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OpenOffice - Print Selection

OpenOffice keeps printing only a selection of a document, because I seem to have got into the bad habit of leaving something highlighted when I click print or click print after having just pasted a picture into the document and it still being selected that’s all that gets printed… very annoying. 67 kata lagi


Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 GA for OS/2 released

Bitwiseworks has just released a new Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 for OS/2. This is an update release with several enhancements and fixes. Check the official… 157 kata lagi


Formatting: Word vs. OpenOffice

Before launching Darkness Falling: Soldiers and Slaves, I made a post about reformatting my OpenOffice document for uploading as an eBook, specifically for Kindle. In that post I said I might do a tutorial on how to reformat with OpenOffice since all of the tutorials I found were for Word.  414 kata lagi


11 Great Tools For Curious People

Writers, designers, artists, and all curious/creative people are all entrepreneurs in some small way. If you are currently thinking about doing something you have always wanted to do and can complete this sentence: … 1.133 kata lagi


How to reduce document size

Sometimes we add big images to a document, and reduce its size to fit our needs. But still, the document has a big size. Here we can see how to compress the images inside the document without losing quality but at the same time reducing the document size. 161 kata lagi


How to add table borders

1. Select first row of table

Click and drag across the first row of table in order to select it.

2. Select all rows

Click on Edit > Select All, to select all rows in the table. 71 kata lagi


How to copy spreadsheet to text document

Here is an example of how to add a big spreadsheet inside a LibreOffice Write text document. The result is a nice table which we can make prettier later. 83 kata lagi