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Say bye to ear problem with Santamedical Otoscope

Santamedical Otoscope is a device which is used to determine the issue in inner ear, throat & nose. This product is light weighted aaaa7 can be port the anywhere. 338 kata lagi

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How to perform an otoscopic examination

This post is going to describe how to perform an otoscopic examination of a patient, from start to finish. I’ll direct it from an audiologist’s point of view, but I am still an audiology student, and hence haven’t acquired a heap of experience yet. 552 kata lagi


Santamedical Launched Professional Otoscope Handy For Home Use

The Otoscope is easy to use, comes with 2.5 V halogen lamp, the reusable speculas, swivel magnifying lens and is travel friendly.

Otoscope is a medical instrument used to check infection, debries or dust particals in the ear canal, it’s one of primitive equipment used for daignosing any ailment in ear. 317 kata lagi

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Gurin   which was established in the year 1998 is a Limited Liability Company . It has its headquarter at United States. This company is renowned for manufacturing medicated products which is helpful for aged people. 309 kata lagi

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25. What's that you say...?

I arrived in Jagna having trouble standing up. On my last dive at Balicasag island, I got a little bit excited chasing a school of barracuda down the wall with my camera. 1.227 kata lagi