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ada, and others I like.

let me paint a picture for you,

imagine a woman.


Now, try again, shorter this time, less busty, red hair, redder, no, REDDER.

still wrong but better… 333 kata lagi

Standard apart & Pansiyon

Dairenizi seçin – Choose your apart – Choisissez votre appart!

4 seçenek/choices/choix: – Yeni new apart, – Duplex apart, – Standard apart, – Pansiyon.

Odă voluntarilor

Odă voluntarilor

                        de Adrian Mangu

Astăzi este sărbătoare,
Oameni noi stau printre noi,
Viaţa ne prinde culoare,
Rescoperim eroi

Zâmbete şi voie bună,
Împreună-orice putem, 47 kata lagi


Part 18: The Engagement.

Mino Province, late-autumn, 1545.

“You are indeed good with the sword, m’lord.” Saito Dosan laughed as they drank tea after the duel with James. They had been staying in Inabayama castle for three days, and besides the first day when he captured the castle, James always spent a few hours practicing sword fighting and discussing strategies with his former enemy, Saito Dosan. 2.641 kata lagi


62 billionaires alert: extreme poverty could have fallen so much faster?

Wealth of the top 62 people = Wealth of half the world's population. #Davos

— Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) January 22, 2016

The share of the world living in poverty is declining faster than ever before…

38 kata lagi
Economic History

Oracle Database Appliance

ODA(Oracle Database Appliance) is a fairly new engineered system introduced by Oracle in 2011. It belongs to the Oracle’s family of engineered systems, which is a combined hardware and software solution designed to function like a database server. 126 kata lagi