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Mitosis adalah pembelahan sel yang menghasilkan 2 sel anak dengan jumlah kromosom yang sama dengan kromosom sel induknya, yaitu 2n.
mitosis terjadi pada perbanyakan sel somatis (sel tubuh). 1.753 kata lagi


Stem cell therapy for female Infertility: Dream or Reality?

Rapid advancements in stem cell research have been a hope for the cure of several diseases and disorders including infertility. But a recent study by Swedish researchers from University of Gothenburg and Karolinska Institute questions the feasibility of female infertility treatment with stem cells. 479 kata lagi


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  1. Diploid germinal epithelial cells divide mitotically and give rise to diploid oogonia
  2. From puberty oogonia grow and develop into primary diploid oocyte
  3. Primary oocytes unddergo meiosis and turn into haploid secondary oocytes and the polar body is formed…
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Where do we come from?

Before this blog delves into the science and ethics of reproductive medicine, I wanted to start from the beginning. I wanted to answer the question that we have no doubt all asked at one point in our lives: … 982 kata lagi