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How to Build a Contact Page in the New WordPress.com Editor

The new WordPress.com block editor is a significant upgrade for anyone who wants to create attractive web pages with minimum effort. Read on for specific and helpful steps to crafting a quality contact page with the new WordPress editor. 478 kata lagi


So let's speak about it - How low can you go?

I feel so overwhelmed at the moment with every single thing that could possibly be happening to me, happening to me all at once that I have literally neglected my blog. 1.073 kata lagi



Hello again! I am writing to tell you that I will not be posting pages for a few days for business related reasons. I will post again soon!

Fish At CNN Pet Care

WordPress.com 301 Redirect Plugin Tutorial

Whether you’re changing domains or upgrading your site, a WordPress.com 301 redirect plugin can funnel your online visitors to the right place and help you maintain the page rank you’ve worked so hard to reach. 405 kata lagi

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Easy Website Maintenance Checklist: How to Keep Your Site Updated

Owning a website is a responsibility. As the owner, you’re the one with the duty to ensure it looks good, functions well, and is visible to as many visitors as possible. 408 kata lagi

Website Building

July: The update the blog monthl

Hi everyone! Did you know that July is Update Your Blog month? No, not really, but for me it is! I’ve decided that I need to try and get my blog fully up to date. 146 kata lagi

'She' - A Poem

Anticipation between pages,
I sit and wait,
For her to come home,
and close the gate

Stamped with black ink,
Which are damaged and worn, 66 kata lagi