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ये कैसी बेबसी

जयपुर की शान कहे जाने वाले रामगढ़ बांध को लेकर अपनाया जा रहा रवैया ‘आश्चर्य’ और ‘खेद’जनक है। लगता है कि सरकार की इच्छाशक्ति ही नहीं रही। वह उन अफसरों के सामने बेबस होकर रह गई है, जो रामगढ़ बांध को लेकर जनता, सरकार और अदालत सबको गुमराह कर रहे हैं। 792 kata lagi

Bhuvanesh Jain Article

Terbelenggu oleh angan?

Menurut KBBI Daring:

angan1 » meng.a.ngan
v berpikir-pikir; termenung-menung memikirkan sesuatu: daripada duduk ~, lebih baik kita bekerja


Ada yang suka berangan-angan? Saya pun menyukainya.

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Opinion: Gareth Thomas coming out as HIV+ offers hope for millions

-by Ash Kotak

On Saturday, former Wales rugby captain Gareth Thomas made a statement via Twitter which he began by saying:

“I want to share my secret with you. 417 kata lagi


The "Shaun's Not All There" Edition of The TCTA Music Show

Shield Maiden and Shaun rock your ears to pulp with some great music on this “Shaun’s not all there” edition and rant the night away for over 3 HOURS!  24 kata lagi

Free Speech

Why Our Club System Needs Reform

Staff Writer

Clubs are undoubtedly a wonderful way to connect yourself not only to the school and its people, but to a passion. 718 kata lagi


EU to leave JCPOA if Trump wins second term: analyst

Speaking to Mehr correspondent on Monday, Momeni said the European sides to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), namely the UK, France, Germany and the EU, are only biding their time to see what happens in the future. 231 kata lagi

United States

CV MISTAKES: 5 things you should avoid on your CV

Avoiding these CV mistakes could make the difference between being invited for an interview or missing out on a golden opportunity to get hired. When applying for a job that you are qualified for, ensure you maximise your chances by sending in a well-written CV and cover letter to help the hiring manager make that decision of including your CV in the final shortlist. 705 kata lagi