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June 20, 2018

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Compost 2.0

In a book, that I recently read, I learned very much about composting and how important it is to have a good compost for your garden. 182 kata lagi


Buiten de deur: budget tuin make-over

Sinds ik ben gestart met het delen van mijn interieur op Instagram krijg ik van de mensen in mijn omgeving zo veel leuke reacties. Mensen vragen bijvoorbeeld waar ik bepaalde dingen vandaan heb of hoe wij iets hebben gemaakt. 405 kata lagi


Pallet (A Story in 100 Words)

She scrapes the putty knife across the coalescing smears of pigment. The riot of colors blends and mingles under her power, smoothed in one stroke and built into spires with the next. 73 kata lagi

Original Fiction

Weekend DIY: Small pallet garden

I’ve previously made a fairly large vertical garden from an upcylced pallet (details here) and have been on the lookout for a smaller one to fit into another corner in my balcony garden. 477 kata lagi

Zero Waste

6 Things You Can Make From Wood Pallets

In the event that there is one thing that has discreetly picked up a religion status as a minimal effort wellspring of art material, it is the wooden bed. 638 kata lagi


Planet utility launches new line ahead of the 'Pallet World Cup'

Here we are celebrating one year of planetpallet. We are coming back to the summer festivals season with a beautiful collection and a strong variety of products. 201 kata lagi