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Rewind to protest by The House of Blessings 08.29.2015

During last Saturday protest organized by South West Bank Popular Committees. Located in front of the endangered Beit Elbarakah compound (House of Blessing).

Beit Elbarakah compound is a property of the Palestinian Christian endowment. 323 kata lagi

Palestinian Human Rights

The IDF spends a great deal of its time chasing children, in a western country they would be arrested

A Perfect Picture of the Occupation

The video clearly shows, once again, the truth about a great deal of the IDF’s operational activities: chasing children. And an army that fights children and chases them as they flee is an army that has lost its conscience. 511 kata lagi


The Dupes of the Day.

This post is a small mental note, to capture the disturbance I am feeling and don’t want to forget.

The Dupes (1972) is a film by Tewfik Saleh, based on Ghassan Kanafani’s novella  469 kata lagi

Art Of Resistance

Horrific treatment of children by israel's military & in israeli gulags

Minor Prisoners Recount Horrors of Israeli Maltreatment

RAMALLAH, August 31, 2015 (WAFA) – Minor prisoners detained by Israeli authorities in recent months have indicated an upsurge of flagrant violations against them during and after detention, including physical assaults and strip searches. 443 kata lagi


IOF Israeli OPPRESSING Forces Bombed a house in Jenin, Palestine

For the Palestinians in the occupied territories it’s old news that the Israeli forces don’t look at the watch when they confiscate Palestinian houses. Last night was no different and sometime between 02-06 am this morning a family in Jenin was the next victim! 148 kata lagi


israeli "soldiers" open fire on farmers and homes in southern Gaza. Can you call these terrorists "soldiers"?

Soldiers open fire on farmers and homes in southern Gaza

Israeli soldiers, stationed across the border fence, opened fire on Monday morning at a number of Palestinian farmers, in their lands, and at several homes, east of Khan Younis in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

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Jeremy Corbyn Vs. Bernie Sanders

Jeremy Corbyn…Bernie Sanders. One takes an open, principled stand on foreign policy; one does not. Guess which one is which… 897 kata lagi