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Parental Expectations and Otitis Media Antibiotic Prescription

Parental expectations that antibiotics will be prescribed for self-limiting childhood complaints are difficult to overcome. It becomes more difficult when antibiotic prescribing practice differs between prescribers and doesn’t always follow best practice guidelines.   330 kata lagi

FAQ-respiratory Tract

Impacted cerumen, Otitis media, Strep throat

Q: A 12-year-old girl presents complaining of a sore throat and right ear pain. Physician examines the patient’s right ear and finds impacted cerumen and cannot visualize the middle ear. 193 kata lagi

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Existing Anti-Stroke Drug Also Effective Treatment For Middle-Ear Infections, Researchers Say

by Georgia State University

An existing anti-stroke drug is an effective treatment for middle-ear infections, showing the ability to suppress mucus overproduction, improve bacterial clearance and reduce hearing loss, according to researchers at Georgia State University and the University of Rochester. 567 kata lagi

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Vaksin IPD / PCV

IPD adalah singkatan dari Invasive Pneumococcal Disease. Tiga balita di Indonesia meninggal setiap 6 jam karena penyakit ini. Penyakit Pneumokokus terdiri atas meningitis (radang selaput otak), septikemia (kracunan darah), bakteriemia pneumonia (infeksi darah) dan otitis media (infeksi telinga tengah) yang disebabkan oleh bakteri Streptococcus pneumoniae. 272 kata lagi


Home Remedies for Ear Infection

There are different home remedies for outer ear and middle ear infection. These home remedies are simple to adhere to.

Ear Infection

The infection or inflammation of the ear is represented by a term “Otitis”. 607 kata lagi

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Chiropractic for Ear Infections---really?

By the age of three, over two thirds of all children have had one or more episodes of otitis media or middle ear infection. There are numerous problems with antibiotic usage for children with ear infections such as: allergic reactions, GI upset, destruction of the gut’s intestinal flora leading to yeast proliferation and antibiotic resistance. 471 kata lagi


What is Otitis Media?

Otitis Media

Otitis media is middle ear infection mainly caused by S. Pneumoniae and non-Typeable H. Influenzae bacteria (NTHi).

Symptoms of middle ear infection/AOM include: 20 kata lagi