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This Wisdom Thing

This wisdom thing
She’s been assuming
Is a process
A bit like osmosis
That will automatically
But now she’s
Not for the first time
Where’s hers?

7 March 2018

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We can’t keep this up.  Products are priced for the end of the month.  I know how you love your Osmosis products.  My clients love a good deal.  105 kata lagi

Osmosis Skin Care

Be a Surrogate for Peace

Some of us, and many more, are starting to get an understanding that we are all connected. We are not separate units but exist in a love soup. 460 kata lagi

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My Clients Sure Love Their Osmosis Skin Care at The Best Prices

My clients sure love their Osmoisis Skin Care.  Not only the anti-aging and healing benefits. The skin looks overall more healthy and glowing.  Healthy skin is important.  91 kata lagi

Osmosis Skin Care

Playing with Osmosis

Command to filter the file with tag amenity=school and write the filtered data in second file.

$ osmosis –read-xml file=”ludhiana.osm” –nkv keyValueList=”amenity.school” –write-xml file=”school.osm”

Do you want to update your OSM data without deleting existing data?

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"Osmosis" by Evamaria Freshmaker

One-way illusion:
I give you something. Never
You will give this back. (jf)

Picture by Evamaria Freshmaker, haiku by Jonathan.

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