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Overhead pressing is hard. PB’s are rare to come by. Today is a good day with a new 3rm.

Will get that fourth rep one day.



In┬áthe wet dark days of winter we’ve decided to create a little magic at play school… Nothing like a little “fairytale” magic to brighten our darker colder days and put a spring in everyones step! 77 kata lagi


Training: Entry 104, 5/23/16

Shoulders/Back/Biceps. Taking a couple weeks of bodypart split stuff, hammering the reps and variety, then figure out what I want to do from there. Moved quickly, low rest on all of this. 58 kata lagi


Strength Week 11 - 5/18/16 - Overhead Press

OHP – 190x3x3
OHP – 210x1x2
Upright Rows – 75x3x10
DB Shrugs – 55x3x20

Training Journal

Beef and alcohol

Meeting in the morning. Many people, little time. I don’t do well in such setting. As an introvert, I can’t quite verbally express my thoughts in a room full of people. 135 kata lagi


Training: Entry 100, 5/8/16

Last heavy session of this training block. Light lift on Tuesday then that’ll be it for about 10 days.

A. Seated PBN: 85/95/110/75 x 10/8/6/20… 20 kata lagi


Training: Entry 94, 4/30/16

1st 3-week wave of log and 8/5/3 bench complete, 2nd wave begins with axle instead of log and +5lbs to my projected bench max.

A. Strict Axle: 110/130/140/150 x 6, clean each rep… 19 kata lagi