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Beer and Cheese pairing

I’m just going to leave this here so you can enjoy a great snack as this hot summer in the San Joaquin Valley sticks around. 25 kata lagi

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112,000,000: Medicaid Enrollees Set to Climb 40,000,000 Under Obamacare

CNSNews.com) – Under current law—including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare)—there will be 112,000,000 people who enroll in Medicaid at some time during fiscal 2027, … 31 kata lagi


How do we research in Estonia

Text by Lauri Laanisto

Estonian Research Council released recently a series of ~2 minute long videos introducing the Estonian academic system. The structure of R&D system in Estonia, higher education and funding of R&D, academic staff and rankings, practicalities in research and studying. 32 kata lagi

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Supersonic research will rumble Space Coast in August

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. – The Space Coast could experience more than 30 sonic booms in August as NASAconducts a two-week investigation into how turbulence affects the rumbling created as aircraft fly faster than the speed of sound, the space agency said Monday. 57 kata lagi


China and India Locked in 'Eyeball-to-Eyeball' Border Standoff - Bloomberg

China and India, two nuclear-armed powers with a combined population of 2.7 billion, have been in an “eyeball-to-eyeball” military stand-off over territory in Bhutan, a kingdom in a remote area of the Himalayas, since mid-June. 59 kata lagi


POTUS Trump RIPS Obama - Scouts Chant "We Love Trump!" at National Jamboree (VIDEO)

The scouts chanted “We Love Trump!” tonight at the National Jamboree in West Virginia.

The massive crowd of tens of thousands of boy scouts cheered the president at the jamboree. 21 kata lagi


McCain to return to Senate ahead of health care vote | McClatchy Washington Bureau

Less than a week after announcing he has brain cancer, Sen. John McCain will return to the Senate as Republicans prepare to vote on Obamacare repeal and replacement. 74 kata lagi