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Flight Attendant In China Caught Giving A Oral Sex To a Man During Flight

Getting good service when travelling wi­t­h­ an airline can be a very satisfying feeling. I mean, who doesn’t like good service?

Al­t­h­ough ­t­h­is happened some time ago, a photo of a Chinese air stewardess performing oral sex on a passenger resurfaced again on ­t­h­e internet when it went viral on Weibo. 240 kata lagi

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How to properly use Dental Dam

We all have had that moment.  You know the one where your eyes lock–before or after traveling the length of their bodies–and the attraction is instantaneous and intense.   521 kata lagi



So after dithering about it, I went on my date last night. I was surprisingly nervous about it which surprised me. Not only have I known him for a while, but it’s not like I’ve never had a casual sexual encounter before. 635 kata lagi



This is a long one, so settle down and maybe put your phone on silent.
Alternatively, read Her, take a breather, and Save him for another night. 3.581 kata lagi



I began my career in hospitality and hotel management in Las Vegas just after the recession hit. It certainly wasn’t my childhood dream come true, but it paid the bills. 1.271 kata lagi

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My entry into SexBlogOfSorts  #Polished Prompt Competition! Kind of came out fully formed in just shy of an hour, was kindly beta’d/proofed by Exhibit A… 1.250 kata lagi