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DIY Pallet Fence

I started our first garden this year, very late. It just kind of happened that way. We are not fully homesteading yet and its hard for me to get the things we want to do started all by myself. 697 kata lagi

Re-using a pallet

So several years ago when I first met Kenny and Evon (landlords for the farm), in their kitchen they had this metal grid that held all of her kithen cooking utensils. 496 kata lagi

Kitchen Utensil

Significant Tips on Renting the proper Construction Propping Products

One of the most pallet jack rental sectors is the world of building. Starting development customers are a great way for an individual to produce a fortune learn a lot of useful abilities. 274 kata lagi


Important Tips on Renting the proper Design Propping Equipment

Probably the most lucrative sectors could be the whole acrow prop of construction. Creating a building clients are a great way for anyone to generate a lot of cash learn a great deal of helpful abilities. 273 kata lagi


Breakfast, Bench and Bug Boxes

The day started badly, as I had passed a disturbed night and felt tired, stiff and fragile. As the first light of a non-too-rosy dawn crept through the curtains, I groaned and turned over. 217 kata lagi

Green Care

A New Closet Too

Since we had to create a ton of dust for the bathroom we figured, why not just do the closet too. Originally it had a small single door into the closet, a 24″ wide¬†door, and then the space was about 5′ wide so you had to kind of crawl in there to get anything tucked away in the back. 37 kata lagi

DIY Farmhouse Style Shelf

Make it Monday

I love pallets. So much!

Here is a simple farmhouse style shelf made out of a pallet.

Cost: FREE!

To do this project, first you need to find yourself a pallet. 594 kata lagi