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Makassar : Otak-Otak Ibu Elly, Coto Nusantara, returned to Jakarta

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28 July 2017. After breakfast, Dinda and I walked for 10 minutes from Ibis Styles (on Jalan Doktor Sam Ratulangi No.3, Mangkura, Makassar) to… 149 kata lagi


Makassar : CGK, Batik Air, UPG, Ibis Styles, Losari Beach, Pisang Epe Mandiri, Four Points Hotel, Ratu Gurih Restaurant

24 July 2017. Dinda and I went to Makassar to attend FSTH Pertamina 2017. We flew with Batik Air which departed from CGK at 10.45 WIB and arrived into… 632 kata lagi



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