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Effective Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems Remove Common Impurities

The importance of having safe and potable drinking water at home has often been raised, yet some homeowners still aren’t getting the message. Danger always lurks within the water you drink, which can contain millions of harmful substances that could affect your family’s health, making them more susceptible to sicknesses and diseases. 76 more words


Start a Beverage Company Using Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems

With more room for growth in the sparkling water sector, and an expected continuous increase in demand for still water products, it is not surprising that big companies are interested in entering the bottled water market. 116 more words


Use Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems to Make Oktoberfest Craft Beer

Many would argue that the study COED reported about is another reason for people to grab a cold bottle of beer and drink it with much gusto. 125 more words


Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Provides Dentists with Pure Water

Another drawback is the cost of purchasing dionized water, which can be rather steep owing to the specialized process involved. Since the water is usually delivered in bulky bottles, one also has to sacrifice office space to store them. 70 more words


Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Protects Those Compromised Immune Systems

In nature, a liquid that has a higher solute concentration passes through a permeable membrane towards a liquid with a lower solute concentration. The permeation will cease once the two liquids achieve equilibrium (that is, they have the same amount of solute). 82 more words


For Premium Quality Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems, Choose AXEON

AXEON Water Technologies has been a leading manufacturer of industrial reverse osmosis systems for over 25 years. We manufacture standardized and customizable solutions ranging from 40 gpm (gallons per minute) to 325 gpm (57,600 gpd to 468,000 gpd). 74 more words


AXEON Builds Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems That Suit Your Needs

AXEON Water Technologies designs and manufactures commercial reverse osmosis systems to meet any clients’ requirements. We offer standard and customizable commercial reverse osmosis systems ranging from 200 gpd (gallons per day) to 36,000 gpd. 83 more words