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There are some parts of being a female that are pretty awesome but our bodies really do give us a crappy time sometimes and we need to do some awkward things to make sure that our bodies are safe. 1.106 kata lagi


1 Year TTC & Choosing Our Doctor

In May of 2015 my OBGYN began talking to me about starting some testing since we had been trying to conceive (ttc) for a year. We started with a routine pap smear and also blood work for me. 302 kata lagi


Amy Schumer, The Pap Smear And The Truth Of Life In America

Comedy has a way to bring out the truth in the world.

The truth is that as many inroads as women have made, we are still a male dominated society. 46 kata lagi


6 Secrets Every OB-GYN Knows

(And you should, too!)

  1. Plan for less pinch.  Take the sting out of your next mammogram and ensure a better image by scheduling it for the week after your period.
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Updated Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines 2016

Although my practice is devoted exclusively to the evaluation and treatment of female pelvic floor dysfunction, it is also necessary for us to determine whether our patients are up to date with their cancer screening.   1.604 kata lagi

To Pap or not to Pap, that is the question

Women confuse the gynecology exam as being  simply a Pap smear visit. Now that word is out that a Pap is recommended every 3-5 years. women have crossed the visit to the gynecologist off their schedule. 301 kata lagi

Annual Exam

Medical - Basic Tests

Some labs offer special pricing for people without insurance. A few years ago, I got the standard annual physical blood testing for just $100 from such a lab in my local area. 181 kata lagi

52 Weeks To Wise Money Management