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osteopoikilosis (ästēōpȯikə̇lōsə̇s)

Note the white spots around the knee joint in this x-ray which represent the small bone islands inside the medullary cavity, characteristic of osteopoikilosis.

Bone islands (white spots) are seen clustered around multiple joints in this x-ray of the pelvis consistent with osteopoikilosis. 149 kata lagi


The OSiS+ Session Label Volumizing Root Spray Mousse

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really give my hair much love. I’ve never really been one for spending ages in the morning styling my hair, as lets face it, I’d much prefer the extra bit of a sleep in. 351 kata lagi



Retorika adalah seni dalam berbicra.
Retorika berasal dari Yunani Kuno

Jenis retorika
– Retorika Persuasi yaitu tidak memperhatikan nilai nilai  kebenaran
– Retorika Dialettika yaitu memperhatikan nilai nilai kebenaran… 80 kata lagi