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My Work Here Was Done

We just moved our older son, Alex, to Toronto, where he will be attending medical school. I can’t take any of all the credit for his accomplishment, but when he was a little boy, I… 994 kata lagi

Math Art in Finland

Last week the Bridges organization held their annual conference in Jyväskylä, Finland. This international conference features lectures and workshops that highlight the connections between mathematics, music, art, architecture, education and culture. 234 kata lagi

Math Art

Tool - Parabola -Song of the Day

Today’s song of the day is Parabola by Tool! 😎


The dynamite in our paper flesh

If we have not learned what we need to learn, we repeat the lesson. In the beginning, we are slow learners. As we advance, some among us learn explosively. 112 kata lagi

From The Counsellor

Mathemagical bridge

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge takes my breath away. Think I’m being hyperbolic about this parabolic wonder? Let’s pack a picnic and check it out. There’s plenty of parking a short walk from the bridge. 74 kata lagi