections. 1.392 kata lagi


Cerita Sebotol Air

Cilacap, DH – Setelah melipat sajadah aku bergegas mematikan lampu temaram di ruangan itu. Namun dari balik atap bening di sebelah lampu itu ada secercah cahaya putih bulat yang aku tahu itu adalah bulan. 329 kata lagi