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One Hell Of An Omelet

It started as an accident, then turned into a epic…thing. Walking past a booth at C4 I saw two posters I had to add to our walls. 351 kata lagi

Comic Con Adventures

Simply Tasteful / Dutch Wagon - Medford NJ

Okay so I know the Amish can sometimes scare people with their bad hair cuts, weird clothes and possible/probable inbreeding but the fact that both of these places are only open on Friday and Saturday means they are LEGIT. 274 kata lagi


Food Fight: Omelets

This morning I made myself an omelet.  It was an unhurried, conscious act of self-care. I’ve been eating a vegetarian low-carb diet.  I still eat eggs and cheese because no one has to die for those. 484 kata lagi


Food diary: Day 14 (6 May 2017)


Brioche baked with blueberries in milk.


Salad with cheese, bread, omelette and bread sticks.


Rice with beef, potatoes, kale, broccoli and carrots. 6 kata lagi

Food Diary

Vanilla Dive

A dinner at Vanilla Dive is kind of like a magical journey. Like a “We’re going on an adventure, Charlie” sort of thing. It’s kind of weird, but pretty awesome, and the weirdness only makes it more awesome. 662 kata lagi


Spanish Omelet

This is one of my very favorite things to make. It’s SO simple and easy, works well on its own for breakfast, with salad for lunch, or as a side to fish, poultry, or meat for dinner. 384 kata lagi


Recipe: Veggie Pizza Fakeout

You need crust, sauce, and cheese to satisfy your pizza craving, right? Not always. While it may not look like pizza, this healthy fakeout has all the flavors of pizza without using any of those ingredients.  471 kata lagi