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Animate feature position in vector layer on it's reload

Tested on GeoServer and OpenLayers 3.7.

  1. First of all we need to create layer and its source:
    var source = new ol.source.Vector({
     strategy: ol.loadingstrategy.bbox
    var layer = new ol.layer.Vector({
     source: source
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Using beforeGetFeatureInfo event for filtering layers to get info

*For OpenLayers 2.13

Put an empty array as layers property in WMSGetFeatureInfo (We will generate the layer array in the event): line 4

Suscribe event: line 47… 275 kata lagi


Request GeoServer vector layer from another domain via WFS from OpenLayers

Tested on GeoServer and OpenLayers 3.7. Remember, that OL 3.5 have some changes not backwards compatible.

  1. GeoServer part:
    All you need is to turn on JSONP output format at %GEO_SRV_HOME%/WEB-INF/
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GeoExt 3 is around the corner

Web GIS components on client side depends on JavaScript. If you are following my Web GIS Development Step by Step series, you might have noticed a question about GUI and I explained that it is JavaScript Library called GeoExt. 65 kata lagi


OpenStreetMap, OpenLayers: Borderline of Switzerland

I have to represent the borders of Switzerland on a browser-based map (OpenStreetMap). With OpenLayers, it’s simple to do this by adding a vector layer that consists of a series of coordinates (a polygon). 259 kata lagi


Introduction to OpenLayers


OpenLayers is an Open Source JavaScript mapping component.  You can find it at OpenLayers.org.

The current version of OpenLayers is version 3.3 as of 3/26/2015.   84 kata lagi


Web GIS application development step by step Part 3

I promised that I will publish 4 to 5 tutorials in this series and I will, however there was a bit of gap between this and the last post :( but here I am keeping my promise, beware this part is a big one. 1.833 kata lagi