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Writing Ideas Come from the Strangest Places

Today’s post is written by writer Gustavo Bondoni, who also happens to be our Editor-in-Chief. He speaks a little to that age-old question about where writers get their ideas. 746 kata lagi

U.S. strikes on Taliban opium labs won't work, say Afghan farmers

LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan/KABUL (Reuters) – As U.S. and Afghan forces pound Taliban drug factories this week, farmers in the country’s largest opium producing-province and narcotics experts say the strategy just repeats previous failed efforts to stamp out the trade. 6 kata lagi

The Bahá’í View of Well-being (2/2): Self-help, the Soul and Suffering

I ended the previous post with a quote concerning the influence of diet.

What has become abundantly clear is that what we eat affects many aspects of our health. 1.291 kata lagi


U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Take Aim at Taliban Opium Labs -- B-52 bombers and F-22 warplanes took part in the strikes


The New york Times
NOV. 20, 2017

Poppy buds on the outskirts of Kandahar Province in Afghanistan. The country produces around 85 percent of the world’s opium.  628 kata lagi

Pandangan Budi Utomo tentang Gerakan Anti-Opium

Diskusi terkait pandangan Budi Utomo tentang masalah opium di Jawa, pada akhirnya, menurut pembacaan saya dalam karya Akira Nagazumi mengalami jalan buntu. Dalam artian keterlibatan Budi Utomo dalam praktik propaganda anti-opium secara institusional sejauh ini tidak terlihat. 373 kata lagi

Tukar Pikir

U.S. New Afghan Strategy: Bomb Opium Plants To Cut Taliban Funds

In a bid to shut off revenue, the U.S. is bombing opium production plants in Taliban-controlled southern Afghanistan. NBC’s Hans Nichols reports.


U.S. Afghan forces strike opium factories

U.S. and Afghan forces have launched joint attacks on Taliban opium factories to try to curb the insurgent group’s economic lifeline, officials from both countries said on Monday. 370 kata lagi