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Omelette - Spinach, Cheddar, & Shallots!

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Omelette – Spinach, Cheddar, & Shallots!


chickpea flour omelet (pancake)

This is by far one of my top 3 breakfast dishes to make! The texture and consistency is very similar to a real omelet (unless you dilute it a little more to make a thinner pancake) and it is very satisfying/will keep you full for a few hours. 351 kata lagi


caramelized apple omelette dessert

This classic Norman dessert showcases some of the best products of the region: apples, calvados, and milk. Top with a dollop of crème fraîche, if you like.

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Healthy Eating Part 2

Today I wanted to try a recipe for cloud bread that I had found on Pinterest. I love bread….it’s a weakness of mine, as well as pasta. 166 kata lagi


Régine Café (Review)

Last Sunday, we went to Régine Café to have a girls’ brunch. Picking Régine Café was my sister’s idea because she had heard many positive reviews of the place and she wanted to try it. 751 kata lagi


Romesco Sauce three ways

Several years ago my mom and I took a cooking class together.  One of the recipes they taught us was Romesco Sauce, which is a savory Spanish red sauce.   1.036 kata lagi