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So I Got A Ticket Yesterday

When we were driving to and from the hike to Bell Cow yesterday, I used one of the vans that is shared by the Troop and the First Presbyterian Church, our chartering organization.  355 more words

General Commentary

Week 4, WF MT 2

The past few weeks have been a mess for training, travelling, and work.

Day 1 (9 March)


bar warmup: muscle snatches, drop snatches, dip snatches? 442 more words



There are so many lovely creative activities for children to do in Autumn. The seasons are changing and the air is crisp and fresh…They start arriving in warmer clothes and we bundle up before we go outdoors. 208 more words

Week 3, WF MT2

Day 1 (2 March 2015)

I had to take a sick day from work and the gym. I spent the day doing nothing but napping and reading. 343 more words


(UPDATE) Oberon Destroyers - TAKE DOWN (part two) 4 pages

TAKE DOWN (part 2, 4 pages)
Four pages, one page finished. Script written (in Japanese with English subtitles) ready to be pasted. Three pages – pencils finished. 398 more words

Student Life | OHP PR & Burgers | VLOG #10

Hitting an OHP of a plate each side has been a huge goal of mine for ages and I have finally conquered it! Smashed it infact! 36 more words


Shoulders Day - 15.02.15 - Barbell Overhead Press, Dumbbell Side Raises and Dumbbell Shrugs

Oh man todays shoulder workout was tough. As the day went on I could start feeling the DOMS in my chest creeping up on me, and I knew that it would have some effect on my shoulder workout, I just wasnt too sure what. 460 more words