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What's Missing- Graphs

What’s missing?  Why?

What title would you give this graphic?

Math Lessons

Install linux-ck kernel for Artix, Obarun, Parabola, arch-based

A while back linux-ck was maintained for Artix as an alternative to their main linux and linux-lts kernels.  It was just there as a binary blob and easy to update.  550 kata lagi


Umbrella and Tin Cans Turned into WiFi Dish Antenna

There’s something iconic about dish antennas. Chances are it’s the antenna that non-antenna people think about when they picture an antenna. And for many applications, the directionality and gain of a dish can really help reach out and touch someone. 228 kata lagi

Wireless Hacks

Catenary vs Parabola

Simon has been studying the differences between a catenary (the curve a free hanging chain makes) and a parabola (the trajectory of a thrown ball), via the… 59 kata lagi


Parábola de los Obreros de la Viña

“Porque el reino de los cielos es semejante a un hacendado que salió muy de mañana para contratar obreros para su viña.  Y habiendo convenido con los obreros en un denario al día, los envió a su viña.   737 kata lagi


Parábola dos Trabalhadores da Vinha

“Pois o Reino dos céus é como um proprietário que saiu de manhã cedo para contratar trabalhadores para a sua vinha.  Ele combinou pagar-lhes um denário pelo dia e mandou-os para a sua vinha. 743 kata lagi