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The truth about pharmaceuticals

There is a new hype about vaccines and pharmaceuticals. It’s the new trend of not vaccinating your kid, it’s a new trend to stay in bed with a high life fever and wait for a miracle. 563 more words


My skull is currently barricading my brain, stopping it from spilling out from the orifices in my head and face. Preventing it’s escape starting from my eyes, then finding passage through my nose, ears, mouth. 955 more words


Acetaminophen Toxicity

This week Dr. Welniak is back with a great video on APAP overdose and the rule of 150s!


Project 35 | Day 2

Paracetamol at 4am the night after your birthday normally suggests that you’ve got a monster hangover from a wild night of celebrating. For me that was not the case. 221 more words


Tonight's post is bought to you by the letter Zzzzzzz

Sick kids are exhausting! And this mumma does not have a lot of patience when running on 3 hours sleep! On Saturday Miss A showed signs of the sniffles and a little cough which has now escalated to a very chesty, wheezy bout of bronchiolitis.   383 more words


Ill souls on a weekend

Baby Hazeeq seems to live in an imaginary yet effective little bubble. For he is the only one among us 3 who is not infected with the flu and fever. 335 more words

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