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Incontinence Pad Male Protection Liner Depend Men Guards Diaper Max Absorbption

Incontinence Pad Male Protection Liner Depend Men Guards Diaper Max Absorbption
DEPEND GUARD FOR MEN INCONTINENCE LINER PADS – Maximum Absorbency -Product Details:For Men Who Experience Incontinence Due To Surgery, Diet, Diseases Such As Parkinson Or Multiple Sclerosis, And/or Natural AgingPad Has A Cup Shaped Design For Maximum Absorption For Drips, Dribbles Or Larger Surges Of LeakageOne Size Fits AllFits In Underwear (boxers Or Briefs) For Comfortable And Discrete ProtectionStrong Adhesive Will Secure Pad In PlaceFits Close Without The Bulky AppearanceProvides Worry Odor ControlIndividually WrappedComfort Flex Leak Barrier Protection For The Active MaleCount Varies Based On Buyer’s Selection: 1 Pack (52 Count)2 Pack (104 Count)3 Pack (156 Count) 4 Pack (208 Count)Depend Is A Registred Trademark Of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. 359 kata lagi


Adventures in Subbing #6

I was subbing in a history class last year during PAD. On  Two-for Tuesday, we could write either a sonnet or an “anti-form” poem (for those who don’t like formulaic poetry). 180 kata lagi


A Poem to the Joyful People of this World

Serious thyself.

All these free floating germs of glee

will only make your life a sublime virus,

not to mention the highly contagious nature of this disease. 26 kata lagi


The Pink Tax

Sounds pretty, right? Maybe it’s a tax for female clothing. Or maybe it’s a tax for rosé wine?!

NO. This tax is pretty ugly. Like that really nice-looking cocktail that actually tastes like petrol. 440 kata lagi


NCUR and SUNY Undergraduate Research Conferences (SURC)

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference (SURC) are annual undergraduate research conferences for matriculated, enrolled students which offer a forum to present research projects and creative work to a national and state audience, respectively. 211 kata lagi