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What are Functions? A Short and Simple Explanation

Understanding functions is vital for anyone intending to master calculus or learning mathematical physics. For those who have never heard of the concept of the function, here’s a quick introduction. 912 more words


A Parabolic Ride

There you go
Bubbling away, from my water
Riding high on a parabola, of love
You think as your own 54 more words


Mi lámpara se apaga

Hace algunos días atravesé lo que probablemente podría llamar una etapa seca en mi relación con Dios.

Básicamente, no oraba con pasión ni tenía ganas de ir a la iglesia o de pasar tiempo a solas con el Señor. 977 more words


Videolezione di matematica: costruzione della parabola

Inseriamo in questo post una nuova videolezione di matematica sulla costruzione di una parabola attraverso il “paraboloide” a cura del prof. Fortini

Using parabolas to paint a picture

Notice how some equations are written in vertex form, others are in standard, and others are in factored form.  Bravo, Paige!

Graphing Calculator

Creating a projectile motion still

As a class project, a student wanted to calculate the velocity of a marker being thrown into the trash.  He calculated the time it took the marker to hit the trash after he released the marker and the distance to the trash.   65 more words


The Search For Parabola 2015: Perfect Pour #90


What Stone beers will you miss? Parabola leaves town as quickly as it comes. Some people have not done a vertical around here. A review of Tioga’s barrel aged bottle release day. 68 more words

Craft Beer