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What did you had for lunch? 

Earlier, I had lunch at Simoun’s Bistro located at Ground Flr Isabelle de Valenzuela Condominium, Valenzuela City. I ate Adobong Kangkong and Turbo Chicken. Kangkong is one of my favorite vegetable and ugh can’t resist eating rice! 7 more words

lucky day for a sashimi

lucky enough to wake up 5am in the morning to catch this fish.
it’s sashimi day !!! fortunate day for a Oishi breakfast.
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“(Disregard 😒bitter)

The 4S of basic tastes:

Oh! 🍭Sweet,🍟 salty, 🍊sour

and 😋SPICY—my favorite,

Sets my tongue 👅aflame presto.”

“I then feel the heat

Travel instantaneously…

122 more words

Feature: Oishi Christmas Bag

How I miss the Holidays. But I don’t want it to come yet because for sure I will be spending a lot again on food, gifts, etc. 212 more words