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Omni Drops - My Magical Miracle Worker

Let me start by saying that what I’m about to share with you is 110% my personal journey. I am not being endorsed by anyone or anything, but rather have decided to share with others what I’m doing to achieve my goals. 1.483 more words

Opportunities For 2015 Omni-Channel Success In Paid Search & Beyond

2014 was a big year for search marketers especially for those with cross-channel responsibilities. Audience was the name of the game, and as marketers learned how to collect and act on audience data across channels, it opened up exciting new opportunities to test different strategies. 54 more words

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The Leak Game Has Changed!

There now is a real life pro when it comes to faking leaks. I’ve been gone too long! Some guy called Artsy Omni showed his balls when de-confirming the leak.


Thank you, Etika!

Screen Hype

Welcome to Omniforum - The gathering place of all knowledge.

I envision that omniforum will become a universal shrine of knowledge. Sites such as wikipedia, reddit and youtube already contain a much larger amount of knowledge that I could ever dream of compiling. 53 more words


World Cup All Stars - Omni - Senior Coed Small Level 5

Spirit Cheer Beast of the East 2015 (Day 2)
2014-2015 Season

Maintaining Balance, Even If You Can't Make It To The Gym

Winter is often the most difficult time of year to maintain the motivation to get to the gym.  If you can’t make it to the gym as often as you like, here are a few tips to still help keep you on track!   355 more words


The nights in Bukidnon have been cold lately. It’s just that time of the year when the entire Philippines experiences, on average, colder weather and regular rainfall. 135 more words