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OHP Success Story - Autumn 2017

Hannah, age 38, is an engaging fun spirited young lady who lives at home with her parents. She loves bluegrass music, comfort foods, being read to, and adores the company of her two cats. 210 kata lagi


OHP Success Story - Summer 2017

Tim, age 57, was born and raised in Oregon. He worked for quite some time in a warehouse as a certified forklift driver. Tim has a lifelong passionate interest in animals. 294 kata lagi


OHP Success Story - Spring 2017

Corrine, age 31, was born with Down’s syndrome. She grew up in the Salem area, along with her mom, older sister, niece, nephew, and her brother in law. 282 kata lagi


OHP Success Story - Winter 2017

Ernesto, age 15, is an active boy with a love of the outdoors and animals, particularly pigs and penguins. He also enjoys playing video games and watching cartoons, such as Thomas the Train, SpongeBob, and Peppa Pig. 266 kata lagi


Follow my Daughter's year as an Alongsider . . .

My daughter recently moved to Whitby to live as an alongsider for 1 year with the nuns of the Order of the Holy Paraclete. She has created a… 92 kata lagi



The original PowerPoint was first manufactured in the seventeenth century.

The magic lantern was a form of image projector that used bright light to project pictures painted on sheets of glass onto a screen, perhaps a white wall or a sheet. 229 kata lagi


Well Crap

I really need to work on these titles.

Yesterday started off interestingly enough. Up and at it at 4am all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to start the day! 874 kata lagi