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Stories from the Heart (You don’t have to work for LOVE)

A young man asked his grandfather; grand Pa why is it so hard to love? I already experienced a lot of broken relationships in life. I also experienced rejections for many times. 385 kata lagi

Fukubukuro - what's inside?

Because some people were wondering what was inside the fukubukuro I bought after reading my last post, I decided to post a few pictures. 199 kata lagi


2015 Skincare Regimen

2015 marked significant changes in skincare practice and education. After spending all of the previous year with one esthetician in Huntington Beach in an attempt to heal chronic inflammation caused by changes in medication, I switched a different esthetician in Garden Grove, CA.  701 kata lagi

Skincare Reviews

osmosis (to you)...

Not had much sleep, and the day up until now has been spent as if in pause – a pause-in-motion (think of those flat escalators (again, if that can make sense) – in airports and train stations) until now. 353 kata lagi


When you hold it...

Jasmine: Isn’t this a qutie Thrax? 

Thrax: Only when you hold it, baby.                                                                 

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating earlier, or giving any signs of life… *ducks from some tomatoes and eggs, that are thrown to her* WHOA!

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Salt and Water

One feature of biology we see over and over again is the ability of water to follow salt.  If salt is moved from one place to another the water will follow it in order to ‘dilute it’. 116 kata lagi

For Everyone

Learning through Osmosis

I wanted to create my own wordpress website…not just a blog, like the real deal… coding and all. I took on the task. Going into this I knew little, okay, like nothing on how to set up a wordpress website, finding a domain, hosting and all that jazz. 164 kata lagi