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I had the pleasure of attending my sister’s church while visiting my sister and her husband in Mississippi.  One sentence said by Pastor Rob Futral of… 279 more words


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What if time weren’t actually time? It probably isn’t because a day doesn’t really last 24 hours and a year doesn’t really last for 365 and a quarter days and there’s no saying that time actually exists as an entity, even if that is hard to believe. 96 more words


Water water everywhere

How much is a glass of water worth to you? If you pay whatever price that is; or if it is free, does it taste sweeter? 974 more words

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What are Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Reverse osmosis water treatment systems that process brackish water require a good pre-treatment system, including either the injection of an anti-scalant or the use of a water softener. 130 more words


Control In The Human Body

These are the notes I have made on the Biology unit 1 Control in the human body. These are some of the key notes and I hope you find them useful. 346 more words

How does a reverse osmosis water filter system work?

Quality purification requires time, so the output from using reverse osmosis water filter systems is relatively small. The water in reverse osmosis water filter systems must pass through several stages of purification to achieve the most effective and efficient level of purification. 116 more words


Buying a Quality Reverse Osmosis Machine

Not only is it important to decide what pre- and post-treatment is needed, but it is important to also size your brand new commercial reverse osmosis systems properly. 6 more words