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Using Up The Ham

Having leftover baked ham is a good thing. There are so many tasty dishes to make with the leftovers. I think I like these dishes even better than the original. 709 kata lagi


Power Omelet Recipe

Breakfast today was a delicious omelet with tons of healthy vegetables that is perfect for giving lots of energy and nutrients to kickstart the day! 163 kata lagi


オムライス ― Omurice

The word ‘omurice’ is a contraction of the words ‘omelet’ and ‘rice’ — guess what the ingredients are??

Well, besides the obvious eggs and rice, you can put all kinds of things in (or on, or around) omurice! 179 kata lagi


Six Days of Eggs: Eating Well and Staying Fit During My Week in Chicago

Pucker up!

I passed by this giant dear sculpture while on a walk in Chicago, and couldn’t resist giving it a smooch. I did a lot of walking – and other exercise – during my week in Chicago, and am proud of the healthy choices I made. 720 kata lagi

New on the Sunday Breakfast List

Found a new place for Sunday breakfast/brunch. :)

Name is a mashup of the owner’s two daughters, Kamalani and Kalei. Weekends, the daughters run the kitchen. 71 kata lagi


Soy-Free Vegan Omelet

There is something comforting about a fresh warm omelet. Its nourishing and filling while being delicious. That is only true of course if you aren’t vegan, or have an egg allergy, or just a general distaste for eggs. 366 kata lagi


Kindergarten bento - Hamburg steak again (6/Nov/17)

I felt lazy in the morning and just defrosted the hamburg steak I made the other day. I usually eat the same thing for lunch at home as my daughter to see how it tastes like. 26 kata lagi