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Mathemagical bridge

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge takes my breath away. Think I’m being hyperbolic about this parabolic wonder? Let’s pack a picnic and check it out. There’s plenty of parking a short walk from the bridge. 74 kata lagi


hikes + math @ bear mountain, ny

We went on an inspiring hike at Bear Mountain State Park today.  Check out the photo of the bridge above and the winding river below.  We could start by finding out if all of those… 290 kata lagi

Cómo reclutar la persona perfecta

Hoy os traemos un manual de cómo reclutar a la persona perfecta.

Con este pequeño ejercicio, seguro que no fallaremos!!! 317 kata lagi



Parabola (par-ab’-o-la): The explicit drawing of a parallel between two essentially dissimilar things, especially with a moral or didactic purpose. A parable.

We are ready to eat! 88 kata lagi

Figures Of Speech

El Pescador Y El Empresario

Había una vez un hombre de negocios sentado en la playa en una pequeña aldea de Brasil. Al sentarse, vio a un pescador en una pequeña embarcación de remo dirigiéndose hacia la costa con varios peces muy grandes. 411 kata lagi


Hyperbolic Issues

I shouldn’t be writing this post as I have few other things to tend to. Anyway, I was watching the TedX video on what’s so sexy about Math? 295 kata lagi

Daily Musings