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A Sticky Situation (Part 1) (Mature 18+)

“Just this once,” she said as she dropped to her knees in front of me.

“I don’t know, Chelsea,” I replied in a feeble attempt at offering up some sort of resistance. 745 kata lagi


Stronger Clitoral Orgasm - Hybrid Lick and Touch

A Simple Technique

I Discovered Foreplay Gold

This is just a technique I tried the other day, and it worked beyond anything I expected. It technically could work with any pair of approaches that can be done at once, but I used licking and touching. 165 kata lagi

Sex Techniques

Perving On A Budget : Natureplex Warm Touch Warming Jelly

Hello again Pervs ,

Welcome to the newest series of Pervery ” Perving On  A Budget”. I decided to do this series because for one those of us who shop in the adult world would know how expensive these things can get especially if you want great product quality. 286 kata lagi

Never Underestimate the Value of Your Intuition

CAUTION: May be triggering to survivors of Sexual Assault.

Sometimes, if you go over things and beat them to death enough, they gradually begin to make more sense. 959 kata lagi



I love how tightly he holds me when he buries his face in my cunt.


Lick it and Don't Quit It

What’s your take on the DJ Khaled situation with providing oral to his wife?

I really do not care about his sex life that much, but I do think he needs to change his image of the workings of a relationship. 753 kata lagi


Double Trouble

Danielle gasped as I pushed her against the railing, mewled a high-pitched “oh” and grabbed a handful of my hair. She snapped my head back, stared into my eyes, grinned and laughed. 1.607 kata lagi