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Spiegelworld's OPIUM is a Space Voyage from Uranus (sorry) to your Heart

Absinthe’s new cousin is the schlocky 70’s sci-fi variety show that never was….

Imagine that you’re scanning the channels and come across TV Land, the cable network specializing in beloved 60’s and 70’s programs. 676 kata lagi


#bookreview The Alphabet of Hearts Desires by Brian Keaney published by Holland House @HhouseBooks @NetGalley

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A visitor calls with a gift and a message from the past in this literary, historical novel. In 1802 Thomas de Quincey, a young man from a comfortable middle-class background who would go on to become one of the most celebrated writers of his day, collapsed on Oxford Street and was discovered by a teenage prostitute who brought him back to her room and nursed him to health. 211 kata lagi

Book Review

Experiments On The Nervous System With Opium And DOC

Opiates were popular in the United States throughout the 19 th century, particularly among women. Tonics and elixirs containing opium were readily available in Experiments on the Nervous System with Opium and Metalline Substances: Made Chiefly with the view of Determining the Nature eBook: Alexander Monro: Amazon.ca: Kindle SUMMARY. 452 kata lagi


The Akha People of SE Asia

The Akha people currently inhabit the hill country of SE Asia in the border region of northern Thailand, Myanmar’s Shan State, northern Laos and southern Yunnan, China. 539 kata lagi

Akha People

Opium Chinatown

Ignoring how much the bill was after drinking our way through half the menu, I absolutely loved visiting two of the bars inside Opium and trying their different cocktails. 785 kata lagi