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Solidaridad con Palestina! Boicot genocidio israelí! | Solidarity with Palestine! Boycott Israeli Genocide!



¡Solidaridad con la resistencia popular palestina! ¡Boicot a Israel ahora!

Tanto si la fase actual de intensificación de la represión israelí y la resistencia popular palestina deriva en una intifada en toda regla o no, una cosa ya es evidente: una nueva generación de palestinos y palestinas está siguiendo los pasos de las generaciones anteriores, levantándose en masa contra un brutal régimen de ocupación, colonialismo y apartheid israelíes que lleva muchas décadas. 223 kata lagi

Israeli-Palestinian violence escalates

Faced with escalating violence, including at least five fresh attacks Tuesday, Israel is considering new security measures, including making its easier for Israelis to buy firearms. 536 kata lagi


Palestine's Wound.

Palestine’s Wound

Palestine, a gnawing wound eating away at the exposed soul and flesh of Palestinians living under occupation, is facing, yet, another orchestrated episode of Israeli military and settler’s violence. 2.261 kata lagi


If only they loved their children more than they hate us…

Imagine you at are work. A day like any day.

Then your best friend’s 13 year old son bursts in, looks in to your eyes and says “Save me! 449 kata lagi


israel using unproven claims of a "stabbing attacks" to justify cold blooded murder

Israeli Forces Continue to Kill Palestinians on Grounds of Alleged Stabbing Attempts

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns in the strongest terms the crime committed by Israeli forces on Monday morning, 12 October 2015, in occupied East Jerusalem, which resulted in killing Mostafa al-Khateeb on the grounds of suspicions, …

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A Note on Recent Events in Israel

We’ve seen an alarming number of incorrect and misinformed articles on the recent violence in Israel. Groups supporting the Palestinian cause have taken themselves to new lows to justify the murders of Israeli civilians. 469 kata lagi


israel takes advantage of the world looking elsewhere to launch more genocide

3 Killed on Monday 25 Others Injured; 27 Killed 1400 Injured and 400 Kidnapped in October

The Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) has reported on Monday that Israeli soldiers shot and killed 27 Palestinians, including three killed in Jerusalem on Monday, meanwhile more than 1400 others were injured by Israeli troops gunfire since the start of October.

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