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Epic Paki fight in Birmingham

It really gets going after about 3 minutes. They’re right outside the Birmingham courts too. These Pakis have no respect for Britain’s great institutions. Who the hell knows what they were fighting about?

Gulai Pakis

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Gulai Pakis
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Gulai Sayur Pakis

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Gulai Sayur Pakis

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Menakar bunga memadu rupa

Nah sekarang kita membahas bunga berbunga yach. Tapi bukan urusan bunga bank baik di bank nasional ataupun Bank Perkreditan Rakyat tetapi bunga beneran. Tujuannya simpel yaitu supaya hati tetap berbnga-bunga. 284 kata lagi


How far the Left has fallen: the Guardian now giving relationship advice on arranged marriages

Arranged marriages are so cool! And hip! And sexeh!
If you want to be in with the In-crowd, you’ve got to have one!

The Left’s mad effort to convince us all that the barbarity of brown people is actually good – or, to put it another way, that mud tastes like ice cream – continues. 401 kata lagi

The Guardian

Depression: A vital need to change the narrative around this medical illness.

How often do we hear about someone we know committing suicide due to a hidden depression? Too often for comfort. Often, these cases do not come to light because depression is seen as a moral and personal failing, instead of the health issue it actually is. 1.606 kata lagi

Paki rapefugee in Germany: "It's hard to get a girlfriend when you are a refugee"

In Berlin a refugee from Pakistan is in front of the court. The state prosecutor accuses him of rape and five other attacks on women. The 26-year-old attempted to explain his actions. 

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