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His lips, masters of delight

His lips on mine were heaven,
His 3 day growth tickled,
my pressure rose as he teased my mouth,
lips and tongue probing,
before blazing a red-hot trail down my neck, 280 more words


A Second Ride on the Crazy Train

A couple of days later (literally two – first time we met up was Monday, and he came over again on Wednesday afternoon), my awkward pillow talker graced me with his presence again. 444 more words


Interesting Pillow Talk

After quite a long hiatus, I am back to share my stories. This doesn’t mean I’ve been in a dry spell (far from it, I’m backlogged with over 10 blogs to write…) but between moving, the new job, and seeking out blog material, I haven’t been too keen to write about my… 666 more words


A trip to Chinatown

Okay you guys, this another extremely graphic post. Just warning you. Read on if are intrigued…

It had been a fucking year since I had gone down on a guy… I’m not making this up. 856 more words

she was after new skin care

There was nothing better in her mind than taking a cock in her mouth while her boyfriend used his magic tongue and fingers to bring her to mind-blowing orgasms that came in waves over and over. 303 more words



the tip lay above me
somewhere between my breasts
as they pushed tightly together
gathered in by my palms
I looked into him
toward the eye of his stiffness… 197 more words


Pleasing Her Majesty Orally

Wu Tse-Tian (Wu Zetian) was Empress of China, and the only woman in more than 3,000 years of Chinese history to rule in her own right. 399 more words