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Freak on a Leash #3

You I didn’t forget

How can I?

I can only dream a taste

A pleasurable lick

Thoughts of you engraved

Slowly overdriving

Unleashed thoughts

All I can do is dream


Stand at A.TTEN.TION


Stand for me!

I love it when you stand at attention so gracefully. Just demanding to be noticed , your presence never goes unknown. 172 kata lagi


Girls (Work in progress)

Last night it was late, and most of twitter was asleep. Some were awake, though. And made me think of something that has occured to me before. 397 kata lagi


You Smell Really Good

My favorite fragrance….
“Just been fucked by beast”
Oooh…yea….spray me….
Douse me! Soak me!
Get me nice and…wet
Mmm…smells so good
Good enough to eat!!! 64 kata lagi


Your Noodle Is The Best Noodle

I could slurp a bowl of chicken noodle
It’s salty warmth upon my tongue
Swirling, swallowing its comfort
Wrapping me in its poultry blanket
Or, you could hop a plane…. 77 kata lagi