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Reflections on Orchids, Life and Aging

Orchid flowers are beautiful for having a sophisticated simplicity.  I enjoy gardening, but as I live in a canal house in Amsterdam, I cultivate some small trees in the roof terrace and flowers inside the house. 588 kata lagi


Five Minutes with a Ranunculus Part 2! - RegularRandom

Hello and welcome to another #RegularRandom – my apologies for missing last week, it was my birthday and my best friend was in town and we had some celebrating and shopping to do :) 129 kata lagi


Tourists in Kimono

Tourists, Fushimi Inari-taisha – Kyoto, Japan

One of the common things I saw this time, during my visits to the Japanese tourist sites, are people dressing in kimono, the traditional Japanese clothing. 188 kata lagi


In my Neighbor's Flowerpot

Today morning, after rain, I saw those snails in my neighbor’s flowerpot. I grabbed my Olympus EM10 Mark2 and the Olympus 40-150mm took some snaps of it.


Gear Acquisition System: Olympus Air A01 

Gear Acquisition System (GAS) is a very real threat to one’s sanity, as it can rob you of focus on photography while appearing (at least to oneself) to do the opposite: the time one spends focussing on more or better photographic apparatuses is time not spent on improving one’s photographic technique through practical application. 262 kata lagi