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Water transport in plant-simplified

Water and minerals move up and down the plant, supplying the stem and leaves through the help and action of gravity, osmosis, cohesion, and adhesion. This, however, occurs with the presence of vascular and ground tissues in the plant. 148 kata lagi

Cohesion And Adhesion

Comparison of Popular Bottled Water, Reverse Osmosis and Tap Water With Kangen Water

Bottled water can pose health threats

The plastic in bottled water often contains chemicals BPA and phthalates, which are proven to be hazardous to human health.3… 127 kata lagi


The Effect of Surface Area on the Rate of Osmosis

The relationship between an object’s surface area and the rate that substances diffuse into (or out) of it has implications in many areas. For example, some organisms may rely on diffusion to obtain nutrients and get rid of waste. 350 kata lagi

Its the most wonderful time of the year...

Christmas time + Finals Week =

Here is the Biology Study Guide Key . Below is all of the YouTube videos from this semester as a playlist. 18 kata lagi

Honors Biology

Osmosis Colour - Review

About a month ago I visited the Osmosis headquarters and was schooled in their new beauty line Osmosis Colour, well I shouldn’t say new, as it isn’t, but for some reason I hadn’t come across it which is weird as I know all about their skincare range. 592 kata lagi


Transport mechanisms in the cell

Substances can move into and out of a cell through its semi-permeable cell membrane. There are three different processes through which materials can move in and out of a cell. 420 kata lagi