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The Original Pegasus Soars Again in Dallas

DALLAS, TX — The original Pegasus that was first installed atop the Magnolia Building in the 1930s is back.

“It’s been part of the (Dallas) skyline since 1934, but I think it embodies it’s history as that of being an oil town,” David Fisher, Dallas’ Interim Director of Cultural Affairs said. 226 more words


Product Highlight: Omni Smart

Smart – 180 Capsules (#2251)

  • Oral Chelation therapy
  • This helps to “roto-rooter” your arteries, veins

    and capillaries for plaque

  • The leading cause of death over the age of 50 is heart attack and stroke…
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Product Highlight: Omni Immune Defense

Immune Defense – 8oz bottle (#4821)

  • Helps boost your immune system
  • It’s made from 10 Chinese mushrooms and a blend of


  • You take it 5 days on and 2 days off or can be used as needed…
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Instagram 上最受寵的9大品牌熱帖

紐約數字營銷研究機構L2 近期發布了關於Instagram 社會化營銷的研究報告,根據去年第一季度至第三季度發布的帖子,評估了在Instagram 上的250個品牌。以下就是汽車、美妝、電子產品、飲品、時尚、零售、運動裝、旅行以及腕錶珠寶這9大類中,點贊和回复最多的品牌:


汽車品類以每貼平均1.52%的互動率躍居榜首,寶馬、奔馳、蘭博基尼、奧迪、保時捷的粉絲擁有最多的粉絲。而馬自達(Mazda)參與度最高。而大眾汽車這張H2Oi 照片點贊和評論數最高- H2O International(H2Oi)是大眾奧迪VAG 改裝車盛會。

美妝:貝玲妃 Benefit Cosmetics

化妝品類中,MAC 和Urban Decay 有著最多的粉絲,但在11月份,貝玲妃(Benefit)的帖子得到有史以來最高的13.78%的參與度,其受歡迎程度遠超於以8.71%位居第二的Essie 指甲油。



最熱門的兩個帖子是來自百威“Best Buds”比賽的照片。這兩張照片都表現了相親相愛的一匹馬和一隻小狗,分別獲得了5.94%和5.98%的參與率。

時尚:亞歷山大·麥昆(Alexander McQueen ) 32 more words

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Easter Brunch Recipe: Almond Ciabatta French Toast

Happy Easter everyone!  Still on the hunt for a last minute brunch recipe for today’s festivities?  Look no further!  This recipe is delicious and while it is not something you should enjoy on a weekly basis, this is a perfect special occasion option! 164 more words


Mount Washington Hotel

The Mount Washington Hotel opened in 1902. It served as a summer vacation spot for many years and since 1999 has been a four season resort. 69 more words

New Hampshire