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The Butchering of Cebuano in Advertising


A hilariously stupid and irksome sight to behold is when a brand tries to kiss my Cebuano ass by writing copy in my mother tongue and botching it big time while being blithely unaware that their own ignorant doing has made us look upon them as the delicious joke that they have become. 1.190 kata lagi

The Rabidcat Complains

2017 Project 365, Day 362: Mobster's Caramel and Cheese Popcorn

Photo #362: December 28

Ahhhhh where has this been all my life??? It’s soooooo good! At first, I was like, “Caramel and cheese??? Ewww!” BUT!!! When I tasted it, I almost could not stop eating! :D

Oishi Snacktacular 2017 Happening on July 28 - 30 at Festival Mall, Alabang

We’ve witnessed Panya, Hippy, Pilyo, Waifu and the rest of the Oishi Friends in their slightly dark but humorous mishap adventures in Oishi’s famous webcomic strip series. 311 kata lagi

Edible Sponge? Oishi Sponge Crunch


Topik hari ini aga beda nihh.. Kali ini aku review produk makanan. Dan lagi-lagi bukan pertama kali aku dapet makanan untuk di review. Tapi untuk kali aku memutuskan buat sekalian aja di pos biar ada kerjaan hehehe.. 357 kata lagi