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Black Moon, pt. 2

I walked behind Maggie along the narrow hallway that lead to the back room of the bar. She was wearing a schoolgirl skirt, leather corset, white blouse, black stockings and high goth boots.  452 kata lagi


Once, Twice, Three Times a Banshee (18+ only)

Slivers of light illuminate her carriage. It’s as ancient as she is, black as this witching hour, and only moonbeams confirming its existence. High in her seat, the old hag drives her horses hard along the well-worn track, cracking her whip in the air over the horses’ hind quarters. 3.104 kata lagi


Craving Her

For roughly the last six hours today, while struggling through work, I have found myself craving the taste of Mrs. AP under my tongue.  I love trailing my lips across her skin, exploring her lips and her neck, meandering down to her luscious breasts and erect nipples,  The feeling of her nipples hardening, puckering, rising underneath my tongue and against my lips is one of the divine pleasures of being able to explore the fantastic curves of my wife’s body.  371 kata lagi

Mr. AP Says...

Something else you can do with fruit...

Something to do with all that fruit hanging around… 🚀🚀💦💦💦 pic.twitter.com/UoCJgoX4Y2

— Marc Boy 🚀 (@MarcBoyX) October 24, 2016

Hard Cocks

The Deep Throat Diaries

The first time I did it, I think it was almost an accident. I couldn’t believe I’d taken that cock all the way down, around the bend, into a part of my throat that had never been touched before. 865 kata lagi