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Trump-ing Truth: Blind Loyalty To The President Is Troubling And Dangerous

“Fake News”, “Liberal lies”, “Another hit-piece from the Left”… Believe it or not, these are what a majority of the responses to my articles look like these days. 2.155 kata lagi


The Shawshank Redemption

Number 1 in the IMDB top 250 and until a couple of weeks ago a film I hadn’t seen. Made in 1994 and set in 1940/50’s and directed by Frank Darabont it stars Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman and tells the story of Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) a banker who is sentenced to 2 life sentences for the murder of his wife and her lover despite his claims of his innocence. 664 kata lagi


Manchester Attack-Suicide Bomber Confirmed by Police

Manchester Attack-Suicide Bomber Confirmed by Police


The death toll now stands at 22 with another 59 injured.  It is likely that these numbers will increase in the coming days. 111 kata lagi


#Personal - La adaptación a un nuevo idioma después de un año en #Canadá

Hola !

Hace poco más de un año que comenzamos una nueva aventura familiar en Canadá. Hemos tenido muchísimas nuevas experiencias en este gran país, sin embargo, tengo que destacar que el idioma se merece un post aparte. 871 kata lagi


Kaum milenial? Siapkah kalian menerima kekalahan dan kegagalan? Kemenangan bukan segalanya, tapi keinginan meraih kemenangan segalanya.

Sejak tahun 2008, kamu milenial menang di banyak bidang di seluruh dunia. Milenial jangan saru dengan Melania, istrinya Donald Trump yang imigran dan mantan model. Tapi nanti ada hubungannya juga sih, milenial dengan melania. 505 kata lagi



Day 4 and thoughts are with those affected by the attack in Manchester: for my 3 songs to try out for a listen to today… 44 kata lagi


On Manchester

And it continues. From Istanbul to Paris to Nigeria, Charleston, and now Manchester. It seems that we have come again to the trauma of terrorism. 472 kata lagi