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Reflexology, the birthing hormones and their role in helping women prepare for labour

As a maternity reflexologist I’m often asked about the most effective ways to trigger labour. My personal thoughts are that a baby will come when he or she is ready, when Mum and baby are in balance and feeling relaxed. 428 kata lagi

Executive Functioning, Creativity, and Autism

New research has shown that creativity mostly takes place in the cerebellum, while the executive functioning of the frontal lobe actually restricts creativity.

One of the features of autism (and ADD/ADHD) is impaired executive functioning. 183 kata lagi

Oxytocin: The Secret Ingredient For Teamwork

Oxytocin is a powerful brain chemical that is an important part of many dimensions of our lives. And, surprisingly, it plays a very large role at work, since most work depends on relationships. 214 kata lagi


“Safe” shooting sites.

What is wrong with that statement?

Explain to me how assisting someone to further their addiction is the proper path for society to walk. 847 kata lagi


Your Story is Your Future

When we know each others’ stories we have a better chance of making a genuine connection.

I believe the future of brick and mortar depends on the quality (and authenticity) of your story. 446 kata lagi

Customer Service

Hug Like You Mean It

Have you ever had a wet fish hand giving you a ‘pat’ on the back while someone is hugging you?  Or maybe a half arsed shoulder squeeze, or my favourite the good old awkward chest press, because you’ve both got your hands full but you feel compelled to greet this way. 271 kata lagi

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