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Omelet Breakfast Bites

Last week I started summer classes which also happen to be the last two classes I will ever take at UCF! YAY! Unfortunately, one of those classes starts at 8am, twice a week, and I am just so not a morning person. 519 more words

Spinach stuffed egg pocket

This is a part of the series ……. For the Chef in u

Contributed by YUMMRAJ’s favourite Chef ANONYMOUS

Super easy to make & Super good to eat…………… 247 more words

Continental Cuisine


And so it begins. I’ve always had a dicey relationship with eggs. As a kid I had an incident with a scrambled egg which led me to feel that any skillet egg was vomit inducing and not worth the effort. 210 more words


Seafood Omelet

Your eggs are about to go bad but you have half a dozen. You’re also hungry, and want a healthy dinner.

So take the eggs, and an oiled pan. 62 more words

La Cuisine

Day 27: Thailand Streetfood Edition: The Thai Omelet

The street I live on provides two things that are slowly becoming addictions. The first is a traditional Thai foot massage. If you have high arches on your feet and/or are stressed, you know why I keep running back to that spa every week. 228 more words


I made my husband promise not to tell his mother about this leftover breakfast because she will not think I am frugal when I am actually using stuff that’s in the frig so it’s basically “free.” 401 more words