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Earth's ozone improves while CO2 levels worsen

Good news: the hole in the ozone layer is shrinking. Bad news: worldwide levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide has reached another terrifying milestone. First up, NASA’s Goddard Space Center is promoting a scientific paper from December that claims that Earth’s ozone layer is gently…

Russia's Ozon.ru Is Selling Its Zappos Clone Sapato.ru To KupiVIP

Some downsizing underway for Ozon.ru, the e-commerce portal commonly referred to as the Amazon of Russia. The company is selling Sapato.ru — the “Zappos of Russia” that it… 789 more words


Maelle Gavet Steps Down As CEO Of Ozon, Russia's Amazon

A very surprising and sudden changing of the guard at Ozon, an e-commerce marketplace known as the “Amazon of Russia.” Maelle Gavet has stepped down as CEO, effective today, and is getting replaced by Danny Perekalsky, who had been the deputy CEO. 561 more words


Under the Skin (2013)

Jonathan Glazer’s long-awaited third film Under the Skin has mesmerised cineastes and critics, many of whom, though undeniably impressed, have reached for the waffle button to pad out reviews about this ‘haunting’ and ‘disturbing’ film which impresses us through its ‘poetry’ and its ‘aesthetics’. 1.506 more words

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Generatory ozonu a bezpieczeństwo

Program generujący ozonu wyrzucaeliminuje niebłogie zapachy flor roslinnych. A jak wygląda bezpieczeństwo w mieszkaniu? Ozon odgrywa ważną funkcję w ochronie życia na Ziemi poprzez absorbowanie potencjalnie złego promieniowania ultrafioletowego. 235 more words

5x2 (2004) - The Space around Love

Characterisation is a funny thing. Characters obviously have no inner lives and no existence beyond the indentations they leave on a text and yet a well-drawn character can seem human enough to warrant an emotional response from the audience. 2.291 more words