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“GLASS SKY” by AI (full song, free download)

AI will release his first single as a solo artist on October 28th. The single is called “Glass Sky”, just like the main track, and here you can listen to the full song. 36 kata lagi


"GLASS SKY" by AI (single spot + details)

Great news for us who has been mourning after the announcement of DEATHGAZE going on hiatus. We didn’t have to wait long to hear AI’s beautiful voice again, ’cause he has already started his own solo project and will release the single “GLASS SKY” in October! 54 kata lagi



More wintry weather and great fun to create our own insect and spider play provocations indoors! Always a hit with the children and plenty to talk, sing, play and create about! 67 kata lagi


Mouth for war

Fun with shoulders! Worked up to 75×1 for OHP, then down to 55kg for 5/5/5/5/4. Sets of 5 pull ups in between. Dropped to 40kg for BTN press, 5×5. 93 kata lagi


Alex, Oklahoma Hwy 19 two car Accident 20150716

Alex Hwy 19 two car Accident. Names have not been released at this time. According to OHP, Driver 1 was headed west in a Cadillac. Driver 2, also west bound, came up on driver 2 and hit the Cadillac’s rear bumper. 51 kata lagi



Paintballing is sore. Covered in welts as rules based on how close you can shoot from are silly. Mistook a large bruise on my shoulder for some vascularity earlier today. 58 kata lagi