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Essay 16: Aquatic Osmoregulators

Aquatic animals have several mechanisms for dealing with the effects of osmosis. Without these methods, the cells within these creatures would either shrivel up and die, or swell up and explode. 541 kata lagi


JH van 't Hoff and the Anatomy of an Error

In my previous post JH van ‘t Hoff and the Gaseous Theory of Solutions, I related how van ‘t Hoff deduced a thermodynamically exact relation between osmotic pressure and the vapor pressures of pure solvent and solvent in solution, and then abandoned it in favor of an erroneous idea which seemed to possess greater aesthetic appeal, on account of a chance encounter with a colleague in an Amsterdam street. 496 kata lagi


Heine's summer trips produced the basis for his four volumes of REISEBILDER (1826-31)

“Heine’s summer trips produced the basis for his four volumes of REISEBILDER (1826-31), a combination of autobiography, social criticism, and literary debate”. Let me write a London record of autobiography, social criticism and literary debate. 68 kata lagi

Sneak your way to a better presentation...kinda

Have you ever heard of osmosis? It’s a scientific term describing the movement of molecules from one thing to another through a membrane. I’m apt to use the term in other less scientific ways. 455 kata lagi

Public Speaking

Love, through the third eye.

The slow hello is healing,
We kiss,
Reparation through osmosis.
Syncopated pain,
the beat of our hearts in unison
driving away
the doubt of selves. 102 kata lagi

Renovating the rudder

We new from the beginning that our Great Dane had previously had issues with small blisters on the rudder. But it sucked a bit that the few small blisters that were there when she was lifted on land in the fall just seemed to increase as the winter went by. 694 kata lagi

Sailing Chip-Chip

Squirrel Wisdom

I have squirrel pals on social media.  We can learn so much from them, and some of it we learn through osmosis.

Playing with word magnets can bring a lot to our attention.   29 kata lagi