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Hoja de Cálculo Openoffice Calc

Estas son algunas hojas de calculo de diversos tópicos distintos realizadas en 4º de ESO


OpenOffice Calc es en una hoja de cálculo Open Source y software libre compatible con Microsoft Excel. 46 more words


Lisää vaihto. Sivunvaihto.

Mun vittu on OpenOffice.
Sitä käyttävät avoimen lähdekoodin kannattajat pääasiassa.
Eniten mua kiinnostaa
(ja Työkalut).

Tiedostoa ei, vittu, Muokata.
Ohje on vanhentunut, 19 more words


How To Add Calendar Links

These instructions are for the OpenOffice spreadsheet, but the steps to create the calendar links should be similar for other spreadsheet programs so you should be able to figure it out.   52 more words


[436/441] Save me!

Don’t worry about the title–I am not particularly in need of saving (with whatever . Instead, the title of the post is based on the following image, which is actually quite outdated, if you think about it: 557 more words


Turnitin: Problems submitting your file?

If you are using Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Office 2013, you should save your finished work as a PDF rather than a Microsoft Word document. 75 more words


Spreadsheet - Get Age on Specific Date from Date of Birth

In doing results for a race I needed the age on race day for the participants. However, the registration spreadsheet supplied to me contained only the date of birth, so I needed a way to convert. 315 more words

Turning a Manuscript into an E-book

If you are coming here from Formatting a Document for Conversion , then you most likely have a clean, formatted document for processing. If you did not, then I hope you have a clean, formatted OpenOffice, Pages, or Word document ready for use. 622 more words