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The School Nurse and Librarian

Mrs. Robby was the new librarian at the middle school. All the kids loved her. Her personality matched theirs. She gave all the students fair and equal punishment when needed, and she made a bet with those students who were failing. 1.146 kata lagi

Ejaculations at last

I am happy to report I had two full orgasms about 36 hours ago. I had a load of cum both times. My 24/7 chastity lasted for 25 days, 4 hours. 85 kata lagi


So, republicans, if you really think a blow job is equivalent to beastiality, I can only assume you should have all pets removed from your homes...

Notwithstanding the fact that the law is inconsistent with Supreme Court, a few days ago in Michigan, the Senate voted to make oral and anal sex between consenting adults a felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison.   148 kata lagi

Cunnilinguine: The Art of Al Dente

Al dente.  The perfect state of completion.  The trick to its attainment is to view the process as an art: subjective, emotional, profound, and above all else, an experience of pure pleasure.   259 kata lagi


I didn't know...but I do now. 

So I couldn’t finish writing ‘Sea View’ because when I wrote it I had never cum from oral sex. Ever.

So I imagined. I had only recently experienced oral sex again after 9 years. 156 kata lagi


Divine Reminders (poem)

Those marks on your palm
From when you kept me quiet
Those scratches on your neck
From when you ravaged my calm
Let them remind you… 30 kata lagi