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Monkey See

This weekend has been a change of pace for me and Matt, and it’s started to get very busy on this trip!

We flew to Kuching in Borneo on Friday, with the plan of staying with Natasha’s uncle and his family. 1.345 more words



If I had to be an ape,

I’d be an orang-utan,

Long arms so great for hugging,

And that’s all I’d do my man.

What rhymes with orang-utan?

I’d like to be an orang-utan,

Of that there is no doubt,

They always look so happy,

As they swing and play about,

So if I’m asked the question, 13 more words


Sooooooooooooooooooooooo! Sumatra Teil 2 =)

Wie bereits im ersten Teil meines Eintrages erwähnt sind wir in das Dorf Bukit Lawang gefahren. Vom Busbahnhof aus kann man in knapp 10 Minuten zu Fuß in das Dorf laufen. 1.106 more words

Borneo Day 6 - Sepilok to Abai, along the Kinabatangan River

Ouch. And ouch again. That’s how it felt getting out of bed this morning, both of us feeling really stiff after yesterday and walking like 90 year olds. 4.198 more words


Lomba Blog Pegipegi Antarkan Saya Menemui Orang Utan di Tanjung Puting

Lomba Blog Pegipegi, Antarkan Saya Menemui Orang Utan di Tanjung Puting

“Teman-teman pernah mendengar nama Tanjung Puting di pedalaman Kalimantan Tengah?”

Eh, pertanyaannya saya ganti saja, … 1.338 more words