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Coming Soon Bukit Lawang

Before I begin this project, I will write a brief summary of the history of Bukit Lawang. Formerly he was always in the coming of the tourists both from Indonesia and from abroad, but because after the disaster in 2003, this place became empty of visitors. 1.817 kata lagi

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Orang-U-Hanging in Borneo

After a few days of relaxing in the most beautiful villa, Graha Moding Villas in Ubud, Bali, I was so excited to get to Borneo. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to visit this incredible island, and see the orang-utans in their natural habitat. 1.004 kata lagi



The year 2017 marks ten years of my being a Commodity Trade Facilitator of palm oil products. A number of times, I have been “attacked” for promoting palm oil products and “lectured” on how they are detrimental to the entire planet. 859 kata lagi

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Welcome to the new species of ape!

Big news in the atheist community. A new species of ape has been discovered. A phylogenetic study has just concluded that this kind of orang-utan speciated 700,000 years ago whereas the other two species of orang-utan separated from each other 400,000 years ago. 164 kata lagi

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Semenggoh: Royalty of the Forest

March 2017

The trees are hardly big enough to hold them.

Orangutans, people-of-the-forest.

Borneo hosts one of the world’s orang species; the other is restricted to Sumatra. 355 kata lagi


A Weekend to Mandai - Singapore Zoo (2017)

Continuing the write up on the Mandai visit, after visiting the River Safari we proceed on to the Singapore Zoo. This is where some of the new showcases as well as seemingly not so new showcases are highlighted in this write up. 644 kata lagi

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