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Turnitin: Problems submitting your file?

If you are using Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Office 2013, you should save your finished work as a PDF rather than a Microsoft Word document. 75 more words


Spreadsheet - Get Age on Specific Date from Date of Birth

In doing results for a race I needed the age on race day for the participants. However, the registration spreadsheet supplied to me contained only the date of birth, so I needed a way to convert. 315 more words

Turning a Manuscript into an E-book

If you are coming here from Formatting a Document for Conversion , then you most likely have a clean, formatted document for processing. If you did not, then I hope you have a clean, formatted OpenOffice, Pages, or Word document ready for use. 622 more words


Formatting a Document for Conversion [in OpenOffice]

I’m going to assume you are here because you have used OpenOffice to write your manuscript, only to hit a wall when you discovered that all the tutorials on formatting a document properly just assumed you had Microsoft Word. 1.007 more words


Inching Ever Closer to Launch

There is something amazing about seeing your finished work in a finalized format.

I have spent the past few weeks fine tuning my manuscript and getting it encoded into e-book format. 437 more words


Quick and Dirty Base

By Roger Watts, Chesterfield U3A

I took over responsibility for our Membership ‘Database’ about 5 years ago.  In fact it was a Microsoft Works Spreadsheet.  We had about 700 members and growing. 618 more words


Direct Cursor (aka, Shadow Cursor, Click-and-type) in Libre/OpenOffice

I have cluttered this post with verbosity in the hope that it will snag searches and save someone the frustration I have just experienced: trying to find a feature in LibreOffice or OpenOffice for which I don’t even have a name.  230 more words

Click And Type