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Training: Entry 210, 12/8/16

Felt like I hit the band tension just right on OHP. Always liked pressing against bands, glad to have it back in the rotation. Definitely cooked my shoulders a bit for benching though, but that’s expected/intended. 25 kata lagi


Training: Entry 208, 12/5/16

  • Erg: 1k in 3:59
  • A1. 3-Board Press: 225 x 9
  • A2. Lat Pulldown: 5 x 10
  • A3. Suitcase Hold: 5 x 10 breaths
  • B1. Seated OHP: 105/120/140 x 3/3/9, 105 x 16…
  • 20 kata lagi

"DESPAIR" by AI (single digest)

AI will release his new maxi single “DESPAIR” on December 7th! you can listen to a sample of each song in the video below!
See all posts about the single here! 67 kata lagi


Training: Entry 204, 11/28/16

Fired up for another block. Probably used a little too much chain weight but oh well. Seated OHP felt good and I did an extra AMRAP set for the FSL. 67 kata lagi


25 Nov 2016

Still feel a bit off this week. Back is a little sore, so I am still cutting the extra back work out, and saving up for Deadlift day. 152 kata lagi

Training: Entry 201, 11/17/16

SO FIRED UP! 1’s week. Bernie’s back. Metallica’s back. Top Gear’s back. What a week! Overhead progress was not quite as good as the other lifts but I also focused on it less compared to my main OHP day on the implements, kind of treating this as a big accessory day. 93 kata lagi


Training: Entry 197, 11/10/16

Solid day, really pushed the SOHP since this is the first time in a few weeks that I’m not doing log/axle right after.