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Is an Asset Protection Trust a Good Idea?

If you have assets, you need to protect them. They can be at risk of everything, from government wealth confiscation to taxes. Why not take a cue from multi-billion dollar corporations and the affluent and set up a foreign trust? 263 kata lagi

Offshore Services

Benefits of Having a Seychelles Bank Account

Setting up a bank account in another country is common practice among the affluent. If you have money that you want to keep and protected, consider opening an offshore bank account. 269 kata lagi

Offshore Services

Know More about Offshore Company Registration Service

Offshore company formation can protect your business or personal assets from individuals, your local laws, and other businesses who may want access to them. It can be easy to set up an offshore company when you work with a reputable registration service provider that specialises in managing, administering, and establishing offshore companies, private funds and foundations, and offshore trusts in different structures for a range of clients from around the world. 242 kata lagi

Offshore Services

Important Guide for Offshore Bank Account in Seychelles

An offshore bank account in Seychelles is a perfect companion to an international business company in the same jurisdiction. Banking with a reputable international bank in Seychelles will ensure proper protection for the income and gains generated by an offshore company. 298 kata lagi

Offshore Services

Guide for Offshore Trust Asset Protection

Setting up an offshore trust will protect your assets from judgements and creditors in your country. With offshore asset trust protection, a judge in your country cannot compel the foreign trustee to release the assets or funds to a judgement creditor. 315 kata lagi

Offshore Services

Why Offshore Incorporation With Belize IBC Is Popular

Being a parliamentary democracy, the Belize government is committed offering beneficial offshore jurisdiction for the foreign investors and international businesses, who are looking for a reliable offshore jurisdiction to protect their asset or to set up an operational center offshore. 142 kata lagi

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HK to Expand IFC Role in 2016

In his 2016 Policy Address, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying announced a variety of initiatives aimed to consolidate and expand Hong Kong’s role as a major… 268 kata lagi

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