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Celebrate aid times?

Earlier this month, Lord Purvis of Tweed passed the International Development (ODA) Bill through the House of Lords, “we will be making a worthwhile contribution” he declared to the nepotistic throng. 667 more words


Sub-Saharan Africa, Remittances & Action needed - Dilip Ratha

Today I would like to share two things—an amazing World Bank blog and a TEDGlobal 2014 talk filmed Oct 2014 on the subject of remittances. The blogger/speaker is Economist Dilip Ratha. 550 more words


Canada and the Post 2015 development agenda: some observations…

I have been following the discussions and scholarly literature on the Canadian development aid and agenda post 2015. I have collected some observations and tried to highlight key dimensions that are worth noting and further exploring. 552 more words


ZOO WARS ~ Concern for Animals Seized from Tiger Ridge

I’m glad that the truth is surfacing on what happens to seized animals-I am the only one who dares speak about what happened to mine. the large number that die due to euthanasia, or animals that die weeks later demonstrates the care they receive-Just because a vet is looking after them, it doesn’t mean jack-shit when the animals are stressed and unaccustomed to their environment especially when the owner is not allowed to visit or consulted. 1.580 more words

The 0.7% commitment is a triumph for civil society, not a party political gimmick

On Monday 9th of March the international development bill received royal ascent and enshrined Britain’s commitment to spending 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) on Official Development Assistance (ODA) into law. 1.222 more words

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An entire industry depends on denying this chart

This is the most important graph in the world. An entire industry depends on denying it. pic.twitter.com/qh1eO0sjei

— Daniel Hannan (@DanHannanMEP) February 26, 2015

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