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The Seagull’s Dream: collaborative performance poetry

On the 2nd of May I collaborated with the poet Elaine Hickman-Luter and the dancer Hannah Wildwood on a performance piece entitled “The Seagull’s Dream”.  It was performed to an audience of about 50 at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton as part of a “Collaborative Theatre Makers” evening. 191 kata lagi



R&B songster, Rauw Alejandro has put his twist on Chris Jeday’s single “Ahora Dice” ft. Arcangel, J Balvin & Ozuna and I’ve had it on constant replay since it was released last night. 184 kata lagi


OHP milestone

A major PB today in the OHP. 2RM at 60 kg. Didn’t plan for it but been wanting to hit this milestone for a very long time. 27 kata lagi


"DESPAIR" by AI (single digest)

AI will release his new maxi single “DESPAIR” on December 7th! you can listen to a sample of each song in the video below!
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25 Nov 2016

Still feel a bit off this week. Back is a little sore, so I am still cutting the extra back work out, and saving up for Deadlift day. 152 kata lagi


Implementing speedwork to improve form and strength. You have to keep trying new approaches to get better.

Overhead press and really light squat tonight.


"DESPAIR" by AI (single details + PV preview)

AI will release his new maxi single “DESPAIR” in December! Here is a PV preview!
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Maxi single: DESPAIR… 77 kata lagi