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14 Women Reveal The Best Orgasm They've Ever Had (And How Exactly They Came Like Never Before)

1. Fingered me to orgasm

He fingered me after some pretty intimate foreplay and it took maybe two minutes for me to hit the O.

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The Secrets to Sexually Satisfying Women

Recently I blogged that you should need a certificate to be qualified to have sex.  Now, the evidence to support this has arrived!  If only I’d known this when I was 20. 311 kata lagi

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25 People Describe The Most Amazing Orgasm Of Their Lives

Found on AskReddit.

1. It felt like the Sun was inside my body.

“Just casual jerking off one day high and BAM, reality zooms back and it felt like the Sun was inside my body, the sense of being far bigger than just a body in that moment felt like it was fueling the orgasm. 2.160 kata lagi

Taking Control of Head - with Flavor

If you’re like me, sometimes oral sex can be … tricky. Part of the problem, especially with finishing, is the taste. I tried flavored lubes and the just did not work that well. 873 kata lagi


Sir Henry's Invitation

Sir Henry’s Invitation

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Sir Henry Dalrymple alighted from the rickshaw and stared at the whitewashed classically-styled building before him. In front of it a freshly-painted sign announced its purpose: ‘The Abu Bakr Academy for Young Ladies’ in both English and Urdu. 2.848 kata lagi


February 23rd: Clarity...

‘Brighten your picture! Refuse to be blurred; agree to be bright!’
– Israelmore Ayivor

Today’s photo is a re-colour of my most popular Sinful Sunday…

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