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South Asia Game Theory

In the social sciences, under the aegis of Game Theory, it is explained how in multi player systems, views and behaviour patterns that harm all players nevertheless manage to take root and spread. 170 kata lagi


Summer of lies

The unforgiving heat did not put us cousins off from playing cricket in the yard. When it’s Amjad’s turn,the ball goes flying into the field adjacent to our house and the bat cracks in two. 129 kata lagi

Refugee Crisis in Sri Lanka

An article I wrote for the Daily Mirror on the refugee crisis in Negombo, Sri Lanka following the Easter Terrorist Attacks which killed 253 persons and injured more than 500 others. 1.349 kata lagi


Tragedy Looms Large Over Pakistan

More than 500 people have reportedly been diagnosed HIV positive in the southern Pakistani Province of Sindh in the past few days… and, most of the afflicted ones are… 391 kata lagi


War veteran blames Pakistan for its duplicity causing US to lose in Afghanistan

Washington DC , May 23 (ANI): A retired US Army Reserve colonel, who served in Afghanistan, Iraq and on a humanitarian mission to West Africa, accused Pakistan of its duplicity that has “caused the United States to lose in Afghanistan.”“For over 17 years we have wrongly applied counter-insurgency doctrine to a proxy war waged by […]


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The “Baloch Liberation Army” Is a Foreign-Backed Feudal Terrorist Group

The so-called “Baloch Liberation Army” issued a video ultimatum to China over the weekend to discontinue its CPEC development projects in Pakistan’s Balochistan or face a renewed wave of terrorist attacks against its interests there, with this message unambiguously proving that the group is far from the “national liberation movement” that it purports to be but is really just a bunch of regional feudal terrorists that are doing the Hybrid War bidding of foreign powers. 1.197 kata lagi


23 May, 2019 15:54



Nadeem Malik Live

ہماری حکومت بنی تو ہم نے پچھلی حکومتوں کے قرضے ادا کرنے تھے ہم قرضہ نہ لیتے تو کیا کرتے۔ علی نواز اعوان کی ندیم ملک لائیو میں گفتگو 255 kata lagi