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I was working on my next blog post about measures around sex and research findings and planned on posting it today, then the American legal system went and lost its goddamned mind – again. 854 kata lagi


Word Power

Words, and lack of such, have power.  Not just metaphorical power, like the bullshit happy-PC-thought crap your English teacher tried to pass off as gospel during the one-week poetry unit you suffered through in sixth grade where you were told that an inspirational line of iambic pentameter once stopped the massacre of a thousand bunnies, but honest to goodness, sock you in the mouth like a drunk guy at a Raiders game, power.  804 kata lagi


Existential Exhibitionism: Part V

Her last encounter was hot, she thought to herself.  It was going to be challenging to top it but she knew she would, of that there was no doubt.  934 kata lagi


How to Eat Pussy....

I have had some men tell me that their wives or girlfriends don’t like to get their pussy eaten. I have to say that I can’t really relate to that statement, having oral sex, in my opinion, is one of the most personal and intimate acts that one can share with your partner. 442 kata lagi

Dancing Out Of Town : Strippers Giving Head On The Dance Floor?

I met a really nice person a few weeks ago and he asked me a really confusing question. The question was basically “What’s more important? Respect or money?” This question was confusing to me because I guess I assume everybody thinks I don’t respect myself since I’m a dancer, but the longer I dance the more I see crazy things. 1.603 kata lagi

Adult Entertainment

"Please Sir, Please Let This Filthy Slut Cum"; My First Sub - Part Two

The hotel was inexpensive but pleasant. I arrived about an hour early with refreshments for later, to look at the space, to work out what I could utilise to tie Naomi up to and to ensure we would be okay there. 1.833 kata lagi


Perks of Dating a Co-Worker

My shift at the store was with Israel today. Sooo nice. We were pretty unprofessional and had millions of cuddly PDAs and shit, but who cares. 1.013 kata lagi