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Pap-smear dan konsultasi pertama

Pertengahan bulan Oktober 2014 saya melakukan pap-smear test rutin tahunan sekaligus mulai berkonsultasi dengan dsog saya. Saya memilih waktu beberapa hari setelah menstruasi saya benar benar bersih. 202 kata lagi


Fucked Up Friday

There are some truly fucking fucked up people in the world aren’t there. And if you feel offended by my language then stop reading now probably because I might get more fucking colourful on account of those fuckers who do stuff like shoot lions and other fucking fucked up stuff way more offensive than saying fuck a… 1.300 kata lagi

Bonnet Bees

Sharing a positive experience (because there aren't enough of them on the internet)

So I admit it, I seek medical advice from Dr. Google. I like to prepare myself mentally before going into any medical procedure. I spend countless hours searching. 825 kata lagi


Get your breasts checked!

Today, a woman touched my breasts. And at the end of it, I wondered why I hadn’t been offered, or asked for it before.

Naturally, I am talking about having my breasts checked for cancer. 208 kata lagi


Gejala Kanker Serviks, Pap Smear, dan Vaksin HPV

Biasanya kalau masih pada tahap awal, kanker serviks tidak memiliki gejala khusus, bahkan bisa tanpa gejala. Perlu waktu yang cukup lama, antara 10 sampai 20 tahun untuk proses berubahnya infeksi biasa pada leher rahim sampai akhirnya infeksi itu berkembang menjadi kanker serviks. 290 kata lagi


Myths About Safe Sex And Sexual Health

MYTH #1: You can catch an STD from a toilet seat

Sexually transmitted diseases or infections can’t live outside the body for a long period of time—especially not on a cold, hard surface like a toilet seat. 1.187 kata lagi

Relationships & Sex

Money & Sex

Here’s the thing; my parents are religious and the whole saving yourself for marriage was always what I was taught – and what I believed I would follow. 601 kata lagi