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A Deeper Look into Tap, Thermal, Toner and Micellar Water

Frequently, clients ask me about the various types of hydrating and cleansing waters. Here’s my take:


Ahh, good ole tap water. The first thing we learn in Esthetics school is how to cleanse the skin with warm soapy water. 600 kata lagi


Osmosis Prompt

Focus Questions: How does osmosis affect the concentration of different substances in the blood? Why is important to maintain homeostasis in the blood?

Assignment: … 162 kata lagi

A Day

Osmosis Handout and Problems for 2/9/17 and 2/10/17

Here are the practice problems we worked on: Osmosis_worksheet[1]

For the copy of the P O G I L, that we also completed, go to the schoology site.

A Day

Teacher Demo: Osmosis Across a Semi-permeable Membrane

Osmosis, the movement of a solvent (usually water) across a semi-permeable membrane from an area of higher solvent concentration to an area of lower solvent concentration, is key in the maintenance of homeostasis. 30 kata lagi

Gr. 11-12 Chemistry

Water transport in plant-simplified

Water and minerals move up and down the plant, supplying the stem and leaves through the help and action of gravity, osmosis, cohesion, and adhesion. This, however, occurs with the presence of vascular and ground tissues in the plant. 148 kata lagi

Cohesion And Adhesion

Comparison of Popular Bottled Water, Reverse Osmosis and Tap Water With Kangen Water

Bottled water can pose health threats

The plastic in bottled water often contains chemicals BPA and phthalates, which are proven to be hazardous to human health.3… 127 kata lagi