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Renovating the rudder

We new from the beginning that our Great Dane had previously had issues with small blisters on the rudder. But it sucked a bit that the few small blisters that were there when she was lifted on land in the fall just seemed to increase as the winter went by. 694 kata lagi

Sailing Chip-Chip

Squirrel Wisdom

I have squirrel pals on social media.  We can learn so much from them, and some of it we learn through osmosis.

Playing with word magnets can bring a lot to our attention.   29 kata lagi

JH van 't Hoff and the Gaseous Theory of Solutions; also, Pricing Games

Do you ever think about why stuff dissolves? Like, why a spoon of sugar in a glass of water should seem to disappear instead of turning into a slight change in the water’s clarity? 243 kata lagi


Reverse Osmosis

I’ve witnessed, often, how it is that two people start out being unique characters, but as time passes, they slowly merge into one, just with two bodies. 908 kata lagi




thought hovers

is this thought mine?


I watch the few words

just there

I look askance to see if they move

do they move of their own volition? 94 kata lagi


Osmosis without a rejecting membrane

Osmosis -a liquid flow or a pressure difference induced by concentration differences- is a key phenomenon in cell exchanges, plant mechanics food processing or water desalination. 85 kata lagi


Generating Energy with Osmosis

There are many ways of generating power using natural resources such as the wind, water, and heat. We already know that we can generate electricity through water current and pressure. 728 kata lagi