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Transcription initiation codes at developmental transitions

The initiation of transcription at appropriate sites in the genome is critical for development and yet few rules governing selection are known and no core promoter element has so far been assigned a specific role in development. 102 kata lagi

Histone Modifications

*P. Navratilova, *G.B. Danks, A. Long, S. Butcher, J.R. Manak, and E.M. Thompson. Sex-specific chromatin landscapes in an ultra-compact chordate genome. Epigenetics and Chromatin, 10(1), 2017.

DOI 10.1186/s13072-016-0110-4


Background: In multicellular organisms, epigenome dynamics are associated with transitions in the cell cycle, development, germline speci cation, gametogenesis and inheritance. Evolutionarily, regulatory space has increased in complex metazoans to accommodate these functions. 228 kata lagi