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New Year Resolutions - Oishi and me

My New Year Resolutions

  • Help Oishi settle down in her college life
  • Teach Oishi to drive
  • Start yoga once again and hopefully make a lifelong commitment to it…
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Tsukune Chi... er Turkey

Allan and I were watching a runnyrunny999 recipe video a couple days ago. It looked so oishi that I managed to convince Allan to make it for our dinner that same night. 97 more words


As seen on Pinterest: Pizza Roll-Ups

I decided that this pin of easy to make Pizza Roll-Ups looked to yummy and too easy for me to pass up. Well… I left it in a bit too long and it came out a bit too crunchy. 26 more words


Eating at A Japanese Traditional Restaurant Somewhere in Nagoya

After arriving in Nagoya from Tokyo via shinkansen (bullet train), we ate our lunch here. The food was rather exquisite though it didn’t really fit palate since I am into English cuisine, actually, even though I love Japanese culture. 56 more words

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