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I wake up to my alarm. Look for my dog at the foot of my bed and call his name. He eagerly approaches and slams his head down on my chest for pets. 1.161 kata lagi

Group Dyna-MIX – Exploring Unconscious Processes in Teamwork

This is an attempt to summarise my research I did as part of my Doctorate. A version of this article has been published in the EDGE magazine, a publication of the Institute of Management and Leadership (ILM, UK, Autumn 2017) with the title “The Biology of Trust”. 862 kata lagi

Butterflies in Your Stomach: How Stress and Love Affects Digestive Health

Learn why nature intended oxytocin to be a care-taker of human health and how critical this hormone is in both genders throughout life.
How gut health affects heart health and brain health. 238 kata lagi

Wellness Tips

We are all Addicts

The blog you are about to read is not an attempt to shame. It’s not an attempt to understate the severity of the destructive nature of substance abuse or sex addiction. 1.004 kata lagi


Monk Moon in Aquarius

The Monk arrives, as he always does, in the inverted sign of his departure.

An equatorial grid reveals a hitherto unremarked affinity of the fabled Circlet of Pisces with the mythical vanity of Cassiopeia. 918 kata lagi

Moon Phases

Oxytcin and Autism

A recent finding on oxytocin is of great interest to many with ASD.

It seems that “A pair of researchers, one in Israel the other in the Netherlands has found that volunteers given oxytocin tend to be more willing to lie if it benefits a group they belong to.” Now consider the fact that there seems to be less oxytocin in those with autism than in neurotypicals. 176 kata lagi

The O Word

From an early age, most of us are told that “drugs are bad.” There’s a whole variety out there, but the very worst of all of these has to be oxy. 1.056 kata lagi