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Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Database Appliance supports the X5-2 hardware

The latest release of WebLogic on ODA supports now the X5-2 hardware.

Oracle partners around the world have been developing customized solutions using WebLogic on ODA for years now. 125 kata lagi


Dunhill 924 (6) Dress Billiard

Hello there!
This afternoon went to the post office to get my box. The post office is in Berlin-Mitte, near Alexanderplatz, quite under the Berlin TV Tower (german: Fernsehturm, berlinish: Telespargel, … 53 kata lagi


One Piece

 One Piece follows the life of happy go lucky pirate Monkey D. Luffy as he and his entertaining pirate crew explore the pirate world searching for the greatest treasure in the world “one piece” left in the Grand Line by the most famous pirate in the world Gol D. 292 kata lagi


Dunhill ODA 836 Bruyere Square Panel

One of my most precious pipe and at the same time, one of my nicest smokers at the Walros Club Berlin. Smokes at it’s best with english mixtures containing latakia,  like… 35 kata lagi


Part 12: War Table. A Taste of Treachery.

Owari, Early Autumn 1545.

He looked at the Japan map laying on the table with small flags illustrated where the clans deployed their armies. If he acted quickly, this war would be very favorable for his clan. 3.939 kata lagi


Financing healthcare in new middle income countries: Lessons from Kenya

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>>Authored by Theo Fievet, State of the Campaign Report Intern

A step to climb

Despite economic growth over the last decade, healthcare outcomes in Kenya remain weak.

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