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Humira: Heartburn, Headaches and Hangovers.

I’m teetotal. For those people who haven’t heard the phrase, it means that I don’t drink alcohol. It’s not a religious belief, or a health thing. 597 kata lagi


Teenager dies from paracetamol overdose

In previous articles I have discussed how marijuana can actually cure cancer and other sicknesses. Did you know that marijuana has never killed a human being? 200 kata lagi


See Lists of 5 drugs commonly abused by Nigerians and its adverse effect

A drug is defined according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a pharmacological substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, 863 kata lagi


Where are we now with paracetamol? | The BMJ

Important questions remain unanswered about the most widely used drug in the UK

When a doctor recommends a new medicine there are questions that a patient would hope to have answered:

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17 (Friday 17th July)

The girl who got her wisdom teeth removed

Its just an appointment to do some fitting and a check up they said. A tingly and painful face and 500g of Froyo later i realized they lied. 675 kata lagi


This is a haiku all on my description of a headache and the wonders of a paracetamol. Hope you enjoy! :)

Daggers cut deep… 15 kata lagi

Prolonged paracetamol use in pregnancy could harm male offspring.

A mouse study has found that exposure of foetal testes to paracetamol can reduce testosterone levels.

Pregnant women who take the commonly used analgesic paracetamol for more than a week could lead to reproductive problems in their male offspring, suggests a study. 502 kata lagi

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