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47 Ronin : I'm Falling for Oishi

Baru aja beres nonton pilem 47 Ronin untuk kesekian kalinya malam ini.. Gatel pengen nulis sebelum kemalasan kembali melanda.. So let me tell you my impression about this film… 1.091 kata lagi

Drama And Movie

Gyoza Douraku Japanese Restaurant / Tapas Bar in Melbourne Review

Gyoza Douraku is located in Melbourne CBD , there are actually two , the other one is called Gyoza Gyoza , both the same thing on different streets in the city . 265 kata lagi

What did you had for lunch? 

Earlier, I had lunch at Simoun’s Bistro located at Ground Flr Isabelle de Valenzuela Condominium, Valenzuela City. I ate Adobong Kangkong and Turbo Chicken. Kangkong is one of my favorite vegetable and ugh can’t resist eating rice! 7 kata lagi

lucky day for a sashimi

lucky enough to wake up 5am in the morning to catch this fish.
it’s sashimi day !!! fortunate day for a Oishi breakfast.
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“(Disregard 😒bitter)

The 4S of basic tastes:

Oh! 🍭Sweet,🍟 salty, 🍊sour

and 😋SPICY—my favorite,

Sets my tongue 👅aflame presto.”

“I then feel the heat

Travel instantaneously…

122 kata lagi

Feature: Oishi Christmas Bag

How I miss the Holidays. But I don’t want it to come yet because for sure I will be spending a lot again on food, gifts, etc. 212 kata lagi