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Feeling like 'Blehh'

IM having a horrible week, and it gets better yea, but still bad. Im so exhausted!! And school is around the cornor almost here. Im stressed and its just to much! 8 kata lagi


#Poem - On Bended Knee

standing before me.
Dominant one,
Grasping bones,
Carnal appetite,
Teeth lacerate,
crimson stream.
Wanton wonderment,
devils playground. 9 kata lagi



My eyes still closed, warm and comfortable under the bedclothes, relishing that blissful semi-waking state, in between slumber and awareness… my thoughts drift to you. I picture your smiling face, your kind eyes crinkled at the corners as you look down at me, your wide shoulders and chest, strong arms that I long to have wrapped around me. 1.115 kata lagi


Claiming Addison (69 Bottles #1) by Zoey Derrick (Book Review)

Claiming Addison (69 Bottles #1) by Zoey Derrick is an exciting, sexually charged novel with powerful emotional undertones. This is not just a sex on every other page book. 470 kata lagi

Book Reviews

Blow His Mind - 8 Surefire Tips to Give a Toe Curling Blow Job

We still have discussions about it even to this day.  What is the one complaint that men have when it comes to receiving oral sex… 593 kata lagi

Human Sexuality

I'd agree with this...

“I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.”

Mae West


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I usually don't post anything quite this kinky - but everything Mae West ever said is priceless! Finn

My Sexuality

Talking about sex has always been a touchy subject for me. It’s not because I’m embarrassed of the idea or my experiences, it’s because I’ve always felt very different than my peers. 896 kata lagi