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Pain killer, pleasure killer

This really shouldn’t be a surprise – drugs that suppress pain could also be suppressing pleasure.

Paracetamol: Pain killer also kills pleasure

Paracetamol is an effective pain reliever but also reduces feelings of pleasure, a study suggests.

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Taking paracetamol has serious effects on your emotions, study finds

Paracetamol is one of the most commonly used painkillers – but scientists now believe it gets rid of feelings of pleasure as well as pain. 109 more words


Paracetamol....you know you want it!

Here’s a link to an interesting paper from Oz on paracetamol usage in crit care! Food for thought…….á la statins…

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Critical Care

Periods and pain

Firstly I’ll apologise to my male readers and any female ones who are squeamish on this subject, but as you’ll find out it’s not my favourite thing either but the need for a rant is upon me again. 669 more words


Komposisi :
Tiap kaplet mengandung :
Dextromethorphan HBr 15 mg
Diphenhydramine HCl 5 mg
Glycerilguaiacolat 100 mg

Farmakologi :
Dextromethorphan bekerja dengan cara meningkatkan ambang rangsang reflex batuk secara sentral. 152 more words


News Ireland daily BLOG by Donie

Thursday 3rd April 2015

Dunne’s Store’s strike review committee to meet next week?


A meeting will be held next week to discuss further strike action following the strike by Mandate Union workers at Dunnes Stores on Thursday. 2.654 more words

Paracetamol for back pain??

Do you take paracetamol for your back pain?

Have a look at this link on some of the more recent research about this.

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