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Pelvic Model is Underway

I began work on the pelvic model last weekend. I started with a sphere and sculpted the torso from that.

I’m planning on moving the vagina farther north and a little bit away from the anus. 163 kata lagi

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Cervical (pap) Smear

“What exactly do I need my cervix for anyway?”, a friend asked as she berated me for postponing yet another appointment to have a cervical smear test. 660 kata lagi

The Pelvic Plan

I’m officially starting on the pelvic exam model. I’m gonna go ahead and walk you through my plan of attack step by step – partially because I think it’s interesting and partially so that I have it written down and I don’t have to keep thinking about it. 280 kata lagi

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Female Body Parts 101: The cervix - Soon to be #1 Cancer Threat to Women Worldwide

I have previously written about the uterus and menstruation, but have been lax in finishing the reproductive system. Two patient stories reminded me of how neglected the cervix can be.   688 kata lagi

Domestic Ob/gyn

Papsmear Pertama


Enak banget ternyata nggak naruh aplikasi FB di hape. Ternyata nggak lihat FB pun hidupku nggak berubah, malah lebih tenang dan banyak melakukan hal yang lebih baik. 243 kata lagi


Pelvic Exam Model Thoughts

So, I’m about to embark on a new project. A pelvic exam model. Just to cover all the bases, a pelvic exam is when someone with a vagina goes to see their doctor who examines the reproductive organs: vulva, vagina, cervix, ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes. 605 kata lagi

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Smear Campaign

CW: Child Sexual Abuse, Pregnancy Loss

This year, European Cervical Cancer Awareness Week falls from January 28th. As a result, the past few days have seen my Twitter feed full of reminders that smear tests save lives; that cervical cancer is an awful way to go; that it is preventable; that a few minutes’ of (unnecessary) embarrassment and (minimal) discomfort are worth it if they save your life; that you really don’t want to be one of the 70 women in Ireland who dies as a result of cervical cancer this year. 1.028 kata lagi

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