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Urban artist, Rauw Alejandro, is finally releasing some of that heat he’s been hiding from us and this Caleb Calloway produced track, “OG” just might be my new favorite from him. 169 kata lagi


Meet Prep 1.2A

Full body deload this morning, driving through the snow and ice and the rare other drivers. Luckily I have a four-wheeled drive SUV.

  1. Squat: 135×7, 145×5, 180×5, 215×5, 215×10,10,10.
  2. 59 kata lagi

“karasu” by AI (single digest)

AI will release his new maxi single “karasu” on December 23rd! Here is a single digest!
Please see more details about the single here!

AI -solo project- 13 kata lagi


Why it makes sense to OHP before you Bench

There’s something very important that I’ve learned about doing multiple compound lifts in a single day: it’s that, while strength preservation and muscular endurance are important, how you tackle the order of those lifts are almost equally crucial. 474 kata lagi


Training Journal - 11/25/15

Wednesday – Shoulders/Arms

Overhead Press – 135x3x9

Seated Dumbbell Press – 30x3x9

Hammer Curls – 25x3x9

Dips – bwx3x9

Daily “Selfie” – BulkyBoy Strongman Division T-shirt. 17 kata lagi

Training Journal

5/3/1 – Push/Pull Deload 2 – Cycle 3.0

This was a really difficult workout today for some reason, but I got it done. Today, also marks the return of OHP after about a half a year not doing it (shoulder issues) and I gotta say, I throughly enjoyed it. 54 kata lagi


OHP Practise & Video

We had a workshop involving using OHP’s and film. What we were advised to use though, was our clay/plaster/mod rock models that we had made the week before. 503 kata lagi