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Training Journal - 11/25/15

Wednesday – Shoulders/Arms

Overhead Press – 135x3x9

Seated Dumbbell Press – 30x3x9

Hammer Curls – 25x3x9

Dips – bwx3x9

Daily “Selfie” – BulkyBoy Strongman Division T-shirt. 17 kata lagi

Training Journal

5/3/1 – Push/Pull Deload 2 – Cycle 3.0

This was a really difficult workout today for some reason, but I got it done. Today, also marks the return of OHP after about a half a year not doing it (shoulder issues) and I gotta say, I throughly enjoyed it. 54 kata lagi


Training Log November 20

I was definitely feeling the effects of calorie reduction today (and yesterday, I suppose). I had hoped to do three sets of push press at 195, but I set up for the second set and felt like a boiled rice noodle. 113 kata lagi


"karasu" by AI (single details + full song)

AI will release his new maxi single “karasu” in December!

Maxi single: karasu (鴉)
Release date: December 23rd 2015

Limited Edition:
1. karasu (鴉)
2. mayaku no you na kiss (麻薬のようなキス) 37 kata lagi


This week Commencing 2nd November

We have had a blast this week! The children have worked really hard on shape names and even beginning to apply what they know out and about, which shows their shape recognition is becoming more secure. 120 kata lagi

This Week

Nov 6, 2015

everything still aches from yesterday, but the GMs made my hammies more sore. After today, my forearms would be sore and cramping too. Total planetwide devastation. 211 kata lagi

OHP - a poem about light

O… H… P…

The “Overhead Projector” –
A box of light to clarify conjecture.
Whether Geography, Biology, Maths or Art,
This tool was used to light impart… 69 kata lagi