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Upgrade ODA

Below the steps to Upgrade the ODA Baremetal from 2.10. to, 
probably for earlier version the steps should be the same...

1.) Upgrade to (20690087) 1.837 kata lagi

The Pros and Cons of Foreign Aid

The terms “humanitarian aid”, “foreign aid”, and “development aid” get thrown around a lot without any general consensus of what these terms actually mean. Therefore, it’s no surprise when a recent poll of Britons expressed the desire to… 1.002 kata lagi

Original Reporting

The Big Tree

So. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A big tree. Some call it the tree of life, some call it various other things but in the end, it’s a big tree. 302 kata lagi


Part 34:The Clash of Warlords – Chapter 1.

South Shinano, Early Summer 1546.

He looked up at the clear night sky with a blood red moon and sighed. From the balcony of his room in Ilda castle, the place was absolutely quiet. 2.778 kata lagi


ODA X5-2 how to cap the number of active CPU Cores

I recently had to cap the number of active CPUs on a bare metal ODA X5-2, and I noticed that the procedure is slightly different from what I used in the past ( 784 kata lagi

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