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Warning: rant ahead

I had a friend recently vent to me about how women never choose the nice guys.

The ones who are willing to show up when they are supposed to, and buy you flowers for no reason, and text you mid-day just to see how work is going. 314 more words

Stress makes us Social

Health psychologist,  Kelly McGonical, presents an amazing TED talk on stress.  Essentially,  stress makes us social.  The stress hormone oxytocin, also affectionately know as the cuddle hormone, is released in our blood stream when we hug someone.   449 more words


Oxytocin has effects similar to alcohol

University of Birmingham says that significant similarities have been highlighted by researchers between the behavioral effects of oxytocin and alcohol. The research team warns that the oft-used nickname hides the darker side of oxytocin, and claim that it bears more semblances with the effects of alcohol than previously thought. 111 more words


Where did the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder go?

OK…I can’t quite believe this, but at this moment in time I am sitting at a table with NO PENS on it. Yes, there are NO PENS ON MY TABLE. 816 more words

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Read This If You Want To Learn How To Charm A Man's Socks Off

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know what’s going on in your man’s head, all the time? (OK, maybe not all the time.)

But it would be pretty great to know how to make your man fall in love with you. 676 more words

NAFDAC Seizes Pregnancy Drugs From Nasarawa Pharmacies Over Poor Storage.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control in Nasarawa State says it is retrieving a drug, Oxytocin, from pharmacies and patent medicine shops in the state. 258 more words

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Ties That Bind - Honoring the Human-Canine Bond

Recently, the dogs and I spent some extra time together.  The time we shared was literally priceless, for it reminded me of what is really important in life.  725 more words

Dog Story