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21 Simple Sex Moves That Will Make Him Crave You Even More


Make eye contact. When you’re going down on him, when he’s on top, when you’re doing it doggie style turn around. Eye contact lets him know how invested you are, and how hot you think it is that he’s the one you’re fucking specifically. 606 kata lagi

Learning I ❤️ oral sex

Lying back atop the skinny twin, eyes fixed on the popcorn ceiling. Your palms feel and your fingers grasp and push. Spreading. Opening. Observing.

I am afraid. 443 kata lagi


The Laundry Room

Continuing from The Appraisal, part 4

It was early evening by the time I had cleared my schedule to respond to your alluring invitation. I mounted the steps of your porch with the picture of your sweet ass missing your panties all day. 1.216 kata lagi


Ahhhh. yes. that was good. very good

I had a boring weekend. Sort of by plan, sort of by happenstance. I needed it. I wanted it. But I also was feeling like I really wanted some nice pleasure. 648 kata lagi


His eyes met mine over his cup as he drank from it and he winked at me. My entire body went hot and I was instant wet. 873 kata lagi


Chapter 3


Knowing where the college girls were I took my crappy red Sunfire a couple towns over to hang out with friends. Boredom mixed with a ridiculous amount of money for an eighteen year old, I searched for people to buy me alcohol. 1.006 kata lagi

My Unfinished Story

Feeling insecure

Can’t sleep… let’s try a blog post ;)

Thursday night I was able to express to J some of my misgivings about him being away for parts of three days (Fri-Sun) this weekend, and he seemed to understand where I was coming from.  381 kata lagi