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Different Types of Aid in International Development

Aid refers to any flow of resources from developed countries to the developing world. Aid can come in the form of money, technology, gifts or training, and can either be provided in the form of a grant which does not have to pay back or a loan with interest which does have to be paid back. 333 kata lagi

Pot Luck

A Guide To The Real-Life Figures In Nioh

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Nioh takes a lot of liberty with its historical setting but still maintains a large cast of famous warlords, samurai, explorers, and ninja. 1.632 kata lagi


Startled Into Action: Becoming One Discomfited American

I decided to create my own Internet space for politics because I am willing to bet there are plenty of Americans out there like me. Throughout my years, I have committed some of my time and money to different causes; I have, for the most part, stayed informed; I have used whatever platform I have had, be that a blog, a Facebook post, or a dinner table, to discuss issues important to me. 652 kata lagi