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Q&A: Sani Sakakini, Palestine’s First Pro-Basketball Player

With good news coming out Palestine becoming unfortunately rare, one Palestinian’s story offers a glimmer of hope for anyone with a dream. Despite coming from a country constantly being pulled apart, Sani Sakakini has not only made a name for himself on the court, he’s managed to put Palestinian sports on the radar. 1.416 kata lagi


Israel Approves 560 New Illegal Homes in East Jerusalem as Trump Takes Office

Israel has approved an additional 560 housing units to be constructed as part of its illegal settlement-building initiative in occupied East Jerusalem. The announcement comes 48 hours after Donald Trump took office as the 45th US president. 600 kata lagi


The Last Days of Obama: Napoleonic Maneuvers at the Security Council

By Caleb Maupin | New Eastern Outlook | 23.01.2017

It seemed to come almost out of nowhere. The United States usually protects Israel from critical resolutions at the UN Security Council.

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Palestinians warn Trump not to relocate U.S. embassy in Israel

Palestinian officials on Monday warned new U.S. administration which was preparing to move U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem not to do so, saying it was “very dangerous.” 482 kata lagi


Women's march had organizer Pro Sharia, ties to Hamas UPDATE

Amazing wasn’t it? These marches popped up all over. Ever wonder who was behind it all? As time unfolds, no doubt we will find out all of the nefarious characters who are behind this. 276 kata lagi

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Origins of Israel Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli Arab conflict is the result of interactions of superpowers in the early 20th century.

British and French strategic interests in the Middle East were related to the Mediterranean trading route, which went from the Suez channel to Indian markets. 67 kata lagi

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At War-times

In earnest, the grief of war is unbearable.
Temporarily, war drives peace out of your soul
Then in a calm moment, you may restore it, 50 kata lagi