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warming up … a parabolic mirror facing the sun .. (click to enlarge ..)

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) march 2015 – @home – Nikon D3300 – x_DSC_0864


Membuat Animasi Gerakan Parabola dengan JavaFX

Pagi saungkoders !!
Lama tidak berjumpa. Maafkan hamba yang sering absen menulis disini (sedikit pesan kepada author saungkode yang lain : “nulis woy!” #mungkinmerekalelah). Saya tidak tahu mau nulis apa, sampai kemarin ada yang bertanya seputar hal ini (baca : judul). 727 more words


Google Classroom and Desmos and Quad Transformations

My College Algebra students had either Alg2 or Algebraic Concepts 2 (Alg2-lite) last year, so they spent months on quadratics and parabolas.  When I mentioned we would be starting quadratics, I got a class-wide, unanimous groan.   1.012 more words



For the poet the word is king.
Not only heard and spoken and seen,
But  touched, tasted and savoured
All in equal measure. 134 more words


2015: Project BIO

9 Mar 2015

Last weekend we had a fieldwork for our Bio 116 class , and I had a lot of realizations with the help of my 5 very clingy classmates. 246 more words



Most of the time, at school, I feel a certain depression within me that is really difficult to fill up. When something does occupy it, it goes deeper without me noticing it. 409 more words


All parabolas are symmetrical, right?

Today I was teaching one of my classes about drawing graphs. It was going well, we’d moved from linear to quadratic and discussed the shape. After a few minutes of plotting quadratic graphs from equations one of the students asked, “Sir, these parabolas are all symmetrical, right?” we discussed it briefly and he decided that yes they were. 254 more words