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A surprise parabola and more garden

Idly wondering about the tangents from a point to a circle I constructed the figure below. The point A is on a circle and can be moved round the circle. 195 kata lagi

Picture Perfect Parabolas (Desmos Activity)

I’m intrigued by the Desmos Activity Builder and where it might be useful for my students.  One of the first activities I’ve made is based on the idea of fitting graphs to photos of naturally-occurring or man-made parabolas, which I first encountered in Adrian Oldknow’s book… 323 kata lagi


High-pointing a football?

Today is one of the high points of the American sports calendar: the AFC and NFC championship games to determine who plays in the Super Bowl. 125 kata lagi

Algebra II

Conic Sections (Desmos)

EDITED:  Thanks to the wonderful folk at Desmos, who helped me solve my problem within minutes of tweeting it, I now have fully functional models.  The problem was making the black dotted distance lines only point to the relevant focus/directrix and not both.   109 kata lagi



În casa enormă a defunctului filosof Edward Kremer era un scandal monstruos, pentru că moștenitorii, veniți însoțiți de avocații lor, au căutat în toată uriașa bibliotecă a maestrului ultimul său manuscris, care propunea o teorie a cunoașterii cu totul inedită, din care Kremer publicase deja câteva capitole ce făcuseră deliciul dezbaterilor mondiale de idei, dar nu-l găsiseră nicăieri. 1.783 kata lagi


A conic extention

This week has been a strange one, I’ve been trying to shake an illness but it keeps on getting worse, and my lessons have been disrupted a little bit by mock examinations. 250 kata lagi