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Parabola - Day 1 napowrimo 2017

Your parabolic face
Shows no trace
Of the barbs, aimed
To maim, perpendicular
To directrix
But reflected
To focus – 2cm
From the edge… 38 kata lagi


#booksnaps came from the incredible Tara Martin who decided to take Snapchat and have student annotate information from books. I loved it! Then I wanted to know how I could use this in math class. 175 kata lagi


Catapult Activity

While researching for our parabola unit I stumbled upon the project posted by Julie Reulbach on her blog I Speak Math. If you don’t follow her on Twitter, you should! 226 kata lagi


RMM 2017 - Problems 1, 4 and 5

I’ve recently taken a UK team to the 2017 edition of the Romanian Master of Mathematics competition in Bucharest. The British students did extremely well and we all enjoyed ourselves mathematically and generally. 1.798 kata lagi

School And Olympiad

¡Nuevo vídeo en nuestro canal de Youtube!

¿Te consideras una persona prudente o insensata? Este vídeo te ayudará a contestar esta pregunta. 18 kata lagi


Parabolic solar power plants

Parabola can be defined as a set of points that lie equally far away from a line and a point in two-dimensional space. It can also be derived as a section of a cone that’s parallel to the side of the cone. 170 kata lagi