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Each caplet contains:
Mefenamic acid 250 mg
Each forte caplet contains:
Mefenamic acid 500 mg


Mefenamic acid is an analgesic preparation with anti-inflammatory properties. 257 kata lagi

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New hip hooray!

There probably aren’t many people who would greet the news of some pretty major surgery with celebration. But that’s how I felt when I found out, about two months ago, that I would be getting my right hip replaced this year. 647 kata lagi


Staggered Paracetamol Overdose

There is an updated guideline available from Toxbase on how to assess staggered paracetamol overdoses. Previously this was all mg/kg based but the new guideline includes blood tests taken at least 4 hours after the most recent paracetamol ingestion. 65 kata lagi


How to see race

Race is a shapeshifting adversary: what seems self-evident takes training to see, and twists under political pressure

We think we know what race is. When the United States Census Bureau says that the country will be majority non-white by 2044, that seems like a simple enough statement. 3.453 kata lagi


Hiệu quả và tính an toàn của acetaminophen vs ibuprofen trong điều trị đau và sốt ở trẻ: phân tích tổng hợp.



Tóm tắt các nghiên cứu thử nghiệm về hiệu quả và độ an toàn của một liều đơn acetaminophen và ibuprofen trong điều trị cơn đau hoặc sốt của trẻ. 490 kata lagi

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What are the uses and benefits of paracetamol?

Paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen is an analgesic and a fever reducer medicine. Paracetamol tablet is used to get relief from many conditions like muscular pain, headache, backache, arthritis, toothaches, fevers and cold. 461 kata lagi

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Oops I Did It Again

Coffee, toast and three paracetamol you could say isn’t much of a breakfast, but it’s the stuff of dreams for me. It gets me going, gives me everything I need to start the day in a positive way. 530 kata lagi