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Geometry: Graphs of parabola


Teacher: Your behaviour reminds me of square root of 2.

Student: Why ?

Teacher: Because its’ completely irrational.

Now, tab below for Graphs of parabola. 11 kata lagi

Additional Mathematics

Could a Long Fly Ball Hit a Flying Horse?

This is the only time I have needed to put some fiction into my blog, so I will change font for a little while.

Sometimes it is hard to be fair to Plato. 575 kata lagi


Largest Value

The equilateral triangle has side length , and is a point on the line segment . Denote by the area of triangle and by the area of triangle . 85 kata lagi

Problem Solving

Cinta bukan Cica

Pernah lihat orang omong sama ikan atau anjing atau binatang lainnya dan kelihatan bahwa komunikasi mereka berfungsi? Kita mungkin tidak memahami komunikasi mereka, tetapi mereka paham. 562 kata lagi

Daily Reflection

Landscape | Gateway to stars

Please Help Me to Get a New Camera => Hi my friends!
My Name is Randall and I live in Easton, MD USA. I’m 39 years old and I’m currently disable for multiple back injuries and Major Depression. 63 kata lagi


New on 500px : Gateway to stars by Kordan

Parabola mointain, Ergaki nature park. Siberia, Russia.
Vertical panorama with stacking. 14-24 Nikkor + Nikon D810.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1GVQliY

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