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Perfect for your babygirl!!!

You’ve kept in disguise

Hidden behind your flys

Such a sweet, delicious treat

A different sort of meat…

Perfect for your babygirl! 

For her fingers to wrap and curl… 51 kata lagi


Daily Prompt: Lollipop

Look what I have for you my dear.

It’s big and hard and tastes good, don’t fear.

Daddy’s lollipop for his lil miss.

A lollipop… 74 kata lagi


Living and Loving! We Miss You All, Too!

Hi my lovelies! The summer has been going great for Paul and me. We have been very busy with so many family activities and we’ve been EXTREMELY busy making a lot of love! 86 kata lagi

Swallowing Semen

3 Reasons Some God-fearing Men Suck Their Wife's Private Parts And Also Ask Them To Suck Theirs In Turn

#oral sex, sucking of private parts

This post discusses three major reasons why some married men, most of those who are God-fearing married men found in two globally accepted and well-known practised religions in our world today, love to suck their wife’s private parts and also ask their wife to suck theirs in turn. 2.035 kata lagi


New Release: A Model for Stepdaddy

One way to get mounted on the wall…

“Duality.” It’s a concept that’s been played on again and again since the dawn of art, but I have the perfect model. 2.551 kata lagi


Tips for men: My disappointment with guys not giving me an orgasm and how to do something about it!

I’m sorry guys, this one is about you and my experience shows that it’s bad news. But if you feel concerned, by reading this I hope it will help you and the women you’re sleeping with to have orgasms, each time :) 1.443 kata lagi