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Restaurant TKMM


I think it means ‘Tai3 Ka1 Mumm Mumm’ (Everybody Eat)…

Haha! It makes sense!

This is a hawker stall centre, located opposite Alor Setar Mall. 147 kata lagi

Alor Setar

Nyonya Otak-Otak with Red Onion Relish

Tested Recipe with Slight Adjustment Adapted from Eric Low


Red Onion Relish:

200g red onion, sliced

50ml lime juice

2 tbsp sugar

A pinch of salt… 208 kata lagi

Main Dishes

Satay at Restoran Malaysia, Kajang

Be there at 5plus to avoid the crowd and long wait. Careful not to over order. We ordered 15 sticks of chicken and 15 sticks of otak otak with two ketupat. 90 kata lagi

Nickee's Post

Storia Café, Johor Baru...The otak-otak (otah) here satisfy both the expert and the greedy.

Johor Baru happens to the birthplace of two of Asia’s undisputed cultural treasures: otak otak and the author of this blog.

Otah (or otak-otak in Malay) is essentially mashed fish and spices, which is steamed then flame grilled in banana leaves to attain that smokey yet moist aroma. 124 kata lagi

Food & Beverage

Otak Is Not The Name, It Must Be Otak-Otak (鱼肉乌达)


Otak otak or spiced fish cake is not a common item in Sarawak when I was young and therefore, I am not very familiar with this fish cake. 829 kata lagi


Otak - otak Belinyu

Ke Belinyu rasanya nggak lengkap kalau nggak mencoba kuliner khas kota Kerupuk ini, selain kerupuknya yang maknyosss Belinyu pun terkenal dengan otak-otaknya.
Menempuh perjalanan kurang lebih 50 menit dari kota Sungailiat ibukota Kabupaten Bangka sampai lah kita ke kota kecil ini. 78 kata lagi


Otak Otak (Steamed Fish Dumplings)

As much as I enjoyed the food, I was particularly struck by the generosity of the people of Malaysia – from the tour guide who extended my street food tour by an hour when he found out I was a food teacher, to the local family who invited me to sit with them in a shady spot in their front garden and gave me chilled bottled water. 360 kata lagi