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Don't create a Victor Help heal one

200 years ago, French scientists spotted a creature resembling a human running through the forests. Once captured, it was determined that this was an 11-year old boy left in the wild since childhood. 878 kata lagi

Hugging* should be allowed in schools because it is a non-romantic show of affection that we use to provide comfort to others. While it can be used in a romantic way, there is nothing wrong with embracing someone in a public setting. 402 kata lagi


Diabetes : De-hydration, Love, Aggression, Vasopressin and Oxytocin

Vasopressin is an interesting hormone. It is called the Anti Diuretic Hormone or ADH. When the body is about to be de-hydrated, it makes the kidneys re-absorb the water it was planning to throw out. 207 kata lagi

Ancient Indians

Happy Hormones

Be forewarned, when coming into contact with a dog, you might catch some happy hormones!

We certainly feel better when surrounded by our canine companions, but what’s actually going on behind the scenes?  219 kata lagi


Week 39 Day 1

It’s THE DAY!!!

Jumped up from bed at around 2am when a gush of liquid flowed out. Water bag!!!

I walked quickly to the bathroom while liquid keeps gushing out. 1.528 kata lagi


He's here

My little boy arrived safe and sound on 1 April and is already filling my heart.

His birth story happened over a couple of days. Induction was started in the Antenatal ward on the Wednesday morning at 11.30, when they vaginally inserted Propess gel in a tiny tampon. 778 kata lagi

Single Mother By Choice