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Photo-Essay: Tel Aviv Dairy – I

By Mary Ann Chacko

In Fall 2015, I was awarded the ‘Asia on Its Own Terms’ Doctoral Summer Fellowship in the East Asian Studies Department at Tel Aviv University (TAU). 1.140 kata lagi

Welcome to Palestine: Part 1

It has been three days since I came back from Palestine/Israel, that whole thing. I am still digesting that whole amazing experience. I grew up watching documentary movies and reading the news about the conflict and ever since I have memory I remember wearing a kaffiyeh with pride to show my pretty town my strong support for the Palestinian situation. 785 kata lagi


Stark Waving Mad: The Palestinian Flag Has No Place at the DNC

A Palestinian flag flew inside the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Monday night.

The flag was reportedly raised by #ProgressiveforPalestine, a group with a mission to unify pro-Palestinian groups and ideas under one banner. 378 kata lagi

Moral Cancer

Following “Operation Protective Edge” in August 2014, the last war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, I pointed out the excessive force (l was not alone in doing so, for sure) the Israeli army had used, and the massive civilian death it has caused. 866 kata lagi