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​Oriflame lip sensation matte mousse lipstick

Oriflame lip sensation matte mousse lipstick is one of the best matte lipstick among other various brands lipsticks..
They have dark and heavy colored matte shades which is so light to carry on your lips.. 110 kata lagi


Oriflame Feet Up Overnight Moisturizing Cream

Foot cream should be used by everyone basically we don’t use it.. but as our foot especially heels are carry whole of our body weight and continuing in contact with d dry surface so they suffers from lots of dryness which ultimately result in cracked heels. 65 kata lagi


Oriflame Sun Zone UV Protector 

Oriflame sun zone is effective high protection for sun sensitive skin . It is advances with factors which protects your skin against sun. It is formulated with softening and moisto actives . 82 kata lagi


Oriflame Tender Care

Oriflame tender care is a kind of moisturizing balm as well as antiseptic creams . Oriflame Tender Care feels so amazing and you don’t even realise if you are using an antiseptic cream or a moisturiser. 329 kata lagi


Oriflame Sugar Scrub

Day by day due to polluted atmosphere, skin is getting a little dry. So we should take care of our face and scrub so that dirt sitting inside skin pore can be removed. 150 kata lagi


Oriflame murah meriah

Oriflame itu sudah ada dari jaman saya abg hehehe. Kualitas produknya dijamin deh tidak mengecewakan. Begitu juga dengan harganya, gak berubah jauh ko, tender care yang saya beli di tahun 1998 itu harga promo saat itu 19rb, jadi kalau sekarang harga promonya 29.900 masih wajarlah, malah terbilang murah dibanding dengan merk lain. 22 kata lagi


Oriflame Silk Beauty Hand Cream Review 

Hello girls!

Hands are the most used part of our body and also the most neglected. Your hands do so much for you. No one likes dry, chapped and damaged hands. 299 kata lagi