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Creating lists with SiriKit on iOS11

Last year, Apple announced SiriKit, which provides a lot of opportunities for the developers to provide functionality to the users via Siri. However, there are restrictions in the domains that can utilize this feature and if your app isn’t part of those domains, then you can’t make a big use of it. 1.426 kata lagi


A valid alternative to Age of Empires?

We have been playing it, discussing about it, dreaming about it. And then it stopped. Age of Empires III has been one of our favourite games and I, together with my friends, we have spent literally nights playing it, dinners discussing about the heroic strategies and laughing about the tricks we managed to pull on each other in order to win. 360 kata lagi

0 A.D.

Making a WebBrowser!

Yep, I am making a web browser! in Visual C# using Microsoft Visual Studio. But I am not using the default “.NET” web browser component. I am using the CefSharp NuGet package. 526 kata lagi


FindDay #15

Every Friday I share the five coolest things I’ve found on the web in the last week.

1 – Resonate


Resonate is, as the website says, a streaming music co-op. 885 kata lagi


How to Create Virtual Product in Magento 2

click here to see video

Login in to Magento Admin

Go to Products – Catalog From Navigation

Click on “Add Product” drop-down box select “Virtual Product” 78 kata lagi


The state of IMEs under Linux

Input Method Editors, or IMEs for short, are ways for a user to input text in another, more complex character set using a standard keyboard, commonly used for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages (CJK for short). 934 kata lagi