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Amy, part 5

Once both man’s hands began to explore me, I began the long surrender. I moved and pressed my body into their hands, their mouths. I wanted to reward them for every caress with more of my skin, encourage them further. 1.955 kata lagi


Eat, Pray, Shove

An Irish man and an American woman literally prayed for forgiveness after being caught kneeling at the altar in Thailand.

An Irish tourist caught enjoying oral sex in public while on holidays has been fined €50 after handing himself into local cops.

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What The Hell?

Jed takes Clover's ass

I knew he knew. The next time I went down on Jed Bonner he already knew. I thought it must be some sort of magic, something about the more knowing way I moved my hops and sucked his cockhead, something about the sound of my hungry slurping that had changed. 711 kata lagi

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Help for Christian wives in building a fantastic sex life! (podcast)

Hear a frank discussion of the nitty-gritty topics regarding building a healthy, vibrant sex life within marriage!  (J Parker)


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Save the Date

Save the Date

an Emery & Chris story

by avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and Emery relax on a hot Georgia night and finalize some plans for the wedding.  2.957 kata lagi

Clover sucks a stranger in the cinema

I was in the cinema when he sat next to me. It is one of those cinemas where they have double seats, and he settled down with a bottle of water. 664 kata lagi

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Clover sucks Chad for mummy

Oh Chad. I will never forget my shift with Chad.

Chad was the second of the football team. Eight incises of hot circumcised cock and a face like a ten year old in trouble with teacher. 903 kata lagi

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