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Training: Entry 138, 7/21/16

A. SOHP: 5/4/3/2/1/1/1 x 95/115/135/145/155/155/155

B. Incline DB Bench: 40 x 10 x 10, 1 min rest

C. Seated Row: 10 x 10, 1 min rest


AI's new look!

AI -solo project-

Other bands: DEATHGAZE (on hiatus)
Birthday: Aug 19th
Bloodtype: B

Solo project



Training: Entry 132, 7/9/16

Feels good to be back. Not going to be really specific about my training for the next few weeks while I’m at the commercial gym and probably very little video. 116 kata lagi


Correct form for Over Head Press

It should be right to brief on my personal records regarding lifting. I’m not a badass you might expect from me but a learner, actually. 441 kata lagi

Training: Entry 128, 6/25/16

Strongman day. Purposely lower volume higher intensity, trying to get in to the “1 shot” competitive mindset.

Log Clean & Press: 160/170/180/190 x 1

Dropset 180/170/160/140/120 x 1/1/1/1/1… 54 kata lagi


ERAD on hold in Oklahoma... for now

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin put a temporary hold on the use of the ERAD system by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

KFOR news reports:

On Friday, Gov.

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Groups ask Oklahoma Governor to rein in the Oklahoma Highway Patrol

The ERAD credit / debit card reading system being tested by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is coming under more scrutiny. A group of 7 lawmakers and organizations have sent a letter to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin asking her to issue an executive order to stop the Oklahoma Highway Patrol from further use of the ERAD system until the legislature can address the issue. 175 kata lagi