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Dear Biddy,

At this time of the year I recall the explosion of the atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From 6 August 1945 as a human race we entered into a new stage of human development. 707 kata lagi

The Georgia Guidestones Expedition - Exploring America's Nuclear Dreamspace

“We hang on every word reporting the doings of the atomic scientists. We are aware of them and their work.

We shudder to recall the fruits of their labors that we know, and we can only cross our fingers as we hope that good and not unbelievable horror will result from their discoveries.”

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Reflections on Wikipedia from Russell Targ

For many years I had a pretty well balanced biography page on Wikipedia. I am now 80 years old, and had several scientific careers. I was a pioneer in the earliest development of the laser from 1957 to 1972. 197 kata lagi






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Keesaan HKBP dengan Segenap Umat Kristen

HKBP turut serta menyatakan keesaan gereja-gereja yang satu iman dengan HKBP maupun dengan segenap orang Kristen di seluruh dunia sesuai dengan doa Tuhan Yesus: “Supaya mereka semua menjadi satu, sama seperti Engkau ya Bapa di dalam Aku dan Aku di dalam Engkau, agar mereka juga di dalam kita, supaya dunia percaya bahwa Engkau yang telah mengutus Aku. 36 kata lagi

Aturan Dan Peraturan HKBP (th.2002)

Fight the Real Enemy - A Prophetic Encounter with Sinead O'Connor

On October 3rd, 1992 Sinead O’Connor performed a slightly revised rendition of the Bob Marley song ‘War,’ for an episode of Saturday Night Life, in which she highlighted the complicity of the Catholic hierarchy in aiding and abetting child abuse and molestation, and the further consequences that this has had on global culture.   1.081 kata lagi


Educating the Potential Human - Skepticism, Psychical Research and a New Age of Reason

After a recent investigation into the public presentation of anomalistic science (as detailed at The Teeming Brain,) it’s fairly clear to me (if it wasn’t painfully so already) that much of the information being fed into the popular consciousness is nothing more than hyped up fantasy fixed and formatted for mass mediated consumption. 1.465 kata lagi


Mothering and Daughtering

Balancing mothering and daughtering so that the see-saw can bring joy from the bounce rather than a thud seems to be part of mid-life for the sandwich generation I find myself in. 572 kata lagi