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In the news: The Baha 5 Power proves to be lifesaver for Scottish couple

Charles Carmichael’s new hearing technology proved to be a lifesaver within weeks of being fitted.

When his diabetic wife, Eileen, collapsed at their home this summer, he was able to talk to the emergency dispatcher so they could identify if she was having another stroke. 176 kata lagi


Antibiotic gel for acute otitis media - quo vadis?

Chemical engineers at Boston’s Laboratory for Biomaterials have created a single-application bioengineered gel that could deliver a full course of antibiotic therapy for paediatric middle ear infections… 654 kata lagi

General Practice

Get rid of Ear infections and swimmers ear fast

When I was a child I would get ear infections all the time. I would cry through the night in agony while my mom tried forcing Tylenol down my throat since I couldn’t swallow pills yet. 436 kata lagi


Free treatment for bleeding and glucose monitor

The patient, a he or a she,

At a party came up to me

Whilst I was feeding

I was stopping the bleeding

Performing a treatment for free. 592 kata lagi

Being A Doctor

Garlic for ear infections? Think again.

The Pediatric Insider

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Supermouse wanted to know:

One of my sons recently developed an ear infection, and various people have suggested sticking a clove of garlic in his ear, or garlic ear drops.

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Medical Problems

ENT problems


  • GAS, cornybacterium diphteria
  • mycoplasma
  • EBV, HSV, adenovirus
  • Test: ASOT, throat swab, monospot
  • Use delay strategy. Advice most sore throat resolve in 1 week.
    • Phenoxymethylpenicillin…
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