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I Guess I Do!

I know what I saw…how ’bout you?

Things I saw this week also

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Those days when you just want a cock in your mouth

I found this on FetLife, and had to share  There are days when I feel just this…<3
The original link is here: https://fetlife.com/users/2420302/posts/3292372 , but for those who don’t have a FetLife account and wouldn’t be able to read it, I copied and pasted it: 172 kata lagi

Fun Stuff

Locked door

She held the key
which unlocked
his pleasure door
His door
well guarded and
needed her entry
He needed to feel
what she could… 16 kata lagi

Morning Shower

I watch as she brushes her long hair, admiring how it falls over her graceful shoulders and down her back. Her eyes meet mine in the dressing table mirror and she offers me a beautiful wide smile, a fetching pink spreading across her cheeks. 976 kata lagi



She saw his magnificence
before her
between the slivers of light
shining through the slats of
She’d never seen such perfection in the way… 58 kata lagi

12 Men Describe What They Love Most About Going Down On Their Girlfriends

1. “I need my girlfriend’s pussy like I need a bacon egg and cheese sammy when I’m hungover. A lot of women are nervous about what they taste like, but for the most part they shouldn’t be. 620 kata lagi