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The Science of Love and Attraction

My relationship with my husband is based on chemistry. Literally. It was the fall semester of our junior year of high school and I did not understand anything our chemistry teacher had been saying. 936 kata lagi



Any guesses as to what oxytocin is? No? Well grab a cup of tea, sit down and I’ll tell you all about this wonderful hormone. 451 kata lagi

The Ground From Which We Grow

Eugene Gendlin’s Process Model Theory tells us that – as living organisms – we are constantly interacting with our environment. Whatever is around us, whether intentional or not, we are affected by it and it is affected by us. 1.817 kata lagi

Friday Foto Feature

Some of you who’ve seen my Facebook post know that we had to say goodbye to our last four-legged member of the Kingsbury George family on Monday – February 1st. 322 kata lagi

Friday Foto Feature

26 Practical Steps to a Healthier You: Serve Somebody {Week 19}

For the next 26 weeks I will be sharing a different way you can become healthier in your daily life. Some of these suggestions have to do with food or exercise, others have to do with lifestyle changes, but all of them are practical and relatively easy to execute.

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Cats vs Dogs: Who Loves Us More?

Photo Source: Peter Endig/AFP/Getty Images

The battle between cats and dogs is ongoing but now a new study has proven which pet loves their human more. 8 kata lagi

Health and Wholeness: Are You Getting Enough of This Daily?

“We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” Virginia Satir, Family Therapist… 573 kata lagi

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