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A request directed to US followers

You may know that I have decided to start selling my favourite patterns on Ravelry.

The latest pattern that I have been revising and rewriting and testing prior to selling is for my Easy Real Snowflakes. 311 kata lagi


Russell Smith: Feverish reaction to Wonder Woman is art criticism leaving the art behind

Good commentary by Smith:

There is only one consensus: Wonder Woman is a political manifesto. This manifesto is either good or bad, and its value is determined solely by what side of righteousness it falls on.

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Catalonia Meets Hajdúság in My Kitchen: Chickpea Stew

Don’t know about you, but if there’s something I don’t feel like doing when temperatures are in the 30s °C-wise, it’s standing next to a hot stove for hours on end. 652 kata lagi


Millennials: Meet the next generation of cybersecurity

Millennials, the name given to the demographic cohort born, roughly speaking, between 1980 and 2000, are members of what is now the largest living generation. As they mature into 20 and 30-something professionals, they are taking over the helm from their parents across all sectors. 604 kata lagi

Security News

Holland & Barrett sold for £1.8bn to Russian billionaire

Holland & Barrett, the UK’s biggest health food retailer, is being bought by a Russian billionaire for £1.8bn.

L1 Retail, a fund controlled by Mikhail Fridman, is buying the chain from US private equity firm Carlyle. 170 kata lagi


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jonghyun thường bị hấp dẫn bởi người có đôi môi dày. Cuốn hút khó tả đối với đôi môi của người khác khiến Jonghyun nhiều khi bị hiểu lầm là kẻ biến thái (=]]). 1.068 kata lagi