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Student Midwives Learning

The skills needed to become a competent midwife are seemingly infinite. There doesn’t seem to be an end to what we need to learn, academically and practically speaking. 401 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

Welcome to the Biannual Cancer Screening Games

I have to admit my anxiety is at an all time high. I know it may not appear this way since I’ve got jokes. Humor and jokes have to get me through this month. 305 more words


Those Five Things You Should Know About Your Ass

It is pretty clear that gay men have major thing for all things anal. Not to rain on anyone’s patootie parade with this piece (originally published on… 782 more words

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You don't need a Pap every year!

In the 1940’s, cervical cancer was the leading cause of death amongst women.  In 1941, George Papanicolaou, discovered the technique of screening for cervical cancer which was aptly named the Pap smear.   661 more words

Cervical Cancer

What Every Woman Should Know About Cervical Cancer

The dreaded C Word! Cervical cancer is one of the top five common types of cancers affecting a woman’s reproductive organs. However, it is also the easiest type of cancer to prevent with the help of regular check-ups and screenings. 472 more words

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Life is Awkward.... Talking to Me Shouldn't Be: Things You Shouldn't Hide from Your Gynecologist

I would describe myself as a rather private person so I am the first one to empathize with an embarrassed or hesitant patient.  I know that many of the topics we may cover during an appointment can be uncomfortable but I can also assure you I’ve seen and heard it all (twice).  204 more words


And then I exhaled.

Yesterday I received a long awaited phone call. It came in the early, bitter cold morning. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I had been waiting for this phone call for 3 long months. 454 more words