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What day is it again?


There are no words powerful enough to describe the frustration I feel with myself. I am coasting through life, becoming more and more isolated, with no direction other than having a constant need to remedy the burning withdrawals that are so consistent, you could set your watch by them. 238 more words


Holmes Resurrected

Sherlock Holmes the Missing Years: Japan by Vasudev Murthy is a refreshing new Holmes mystery. Narrated by the ever faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson, the mystery begins with an ominous letter written in Sherlock Holmes handwriting instructing Watson to make haste from London to Yokohama.   108 more words

Collections from Park Avenue India

Gone are the days when people buy cheap garments and never go for brands, as they are expensive and unaffordable. However, with the changing time people get fashion conscious and are ready to pay any amount to buy some branded products. 428 more words

Branded Sunglasses Online


Wsiadając do busa jadącego do Chiang Rai Grzesio czuł się już słabo, lecz gdy po pięciu godzinach wysiadaliśmy z niego, było zdecydowanie gorzej. Tuk tuk z dworca autobusowego do hotelu, aspiryna i do łóżka. 532 more words


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Football, Religion, Opium

Who would have thought that kicking an animals bladder around could eventually turn into a multi-billion pounds industry? I am, of course, talking about football. That sport that began as a working-class tradition where two towns met at a central location to kick the previously mentioned bladder into the others town in order to win. 853 more words

record breaker

I had a dream about making a living doing video game shows on the internets and such. I still have that dream.

Feels like I’ve learned so much from the world, or at least from the people that I’ve been following on WordPress. 11 more words