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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems: Fouling and Scaling Treatment

Reverse osmosis water treatment systems are a very efficient method to create safe drinking water. Depending on the water quality, it is important to add on pre-treatment to the reverse osmosis water treatment system in order to maximize the system’s performance and life span. 104 more words


Reverse Osmosis Machine Needed for Compromised Municipal Water Sources

Tap water and underground water sources in the United States have been compromised from heavy industrial and environmental pollution. All of our water sources have become contaminated to some degree, creating an increased need for water treatment such as a reverse osmosis machine. 100 more words


Reverse Osmosis Filter System Versus Traditional Water Treatment Methods

Traditional water treatment methods generally include boiling and chemical treatment. Both of these methods have been around for a very long time and can be effective in reducing bacteria and contaminants in the water, but there is a much better and effective method which uses the revolutionary “reverse osmosis filtration system.” Because of the growth of industry in the United States, water has become more polluted. 104 more words


My Fav Recent Purchases #2 // MY STYLE

Hey y’all, how was all of your Easters?! Mine was great, but not even remotely Easter-y. It took me until yesterday to realise that I actually didn’t get chocolate off anyone – I guess the whole family decided at once that once you’re 21, you can buy your own god damn chocolate! 1.052 more words


In Anatomy & Physiology, we are about to start section 10.4 Capillary and Fluid Exchange. This is a complicated section dealing that helps to identify the location of water in the body ( 194 more words


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“When you work in the mainstream comics industry, you absorb a lot of values and preconceptions without noticing them.  You read the fanzines, you go to conventions. 

108 more words