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U.S. Heroin Users Drive Afghanistan's Downfall

Running this blog and my career choice, I’ve gained numerous law enforcement sources who I value in obtaining up to the minute information with what is happening on the ground. 128 kata lagi


Peace Trip from Afghanistan (Golden Crescent) to Thailand (Golden Triangle)

My trip started from Khogyani district, Nangarhar province, eastern Afghanistan.  The eastern region of Afghanistan suffers from opium cultivation and free movement of insurgents along the border with the Pakistani tribal area, which has some similarities with Thailand’s former conflicts, especially opium. 345 kata lagi

DRUGS = Panacea! Wait, Really?

“We made the whole earth a couch for you, And the mountains its tent stakes. We created you of two sexes, And ordained your sleep for rest”.         484 kata lagi
WE-YOU (The View)

Indians who drank the fire water were more likely to die of White Man disease

The Europeans probably learned that it wasn’t enough to just get Indians infected with blankets. They probably knew it took more than that to kill Indians with disease. 317 kata lagi