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Mouth for war

Fun with shoulders! Worked up to 75×1 for OHP, then down to 55kg for 5/5/5/5/4. Sets of 5 pull ups in between. Dropped to 40kg for BTN press, 5×5. 93 kata lagi


Alex, Oklahoma Hwy 19 two car Accident 20150716

Alex Hwy 19 two car Accident. Names have not been released at this time. According to OHP, Driver 1 was headed west in a Cadillac. Driver 2, also west bound, came up on driver 2 and hit the Cadillac’s rear bumper. 51 kata lagi



Paintballing is sore. Covered in welts as rules based on how close you can shoot from are silly. Mistook a large bruise on my shoulder for some vascularity earlier today. 58 kata lagi


Week 2: OHP 175x3, PP 195x3

Sledge Swing: 8×20, 13x10x2

Standing OHP, belt, wraps: x3@9-10
175×3@9.5 PR

– Arching my back a little more than I would like.

Push Press: x3@9-10… 23 kata lagi



OHP went well, 77.5kgx1. Slow progress is still progress. Accessory work was uneventful. Added chest supported rear delt flyes, did facepulls with a solid bar instead of ropes (felt silly), nothing overly exciting. 93 kata lagi


Week 1: OHP 165x5

Sledge Swings: 8x20x3

Standing Overhead Press, belt, wraps: x5@9-10, 6% drop
165×5@10 PR

– Lockout is holding me back, hoping the push press will help with that. 26 kata lagi