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To Carry His Word in My Heart

It was a cold, gray blustery day in January when I found myself heading across town for an MRI of my brain and internal auditory canals.   870 kata lagi


Craniosacral Therapy for Full Body Healing

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on treatment now found all over the world. It is even found in some hospitals around the country. 

The list of conditions craniosacral therapy has helped is impressively long, and ranges from reducing anxiety and stress, to treating a concussion sustained from a soccer game. 307 kata lagi

Dr. Brothers

Life After Meningitis - Day 1

Life After Meningitis –  Day One!

May 2010…After another 60+ hours clocked in at work by Friday evening I just wanted to head home to spend my weekend with my family.   1.087 kata lagi

Life After

Chamomilla for children's earaches

Another happy story from yesterday:  A friend messaged me late the previous evening for advice as her three year old daughter had been crying for several hours with an earache.  82 kata lagi


A Brief Overview of Amblyaudia

The authors noted that Amblyaudia, a recent subcategory of auditory processing disorder, is characterized by asymme-trical auditory processing of an individual’s ears. Amblyaudia can result in speech comprehension difficulties, reading difficulties, information processing deficits, and inattention. 121 kata lagi

Parental Expectations and Otitis Media Antibiotic Prescription

Parental expectations that antibiotics will be prescribed for self-limiting childhood complaints are difficult to overcome. It becomes more difficult when antibiotic prescribing practice differs between prescribers and doesn’t always follow best practice guidelines.   330 kata lagi


Impacted cerumen, Otitis media, Strep throat

Q: A 12-year-old girl presents complaining of a sore throat and right ear pain. Physician examines the patient’s right ear and finds impacted cerumen and cannot visualize the middle ear. 193 kata lagi

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