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6 Health Screenings to Help Women Prevent Disease

May is women’s health month, a perfect time to remind the caregivers of the family to take care of themselves.

Don’t let heart disease, … 347 kata lagi



Last year I uploaded a video about my 1st Smear Test experience, however, I did not give y’all an update. In this video, I explain what happened after my smear test and my feelings throughout. 26 kata lagi


Surprise! Your Sexual Health Changes As You Age - Here’s How

As you get older, it might seem obvious that your body will go through changes. However, aging isn’t just about moisturizing to prevent wrinkles and exercising to stay in shape. 1.208 kata lagi


She works!

I have now assembled the model. I ended up going with fabric instead of silicone for the soft tummy area, and I think that was a good idea. 171 kata lagi

3d Printing


This blog post isn’t pretty.

Nor is it fun and lighthearted.

It’s serious.

It’s the C-word.

No, not THAT C-word (which I HATE with a passion). 219 kata lagi


The date is set

Not even a week after the Cone biopsy was done, I was emailed by my doctor, telling me the results. Non invasive. Whew! But, she said all margins of the cone were positive so I will need to have the Hysterectomy done rather quickly. 493 kata lagi

But why would the doctor call?

For those of you who don’t know, I had a baby at the beginning of this year. The pregnancy was a little rough, compared to my first, but nothing like some of my friends’. 377 kata lagi