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Why Dive

Many people always talk about things they should have done in their life time. If you talk to a scuba diver they will probably tell you that they don’t regret that they ever took up the sport of diving. 580 kata lagi

Lake Atitlan - My Open Water Diving Course

Although I haven’t been diving before I have snorkelled in abundance in the various countries I visited and I have always been in awe exploring the underwater world. 736 kata lagi


'Cili Padi' or small green HOT chillies

Salaam and Hello everyone.

Today I am in-charge of cooking main dishes on the house. Unfortunately, my daddy’s car has broken as the battery get so older and need to be change. 139 kata lagi

An Interview with Jarrod Jablonski

Widely regarded as one of the world’s most capable and talented exploration divers – and a person only too willing to share his knowledge with others – Jarrod Jablonski continues to exercise a profound influence over the direction taken by technical diving in recent years. 2.533 kata lagi


"Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there" The Little Mermaid

One of my favourite things about travelling is creating them moments of awe, the moments that completely take your breath away and you realise how big and special the world really is. 248 kata lagi


Davey Jones' Locker

I’m reading my book in a breezy outdoor bar below my room. It’s overcast and bright, quite humid. A very drunk man falls off the couch and lies motionless. 2.360 kata lagi

Seconds that changed my life.

I guess we all have witness some seconds that done us speechless.

I remember the seconds that would change my life.

It were by the coast of Thailand and we were just about to end our dive. 101 kata lagi