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Declan McKenna

Imagine Vampire Weekend swallowed a gameboy coated in LSD and uncertainty. Then imagine there was only one of them. And, that they were 2 at the turn of the Millennium. 356 kata lagi



So the NHS in England spent £87million on paracetamol last year (2015) – that is £7m more than the previous year or growth of nearly 9%. 441 kata lagi

What Happened Within the Fortnight After My Vasectomy

I am say writing this, 16 days after my vasectomy. The side side of my scrotum is the size of an avocado and shaped like a kidney bean. 1.091 kata lagi


My Vasectomy

I had a vasectomy a couple of weeks ago and it has been everything I hoped it wouldn’t. The purpose of this blog and the ensuing posts is to share my experiences. 313 kata lagi


More Health Tips

Cancer – changing our lifestyle, our can reduce our risk by 40%, our choice!

  • less sunbathing, reduces skin cancers and melanomas
  • less alcohol as it impacts on liver and breast cancer – even one glass of wine a day increases your likelihood by 10%, so imagine if you drink more?
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Comparative efficacy of treatments for osteoarthritis (Part 1)

As far as I can recall, paracetamol (or what is known as acetaminophen in other parts of the world) has always been recommended as the initial drug of choice for patients with mild-to-moderate knee osteoarthritis by Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine – THE bible for internal medicine training programs in the Philippines (the very first edition I had was the 14th, residents nowadays carry the 19th ed.). 882 kata lagi