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Abnormal pap

I have posted on this topic before, but it’s something so common I feel it’s  worth re-visiting.

Abnormal Pap, what does this really mean? Pap smears are done to assess for changes on your cervix. 337 kata lagi

Women's Health

A Check In and a Check-Up

I haven’t written in months. In part, it’s laziness, but in truth, it’s difficult to write daily about a chronic disease. Blogging regularly is a constant reminder of what’s wrong with your body, and that’s sometimes a bit too much for the mental and emotional health. 299 kata lagi


Pap Smear, Needing an Orgasm Before I Go to Sleep, Attack on Titan Season 2, Boruto, and Styx: Shards of Darkness!

So a week ago I went to go get my pap smear, something that was long over due since the last time I got it was in 2012 in Austin at the university. 885 kata lagi

My Number One Pet Peeve

Okay, so I have eighty zillion (is that a number?) (that’s probably not a word) pet peeves, probably. I have no idea.

I am a really certain person right this moment, guys. 679 kata lagi

The Odd Bit

Understanding Your Reproductive Health

“ A woman’s reproductive health involves the whole cycle that regulates menstruation, fertility, menopause as well as the sex drive. Having a healthy reproductive system is essential in a woman’s life that is why tests such as pelvic exams, pap smear and screenings for breast cancer is important for a woman to have on a regular basis.” 528 kata lagi



Ang Pap smear test o Papanicolaou test ay ginagawa para malaman ang posibilidad na magka-cancer  ang cervix (o puwerta ng matris) ng isang babae.  Kung ang kondisyon ng cervix ay makikita ng maaga, ito ay maaring maagapan o magamot bago pa man lumubha.  229 kata lagi

Maternal Health

Go See A Gynaecologist📣

Ive noticed there’s this fear when it comes to pap smears and going to the gynea. As though you’re gonna feel the pain. Like they’re gonna take a whole chunk of your cervix. 734 kata lagi