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How Milk Production Works: An Overview

Many expectant mothers I have counseled would tell me they were planning to breastfeed, only for them to return after the baby was born exclaiming that they never had any milk and had to give the baby formula. 627 kata lagi


Let's Hug ... Because Science

In a month full of New Year’s resolutions, many take steps to live healthier, better lives. Apparently an easy way to boost our well-being along with our life expectancy is to simply hug more. 281 kata lagi

Kindness is good for your heart, really!

Day 18 of #LiveWell2017

Being kind has its rewards – not just for the recipient of the act of kindness, but for the person being kind. 144 kata lagi


The Balancing Act

I’m not new to experiencing the effects of hormones on the body. After all, I went through 8+ years of infertility treatments. There can be very high highs and very low lows. 258 kata lagi

Starting Anew

Where For Art Thou, Oxytocin?

I attended an “understanding women” course put in by women 10+ years ago. Very enlightening in many ways. One topic that I learmed about was the bonding hormone, Oxytocin. 171 kata lagi


Vitamin D?

Maybe there is something
to the research which
tells the tale of depression,
melancholy, and the
correlation of
artistic genius.

Not that I’ve ever
believed I was… 48 kata lagi


How Hugs Can Transform Your Relationship

Plenty of couples spend time, energy, and money trying to fix relationship problems, increase intimacy, or simply kick things up a notch in their relationship. 333 kata lagi