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Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis: Purifying the Next Best Water Source

The safety and stability of the world’s water supplies have become a pressing political and economic issue so much so that the threat to this essential resource could yet pose a present danger to the global economy. 103 kata lagi


The Crossflow Filtration: New Reverse Osmosis Machine for Businesses

In many nations across the world, the simple, inexpensive reverse osmosis (RO) process has helped people in both the commercial and residential sectors to attain an adequate supply of clean drinking water for many years now. 86 kata lagi


Using Reverse Osmosis Filter to Provide Homes with Clean Tap Water

With the seeming rapid depletion of potable water on Earth, nations are scrambling for viable water sources to resolve the growing severity of the problem. The U.S. 119 kata lagi


Carbon Boosts the Flexibility of Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

Carbon filtration is considered one of the relatively cheap and efficient ways of purifying water. Carbon filters themselves are highly touted for their performance, mainly due to their physical characteristics. 114 kata lagi


Biology: Osmosis Experiments

For the chapter on cell membranes we did two labs last year.  The first experiment involved looking at red onion cells under the microscope while adding salt water to the slide.   407 kata lagi


Osmosis and Diffusion: Potato Cores

Hypothesis: If potato cores are submerged into different solutions with varying water concentration, then the mass of the cores will change depending on the amount of water present. 1.966 kata lagi


Osmosis and Diffusion: Osmosis

Hypothesis: If one places numerous bags containing distilled water and varying levels of glucose into cups filled with only water, then osmosis will occur and the bags will become heavier after a period of time. 2.143 kata lagi