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Arrow lines in Openlayers 3

Recently working on map using Openlayers 3 I found there is no direct way to draw the Arrow lines using the Openlayers 3 , so what I did, used LineString and Icon to draw an Arrow. 410 more words


Introduction to OpenLayers


OpenLayers is an Open Source JavaScript mapping component.  You can find it at OpenLayers.org.

The current version of OpenLayers is version 3.3 as of 3/26/2015.   84 more words


Web GIS application development step by step Part 3

I promised that I will publish 4 to 5 tutorials in this series and I will, however there was a bit of gap between this and the last post :( but here I am keeping my promise, beware this part is a big one. 1.833 more words


Workshop - Let's make a layout (Viewport)

This workshop is a bit back to the basics of ExtJS, but it can be very handy. We will create a VExt.Loader.setConfig({ path iewport that will have a center with our GeoExt2 map that we made in Workshop 2. 949 more words

Web Map Workshop

Getting QGIS Server to work on Windows

Anita Graser published an easy to follow guide for getting QGIS Server running on a Windows system.  There have been a few small changes since this guide was published, the biggest being Apache released version 2.4. 119 more words


Web GIS application development step by step Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of web GIS development tutorial. What we have done till now

  1. Installed Ubuntu
  2. Installed synaptic package installer (to make installation job easy)
  3. 906 more words