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Facebook open sources Open/R distributed networking software

Facebook is no stranger when it comes to open sourcing its computing knowledge. Over the years, it has all along been generated software and hardware internally, then transferred that wisdom to the open source community to let them have it. 411 kata lagi


Building Automated Tests and Implementing Travis CI

Ever since I first saw Travis CI build my code in a Pull Request for Mozilla Thimble I immediately became fascinated with its functionality. My previous experience with testing programs has been with applications like Codeboard.io for submitting Java assignments or manually testing code through various use cases. 618 kata lagi

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Augmented Reality on iOS with ARKit


One of the most exciting frameworks released with iOS 11 is ARKit. With ARKit you can incorporate 3D data and objects into the physical environment of the user. 2.260 kata lagi


Let's talk about side projects in software

Last week, I was on a panel about tech careers at the University of Ottawa.  One of the topics that came up again and again was side projects.  959 kata lagi


Black Friday Deals

Because we are such good people here at LSB, we like to treat our followers to some fantastic deals that we are offered. So we present them to you. 336 kata lagi

Cyber Security

#OpenConCam: Where open (science | access | source | data) meet.

What is OpenCon?

OpenCon is a yearly event designed to bring together people who are dedicated to open in all its incarnations. It’s in such high demand, the only way to get in is by application, and most attendees are provided with scholarships to help with travel/accommodation costs. 1.667 kata lagi


Sex Dating and Marriage

In this podcast, Jay and Mike have an honest conversation about #sex and #relationships.https://aipodcastdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/jm-sdm.mp3

#Dating and #marriage isn’t easy. It can be quite treacherous to one’s emotional and mental state. 179 kata lagi

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