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Bird Hunter Original Soundtrack Now On YouTube!

I just uploaded the full Bird Hunter Original Soundtrack to YouTube. Have a listen if you haven’t heard it yet :)

Video Game Soundtracks

Dream High Ramble


This drama centers around the lives of six aspiring musicians and their struggle with love, friendship and the realities of life, whilst trying to achieve their goals. 213 more words


WD OST: Whisper Ruins

Hi folks,

I’ve been very busy with works and familiy in the past month so has been impossible to work further on Wizards’ Duel. I’ve just found some time to work on my original soundtrack for the game. 403 more words

Pixel Art

[Hits and Misses] August - December 2014

Sorry for my extremely long disappearance guys, real life has been kicking my ass up and down the court the last few months.  I have a lot of backlogged drafts to get through, but I thought I would start off with an easy no-photo hits-and-misses post from last winter!   488 more words


Favorite Songs: Heart of Chaos and Invisible Depths

I’ve written about the Final Fantasy XIII-2 soundtrack before, but this song did not make much of an impression on me for some reason. I think the final area, the final boss, and the ending had a lot to do with it. 209 more words


Field notes: OST cache, shared mailboxes and SSD drives

As we’ve been running all our staff and students on Office 365 for the best part of a year now we’ve found a few tweaks that may be of interest to a wider audience. 731 more words

Office 365

Some Select Segments from "On Second Thought"

This is a short compilation of some of my favorite segments that I produced during my GPB internship. I interviewed the guests, prepared the script, and edited the audio used for each segment. 117 more words