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Openlayers 3 in Coresight

I have been reading Marcos Vainer Loeff over on PISquare about his google maps symbol in Coresight. This great article inspired me to write nearly the same but then with the open source libraries OpenStreetMap and Openlayers. 1.186 kata lagi


Adding lines and polygons–openlayers3

This post will demonstrate how to add lines and polygons to web maps using Openlayers3.

Screenshot showing the web map with lines and polygon feature on top of the base map… 71 kata lagi


Inserting EA WMS layers into OpenLayers

The Environment Agency have provided lots of very useful data under the OGC WMS. To get this into OpenLayers, you need two pieces of information. 177 kata lagi

Environment Agency

$5 New Year Skill Up with Packt Publishing Ends Soon! (Jan 8)

Don’t miss out on this fantastic eBook and video sale from Packt Publishing where everything is $5 and there are plenty of GIS and geospatial books to choose from. 419 kata lagi


Networks, Geography, and Gephi: Lots of Promise, but Lots of Work to be Done

This post will outline some of my efforts to bring social networks into dialog with geography. Although I have found some interesting plugins and hacks, the results still leave something to be desired. 1.250 kata lagi


Quick webmaps with qgis2web

In Publishing interactive web maps using QGIS, I presented two plugins for exporting web maps from QGIS. Today, I want to add an new member to this family: the… 143 kata lagi


Code for BAM: Part 1 of N. Gephi and Maps

This is the first in a series of posts where I will be detailing some of the code and development of BAM. Some of these techniques may be old hat for some users or simple hacks, but they might be useful for anyone else who is trying to do similar work. 1.948 kata lagi