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The Structure of Skin


The maintenance of the internal environment of the body is called homeostasis.

How this works is when the internal environment is out of order whether the temperature is high or low or the osmotic pressure is high or low. 426 kata lagi


Osmosis in OSM

Till now, whatever changes I do in the OSM data, I again download the latest data fromĀ OSM or from http://extract.bbbike.org/ and import the fresh data in the database. 159 kata lagi


Transport of materials in Plants

Vascular tissues and Vascular Bundles

The xylem and phloem are altogether known as vascular bundles or tissues. The xylem and phloem act as the blood vessels found in the animals and humans. 473 kata lagi


The Purpose Of Blood

Blood is a vital substance for our existence. Without it we would die. The blood is a fluid tissue. The reason it is called a tissue is that it has cells. 1.067 kata lagi


Diffusion and Osmosis using raw egg

Remove shell of raw quail egg by soaking it in Hydrochloric acid or vinegar for a day. Rinse it and place it in various set-up to demonstrate diffusion and osmosis. 13 kata lagi


How Living Things Gain Energy Using Diffusion


Diffusion is the net movement of ions and/or molecules from the area of high concentration to a lower concentration area.

Diffusion only occurs in liquid and gas. 839 kata lagi