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Stockley Verdict, St. Louis – 2017

A Poet’s Opinion

-by Bill Watkins 9/21/2017

Having watched in-car video of the 2011 shooting, along with a bystander video of the events, and having read an account of the events and known facts from the… 724 kata lagi


...branch out

Today as we all pause to say goodbye to summer, the world is taking a moment to consider peace for the International Day of Peace. It seems appropriate that we consider such things as the season changes, because, of course, change is what will be required. 305 kata lagi



Have you ever noticed that the only time some people mention anything they think black people care about is when they need attention? Better yet, when their ratings start to take a dip and they’re desperate for clicks, views, or just being talked about. 741 kata lagi

Piers Morgan

You Draw Something

Everything has always been one big problem. One after another in an endless cycle. Everyone and everything about them has been a problem since the dawn of time. 309 kata lagi


Mourinho May Want It Scrapped But United, City And Chelsea Are Taking The Carabao Cup Quite Seriously

Manchester United began their defence of the Carabao Cup in some style. Whilst they have never actually won the cup under it’s current sponsorship, they did win it last time when it was the plain old EFL Cup. 591 kata lagi


On Amorality 1.

  1. Amorality is the absence of morality.

1.1 Amorality is not a rejection of morality, as that is the definition of immorality is.

1.11 Therefore, amorality is the inability to acknowledge, understand, or see moral dilemmas. 395 kata lagi


Anticipation of the Unknown

What’s funny about life is the things people believe about it;
Some people believe in fate, a force which pushes us towards preplanned events such as meeting someone or getting a new job. 1.395 kata lagi