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IFL eye movements

Whenever I teach eye movements, I am reminded of how exciting they are. I like that eye movements appear mundane, common, and perhaps even uninteresting. They fly under most people’s wow-o-cool-o-radar, giving all the appearance of a nuts-and-bolts system without lofty aspirations. 1.346 kata lagi


Doggies and Oxytocin

A few days ago, I read an article that educated its readers about the relationship between having a pet and the release of Oxytocin. For all those who do not know, Oxytocin is also known as a “happy hormone”. 148 kata lagi


What's Good and What I Want

10 months. It’s been 10 months since I’ve spent the morning

in bed with my lover.
I got a new job in February, new schedule came with. 133 kata lagi

Life And Other Stuff

The Power of Touch as Medicine - Mayo Clinic

“Almost everyone has experienced moments in life when grief is so intense that words seem inadequate, or the suffering you witness almost makes you avert your gaze,” says Robert Sheeler, M.D. 569 kata lagi

The neuroscience of oxytocin

The Weak Science Behind the Wrongly Named Moral Molecule

Ten years ago, Nature published a paper with a simple title: Oxytocin increases trust in humans. The paper described an experiment carried out by Swiss scientists, who asked volunteers to entrust money in an anonymous partner. 52 kata lagi

Behavioral Economics

Golden Oxytocin

I cannot trust
The way I feel.
How much is lust?
How much is real?
How much is you,
Inside my brain?
Guilded reality,
Coursing through… 33 kata lagi


What happens during sex?

For this blog post I’m going to focus on the physiology (or body/physical) part of the sexual process. Emotional and psychological stuff can be discussed at a later stage. 201 kata lagi