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How Music Changes Our Behavior at Home?

Summary of ” How Music Changes Your Behavior At Home. What happens when a music-deprived home is suddenly flooded with tunes? More sex, for starters.” by  308 kata lagi


Care for a pregnant woman at childbirth


The process of childbirth is an exceptional experience. It is dramatic from the onset of painful uterine contractions to the very moment when the baby is delivered. 1.527 kata lagi

Antenatal Class

"Is it love or oxytocin?"

​Another writer once asked that question and my apologies for my poor memory being unable to give proper credit there.
I wonder that myself. As orgasms release that powerful chemical in our body, and teaches us to associate this brief euphoria with the one we desire. 215 kata lagi

The 5 important factors in selecting the safest route for Childbirth


One of the most keenly anticipated phases of pregnancy is childbirth for an obvious reason. It is the stage where all the preparations, investments and expectations are suddenly replaced with the birth of a child. 1.588 kata lagi

Antenatal Class

Making friends with ADHD/ADD

My two grown sons are starting to poke fun at me for going back to grab and post my really oooold pictures. It’s all good: laughter is good medicine! 870 kata lagi


How to Overcome the Hormones That Make Us Hate

One shooting. Two guys. They are watching it on the news: a clip of a police shooting, played over and over. Gun raised, shots fired, man down. 1.776 kata lagi


Hugs Can Save Your Life.

Hugs boost happiness!

Hugging has many benefits. Not only does it increase happiness, but it may actually help you live a longer life. Read on for more. 217 kata lagi