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Zoo Wars~BCR v Court ORDERS-Update the Return of the Tiger Ridge Animals

Amazed that a government agency-the ODA- thinks they are above the law and the ruling of the court. An appeal will cost MORE tax payer money to tie it up with more litigation when there is already an issue for the safe return of the animals that exists once animals crossed state line-The state of Ohio lost control the second the animals left Ohio and now will be open to federal suit-Never mind an appeal there is a storm brewing with a claim of abuse. 549 kata lagi

State agencies warn cannabis growers; Test failures, recalls prompt letter

Three state agencies in a letter reminded marijuana producers in Oregon to be careful using pesticides in the wake of two recent public health alerts. 44 kata lagi

Bend Bulletin

30 yıl önce satın aldığı binadan 'tarih' çıktı!

“30 yıl önce satın aldığı binadan ‘tarih’ çıktı!” . Detaylar için ziyaret ediniz. http://guncelnets.com/30-yil-once-satin-aldigi-binadan-tarih-cikti/

Oregon Department of Agriculture: Improved management practices, use of resources could help Food Safety Program achieve its mission

Executive Summary

The Oregon Department of Agriculture’s (ODA) Food Safety Program is struggling with a backlog of establishments needing inspection. This backlog was caused by an increase in the number of licensed businesses and complexity of business practices, and an inspection staff busy with other duties. 897 kata lagi