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Huggable & Compounding Musings

It sends adrenaline pumping through your veins. The heart beats faster as the flush colors, bright lights, and spinning of the wheels sends a rush to the brain each time you finish pulling the lever. 354 more words

Kuschelhormon verhindert Trunkenheit

Kaffee, Red Bull, langsam trinken und nie einen Strohhalm benutzen – es gibt viele pseudowissenschaftliche Tipps, wie man trotz Alkoholkonsum einen halbwegs klaren Kopf behalten kann. 227 more words


The Mothering Instinct

by Dave Hanks

There is no doubt that Fathers can be concerned for their offspring. But they can’t compare to Mom and her parental concern. This is because of two hormones – hormones produced in quantity within the female. 256 more words


Stress, Depression, and The TED Talk That Keeps On Giving

Thanks to a friend on twitter (@YaelAPeer), I just watched the most brilliant TED talk. I almost cried at the end of it. 848 more words

Violeta Nedkova

Get Your Oxytocin!

Ever heard of the “cuddle chemical” AKA the “trust hormone?” Nature’s gift to new mothers, particularly when it seems that deep, unbroken sleep will never come again, the hormone oxytocin issues from the pituitary gland and does its part to ensure birth, breastfeeding and the ultimate survival of the species. 813 more words

When is the last time you hugged someone?

So I found this video today on my Facebook feed via a friend.

As I was watching this video, at first I thought, oh this is interesting, what an idea. 876 more words