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Fire retters middag (erotisk novelle)

Jeg kan se det på hele deg at du har planlagt noe spesielt denne kvelden. Øynene dine lyser mot meg i det vi går inn døren. 3.287 more words


New Single: Go To Go (Remix) - ADAM & Billy The Kit

Girlband ADAM hit the world with their orgasm videoclip “Go To Go” last year and now they re-released the Single in a new version. This time a Dance Remix with Billy The Kit. 40 more words


Sperma Pria Bisa 'Berlari' Lebih Cepat dari Jaguar

SiMoDoT.com – Di dalam air mani yang diejakulasikan pria saat orgasme, terdapat jutaan sperma yang dapat membuahi sel telur. Meski tak kasatmata, sperma-sperma itu bisa bergerak dengan sangat cepat. 212 more words


The Full-Body Orgasm You've Never Heard Of

What’s a cervical orgasm?
The cervix is the deep center of the vagina. Physically speaking, this is the gateway of life. When a woman can really open and relax in the cervical area, she can experience the most powerful orgasm of her life. 873 more words

Cervical Orgasme

Best Sex Positions for Having an Orgasm

When it’s a mind-blowing, bed-rattling orgasm you’re after, keeping it simple is absolutely key. Sure, wild, crazy, never-knew-my-body-could-bend-that-way booty keeps your lust life exciting, but if the goal of the moment is to break pleasure records, you have to stick to the basics. 1.236 more words

Sex Position

About Mandatory Unknown Female Orgasm

How long it takes to reach orgasm? Can a woman had an orgasm more than once a day? Ladies, many interesting and important things we need to know about orgasm. 394 more words


Vibrator æg og hvordan du bruger dem

Her får du en guide til at bruge vibrator æg, og du kan godt begynde at glæde dig til at komme hjem nu. De giver nemlig masser af nydelse og nye muligheder, når du bruger dem optimalt. 306 more words