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Butternut Squash Blossom Omelet

When I get up in the morning, providing its not raining buckets (which it has been in our neck of the woods), one of the first things I do is head out to check the garden.   848 kata lagi

Simmer Pot Cafe

Tamago omelet

Tamago ook wel zoete omelet genoemd, wordt gebruikt bij het maken van sushi. Het bereidingsproces is nog niet zo gemakkelijk gelukkig zijn de ingrediënten al in huis als je sushi gaat maken. 353 kata lagi


Stati Uniti

Here we are in our first visit to the United States, more than 3 years after our move in May 2012. It is both familiar and foreign to be here. 203 kata lagi

Marathon Grill

After Kevin and I’s long run last weekend we got brunch.  I’m an avid user of foursquare and a quick search of  restaurants brought us to the… 383 kata lagi


Sabbatical, Day 4, July 22, 2015

Today is our last full day in Huntsville. I am a little disappointed that we did not get to do anything touristy. I wanted to go the… 337 kata lagi


Today's breakfast being cooked up AS WE SPEAK! 

Turkey sausage, mini bell peppers ( red, yellow, and orange!), and some ham to go with it. Simmering it up in a saucepan drizzled with some olive oil. 72 kata lagi


Vegetables and Cheese Stuffed Omelet

Call it an omelet or an omelette, it’s fast, nutritious and delicious.

You’d expect this to be heavy, but it’s actually quite refreshing and perfect for summer or days when you don’t feel like having meat. 409 kata lagi