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On Oxytocin & Stockholm Syndrome Of Context To What Is Problematic

Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

Stockholm Syndrome is much more common with female nature. It’s basic. It’s elementary. Let us omit another typing of that. 2.304 kata lagi


Mirror, Mirror.

How great are your communication skills?

Have you ever observed yourself on how you speak to others? Are you aware of whether you’re connecting with your listener, or what emotions are driving your motivation to speak? 891 kata lagi


pathetic. ew. ugh. ick. ack. ugh. gah. wow. just wow. i cant even. just no. um no. sorry not sorry. um yeah no. stahp. / I WILL LEAD YOU, IF YOU WILL SUPPORT ME


yeah buddy

what did i want to say.

i am anti casual sex. secs is an important thing because it can create new life. when you are young and have secs with your first few partners, your brain floods with bonding chemicals like oxytocin. 2.876 kata lagi

The Story behind the Oxytocin Case Report (Now published in JPEM!)

Just over two years has passed since the incredible day it ‘clicked’ that not only was Oxytocin missing from Hana’s medication regime (and, at the time – in my opinion -in the regime of every single Panhypopit patient in the WORLD) but that she NEEDED it and MUST have it. 960 kata lagi

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every single time i look into your eyes, my head wishes that it had never said that first hello. but every time you look into mine, my heart tells my head to shut up and enjoy the view because it ain’t getting much better than this. 265 kata lagi




TheBearWoman 7 hours ago (edited)
This was very silly. I can see why these young women are anxious. They have invested in feminism to a degree & don’t want to lose it. 3.979 kata lagi