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An entire industry depends on denying this chart

This is the most important graph in the world. An entire industry depends on denying it. pic.twitter.com/qh1eO0sjei

— Daniel Hannan (@DanHannanMEP) February 26, 2015

Development Economics

How to Online Date Safely!

The Online Dating Association have released a video this week to encourage daters to date safely and sensibly.

Check it out – it has some lovely stats about how many people find love online, and covers all the stuff I would normally advise daters about safer dating-

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

30 Dates By 30

Las pensamientos de Podemos sobre la corrupción en España

Hubo un discurso en Madrid el 31 de enero. En la Puerta del Sol, Pablo Iglesias, contó sobre sus opiniones de muchas cosas. Uno de los temas fue la corrupción. 197 more words

Emerging Development Donor Profile: South Korea

By Samantha Prior

South Korea is often viewed as a developmental success story; over the last fifty years it has been successfully transitioning from aid recipient to aid donor. 652 more words

Statistically Speaking

Oda Nobuna no Yabou:Volume7 Chapter7

Chapter 7 : The Celebration of the Oda Clan

Nobuna’s army returned to Kyo.

Nobuna’s ratings when she destroyed both Echizen’s Asakura and Norther Omi’s Asai were sky high too. 5.036 more words


Oda Nobuna no Yabou:Volume7 Chapter6

Chapter 6 : Death in Odani Castle

At Mount Toragozen full of echoes of shouting.

Nobusumi saw it…..

He saw Hanbei coughing blood.

The battle was ongoing but Hanbei’s illness takes a turn to the worst. 8.916 more words