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Zoo Wars~ It's Beyond My Comprehension~WTF...!?! UPDATE-Stump Hill

Is it me or did I eat something very bad that just came back up…???

So a judge who had the authority to order the removal of animals is not allowed to order that they be returned?!? 1.207 kata lagi

Zoo Wars~Breaking News-The REAL Reason the ODA Had to Rush to Take Stump Hill Animals

I didn’t think the truth would surface so quickly, not that I knew that there was an expectant tiger but seemed odd with a suit ongoing with Tiger Ridge that the state would rush to take more animals from another facility unless there was a reason and now we know…GFAS facilities are not allowed to breed -Animals coming from Ohio would be altered as owners attempt to comply but then there’s Stump Hill who thought they weren’t required to obtain a special permit and says they were exempt from the Ohio regulations to neuter the animals. 863 kata lagi


Setelah sekian lama keinginan itu terpendam
Akhir nya bisa juga support Mangaka, Oda Sensei
Uang untuk membeli nya tentu dari hasil kerja sendiri
hanya bisa membaca lewat internet, … 86 kata lagi


Maxhun, këlyshi i babës, a je idhnu' me mue që s'po më flet?

Ishte i rendituri i radhës në armatën e pafundme të të rënëve, Maxhun Berisha, i vrarë vetëm pak orë më parë, bashkë me Elez Gecin, në një betejë fytafyt me armikun, në fshatin Pozhar. 275 kata lagi


Patching ODA X5-2 Virtualized to version

Here is described the procedure to upgrade the ODA to the Bundle Patch

This Bundle contains a BIG change because it replaces Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.11 with the version 6.7. 4.716 kata lagi

Oracle Database

That’s the straw that brokes the camel’s back

Here we go with the post of the week! well, this time I am going to write about why I think One Piece has not competition in the Shonen World and why Fairy Tail should end next week. 573 kata lagi

Part 26: Life

Author’s Note: For optimal understanding of the contents, please check Japan map pinned in the page for reference if you’re not familiar with Japan and because the strategies used in the story involved a lot around geopolitical and geographic military. 4.849 kata lagi