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Recipe Ansies Omelette

Special regular customers have their own special wishes. Such a customer is Ansie. She wanted a real cheesy omelette. And when other customers see this omelette being served to Ansie … “Can I have that”? 62 kata lagi

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Greek Omelet

My favorite breakfast egg dish is probably a Greek Omelet. I prepare it often and vary the ingredients according to what is on hand and what appeals at the moment. 168 kata lagi


Omelet muffins

Breakfast is set for the week with these egg-based muffins!

Makes 12 muffins.

Cook time: 20 min.  Total time: 40 min.


1/2 cup frozen fake meat crumbles… 167 kata lagi


Recipe|Breakfast Casserole

Also called Farmer’s Casserole this recipe is very easy to whip up and very similar to a big ol’ omelette.Enjoy!


3 cups frozen hash brown potatoes… 130 kata lagi


Six O'Clock in the Morning

This is what six o’clock in the morning looks like to a night owl. He ate his omelet and then staggered back to bed to nap for a few more hours. 16 kata lagi

Cheesy Vegetable Omelet

While an omelet is generally thought of as a breakfast item, it can really be eaten anytime of the day and is an “eggcellent” choice for a meal. 812 kata lagi