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Viewed through Proving: The Perfidious Poppy

By Vera Resnick

You may already be familiar with my penchant for tables.  There’s a quote below which in usual unwieldy translation of originally unwieldy German is difficult to read.  1.023 kata lagi


Jews and the Opium Wars


Of course Jews were responsible for the Opium Wars with China.

Drugs are a horrible and dehumanizing thing, and like all filthy things, it takes only a quick look to find a Jew behind it. 701 kata lagi

The Jewish Problem

Proof: Afghan opium harvesting protected by British occupation forces

Proof: Afghan opium harvesting protected by British occupation forces – Intellihub.


By Anthony Heaford | Global Research

August 24, 2015GlobalResearch.ca

In this 7.5° view of Afghanistan, captured from an Airfield guard tower, we can see several less auspicious elements of the ISAF invasion and occupation: 504 kata lagi


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Ever wonder why heroin addiction has been increasing in the U.S. and throughout the rest of the West?

You Should Be Watching: The Knick

The Knick

Starring: Clive Owen, Andre Holland, Jeremy Bobb, Juliet Rylance, Eve Hewson, Michael Angarano, Chris Sullivan, Cara Seymour, Eric Johnson
Directed by: Steven Soderbergh… 537 kata lagi



“Opium’s fucked, dude. You shouldn’t try that stuff.”


“One of my friends from high school did opium.”

“What happened?”

“He died, man.”

“From the opium?” 11 kata lagi


Travels: Into Laos

Get a grip

After thirty days of traveling I had begun to feel a little strange (and no it wasn’t the food). As I headed to the border with Laos leaving behind everyone I had met so far, everything I had seen and done and the currency and food I had become acquainted with it felt almost as though it was time to go home. 1.254 kata lagi

Afghan Opium Harvesting Protected by British Occupation Forces

‘The photograph shows five men harvesting opium a couple of hundred metres from Camp Bastion perimeter defences, seen in the foreground.

Not only was this illegal drug production being carried out in the shadow of ISAF’s Main Operating Base, it was being done under the protection of British soldiers. 124 kata lagi