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I Don't Even Play One on TV.

Had to take son into the doctor this afternoon.  Since I was off from work I went with my wife to take him.  While waiting my wife played on my age-old desire to pretend to be a medical professional.   49 kata lagi


Uncomplicated Pro Physician Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Diagnostic Set Protective Case

Global in-vitro diagnostics market is mature and the concentration rate is high. The 8 major enterprises account for over 70% market share. In 2011, the market scale of global in-vitro diagnostics reached USD 46 billion, among which developed countries accounted for over 80%. 286 kata lagi


Is the Oto HOME right for you?

We’re excited about the recent release of our Oto HOME system. People are often impressed when they find out just how many people can benefit from using the Oto HOME, our smartphone enabled… 440 kata lagi

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Audiology Unplugged: the New Amico Otoscope Set

Annoyed with having to unscrew your otoscope handle so you can plug it into a wall outlet to recharge? While far more convenient than the standard AC outlet rechargeable handles, the cost of desk-charging otoscopes can get a little pricey.  234 kata lagi

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Pro Physician Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Diagnostic Set Protective Case Significant

The Piccolight E50 ophthalmoscope can be taken as a case in point. This device incorporates state-of-the-art developments in medical optics; it comes with special correction lens wheel that can be used to detect certain categories of problems in the eye. 277 kata lagi

Just Another Clinic (Seven) Day

I was hoping I wouldn’t have the ugly chance to use the otoscope today. It seems that I always get stuck with patients with impacted ancient cerumen. 71 kata lagi

Endoscope ø4x45mm Otoscope Storz/Stryker/Olympus/Wolf Compatible

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Brand New Otoscope!
CE Certified

1. Adopt high quality stainless steel materials
2. Adopt Germany optic fiber and glass… 307 kata lagi