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On this Day in History in 1909: 1st federal legislation prohibiting narcotics (opium.)


Been a bad downward spiral since.

February 9, 1909: Den of Iniquity

Thanks to descriptions by authors such as Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde, the opium den became a sinister staple of 19th century literature — an evil place where degenerates, mostly foreigners, mostly Chinese, lounged around on pillows, smoking their pipes, vacant eyes benumbed by clouds of opium fumes. 279 kata lagi

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Guerrero: A Security Problem Impossible to Solve?

The years 2014 and 2015 have been hard for Guerrero, one of the poorest states in southern Mexico. After the headlines turned to the state following the… 850 kata lagi


Chinese restaurants shut down after seasoning food with opium to 'hook' customers

35 restaurants across China have been found illegally using opium as seasoning in their food, state officials say.

Five restaurants are being prosecuted over the findings, whilst 30 more are under investigation, according to the China Food and Drug Administration. 129 kata lagi


De Quincey and The Gothic

Thomas De Quincey (1785 – 1859) was a prolific periodical writer. He is usually aligned historically with the early English Romantics, and is best known for his remarkable autobiography… 1.003 kata lagi


Drugs and Addiction in Romantic Literature

That drugs might be used to aid the creative process remains a contentious issue to this day, but during the period under consideration social attitudes towards narcotics were quite different. 1.189 kata lagi


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  • Ysl opium perfume;I love this fragrance! It doesn’t matter how many perfumes I have, I always get drawn to this scent. It’s a classy, more mature scent.
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