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[Lirik + Terjemahan] K.will – Cold (시리다) [Remember - War of the Son OST Part.1]


achimi dagaomyeon deullineun sori
gwisgae maemdoneun geudae moksori
geureon nega nal tteonagassdan marya
geureom naega ireohge undan marya
babocheoreom naneun 384 kata lagi

Korean Lyrics

Ato no Hana~All quartets lead to the~ Piano version Lyrics

Yaa mata aeta ne konbanwa

Iya konnichiwa dakke
Hiroi you de semai you de
Taikutsu wa iranai mitaida ne
Ah mondai wa izen atte
Zutsuui nda keredo… 132 kata lagi


INKY (잉키) - The One Who Will Leave (떠나야할 그사람)

Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Olleh |
작사/작곡: 신중현 | 편곡: 박성일
Lyricist/Composer: Shin Joong-hyun | Arranger: Park Seong-il

떠나야할 그 사람 127 kata lagi


OST of the day!

Here’s the soundtrack for one of the first anime I ever saw. ^_^ Vash is awesome but kuro neko sama beats all!


Skincare Horror Story [Review] Time: OST Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum

Let me set the scene!

It is a Monday morning, which is scary enough in itself. I hit the alarm snooze button at least three times before I begrudgingly drag myself to the washroom to begin my morning prep. 1.510 kata lagi


Music! Soundtracks! Epicness!

Suggested music for: studying, writing, art-things, and feeling like your life is an epic movie. For starters.

I love listening to soundtrack-esque music. It makes me feel like a hero when I’m doing my homework or washing dishes. 344 kata lagi


IT as a Competitive Advantage - The Real Imperative for Managed Services

A number of years ago I was interviewing for the Information Technology Manager position at a commercial furniture company in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. From an initial perspective, the role looked like a great fit for me, a solid company which wanted to grow and do great things in a niche market and an immature information technology strategy. 1.828 kata lagi