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I hoped the knowledge

Was something contagious I

Could catch by breathing

Haiku Poetry

Deep Learning, Information Bottlenecks - and Osmosis.

I’ve experimented in the past with deep learning in a few different ways, coming up with my own thoughts on how things work and why they work. 540 kata lagi


Cell Membranes

After a week of re-learning cell organelles and observing cells under the microscope, today students learned about how the cell membrane works.  The primary focus of the lesson was to provide students with the vocabulary to explain the concepts of osmosis and transport of water across the membrane via the membrane protein channel aquaporin.   32 kata lagi


The Formula...

I’ve been trying to write songs since I was about 10 years old. I was always fairly good at singing and playing with words and melodies, but it wasn’t until I had learned another instrument (the guitar) in my late teens that I got really good at it. 310 kata lagi


Membrane Technology in Germany

Membrane technology was established in Germany as a recognised separation method during the last few decades. The main advantages of the membrane technology are that it works without added chemicals, has low energy consumption, maintenance is fairly simple and plants can be adjusted to different requirements well. 527 kata lagi


Practical Biology pt.1

Testing for Animal cell

  • Microscope
  • Cover slip and microscope slide.
  • cotton bud.
  • 0.1% Methylene blue
  • Filter paper
  1. Take a cotton bud and rub it in your mouth around the cheeks.
  2. 893 kata lagi

Part 2: A Watery Grave

Fact: It’s better to drown in salt water than in fresh water.

Drowning is bad no matter which way you spin it, but you’re less likely to end up in Davy Jones’ locker if you get into trouble in the sea rather than in a freshwater source like a pool or river. 357 kata lagi