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Miko Peled: Israeli Authorities Should be Taken to Int’l Court for War Crimes

One year after a Palestinian teenager was set on fire and burned to death following the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teens, the situation in the region remains dire in the wake of 2014’s military conflict that left more than 2,000 Palestinians dead. 33 kata lagi

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Pres. hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz calls for US withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council

Republican presidential nomination contender Texas Senator Ted Cruz has called on the US to withdraw from membership in the UN Human Rights Council after the body condemned Israel’s 50-day assault on Gaza in the 2014 conflict with Palestine. 124 kata lagi


Why God Hates the Palestinians

Now I chose this title to be deliberately provocative, but I am not kidding and I mean to defend this statement.  In using such a provocative title, it is my hope that people who are so angry with me that they want to kill me or see me imprisoned before they even know what I am saying will engage in some self-examination.  985 kata lagi


UN Human Rights Council Resolution Calls for End to Israeli Occupation of Palestine

The UN’s Human Rights Council on Friday stressed the urgency of ending the occupation of Palestinian territory and denounced Israel’s refusal to cooperate with an independent commission on last year’s Gaza conflict. 

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UN Gaza Inquiry Finds Credible Allegations of War Crimes Committed in 2014 by both ISRAEL and Palestinian Armed Groups

GENEVA (22 June 2015): The United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza conflict has gathered substantial information pointing to the possible commission of war crimes by both Israel and Palestinian armed groups. 942 kata lagi

Israeli proposal to expel Palestinians from homeland permanently

Eli Ben-Dahan

MEMO | July 3, 2015

Israel’s deputy defence minister has proposed a law that, if passed, will see the expulsion of Palestinian resistance members and their families permanently from Palestine.

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