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"One Piece: Burning Blood" Video Gameplay Terbaru

Channel VJump youtube baru baru ini merilis video gameplay terbaru untuk game One Piece yang akan segera rilis dalam waktu dekat ini, dalam video yang mereka rilis, One Piece: Burning Blood memamerkan betapa seru dan ciamiknya grafik ketika pertempuran berlangsung. 252 kata lagi

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one piece game: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

WoW has never been a terrible looking game though its age is definitely beginning to show, but one piece game cartoon graphics were as much a necessity as a design choice. 304 kata lagi

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One Piece: Burning Blood - Marineford Characters Confirmed

Thanks to a scan from Weekly Shonen Jump we have four more characters confirmed for One Piece: Burning Blood, all from the Marineford Arc. These four characters are: 164 kata lagi

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One Piece: Burning Blood New Characters Alert

In a new Jump comic scan we get the news that Hancock, Nami, Perona and Robin will be playable for One Piece: Burning Blood.

Finally some female characters in the game, these characters excluding Perona were a given though, let’s hope we get some more female additions to the game like Jewlery Bonney.   36 kata lagi

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One Piece Burning Blood Gameplay Videos

Thanks to a demo we get to see some gameplay for the highly anticipated One Piece New Generstion Fighter game.

In the first video we get to see a battle consisting of – Luffy, Franky and Zoro vs Ace, Sabo and Kuzan. 69 kata lagi

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One Piece: Burning Blood Anison Edition

Bandai Namco have unveiled a new edition of One Piece: Burning Blood – The Anison edition.  The difference between this and the standard version of the game is that there will be 21 songs (Opening and ending included) from the anime in the Anison version that you can play while in battle. 107 kata lagi

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