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I'm a Millenial: Media at my Fingertips and the Dopamine Drip (Long Post ahoy)

Millenials (including Gen Y’s) have a shithouse reputation at work. Management articles and corporate pseudo-psychs talk about us like we’re a lost cause. We are a source of utter confusion for our Gen X and Boomer managers. 2.189 kata lagi


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Oxytocin Acetate

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To hell with Team-building Workshops! Just spray them! #trust #teambuilding

I am reading so much about TRUST lately, and how leaders should ‘trust’ their employees or how they should ‘improve trust’ amongst their team members and it all sounds to me like another holy grail… Trust is declared to be some near-magical economic elixir, facilitating productivity, creativity and humanity at work. 803 kata lagi

Kitten Shopping

My daughter has realized she is unlikely to find a cat where she lives, so she may be coming here. There are some kittens available within a short drive of here and I told her I could not pick out a kitten on her behalf. 83 kata lagi


The Largest Lie

no love lasts forever
that’s the largest lie there is
though you feel it in your…
it’s just oxytocin bliss

just can’t quite remember
oh, so long ago, that kiss… 41 kata lagi