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Monday 19 November 1917 We Lost 542

Navy divers go down on the wreck of the German submarine UC-47, enter her despite their hard-hat gear and recover charts of the minefields she had laid in earlier operations. 191 kata lagi

Royal Navy

Promise, Lord, we won't forget

Title: ahdan ya rabbi
Munshid: Ali as-Ṣārimi

Arabic Lyrics

عهدا يا ربي لن ننسى……وعدا من قبل قطعناه
أن نبذل كل الجهد ………..ولا نألو في جهد رباه 171 kata lagi

English Translations

Planning the ethnic cleansing of Palestine

Newly declassified Israeli Security Cabinet documents show government ministers planning to force Palestinians from their land.

By Ofer Aderet | Haaretz | Nov 17, 2017… 398 kata lagi


Palestinian Farmers to lose their land to settlement parks

Farmers to lose their land to settlement parks

These red-roofed square houses could be in any settlement in the Palestinian West Bank. Here they are in the illegal settlement of Avnei Hefetz, east of Tulkarem. 356 kata lagi

Wars For Israel

Annexing Palestine settlement by settlement

Annexing Palestine settlement by settlement

Escalation in Israel’s Settlement Policy: The Creation of De-Facto Annexation

Peace Now

November 15, 2017

The past few months have seen unprecedented developments in the settlements, causing severe damage to the chances of a two-state solution. 129 kata lagi