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Part 7: The Tokugawa clan, chapter 1

Mikawa, Summer 1545

He leaned against a wall made up of wood and special paper, staring blankly at all the stacks of sheets of papers filling the other side of the room. 2.171 kata lagi


Oda ANAF-ului

 Oda ANAF-ului­

A fost o data, ca-n povesti
O odioasa hoata,
Cu fata hatra si cu negi
ANAF, ea se rasfata.

Si, dintr-un oce… 599 kata lagi


Part 6: I See You. You See Me. We See Each Other.

Somewhere north of the castle, Owari Province. The summer of 1545.

He walked up the hill, away from the camp they just set up right before the sun went down. 1.935 kata lagi


Towards another resource curse? Remittances and support for democracy in Africa

This article was originally published on The Conversation

Remittance recipients whose priority is the socioeconomic improvements of their lives were found to be less engaged with democratic processes. 817 kata lagi


Part 5: The Game Begins

Mikawa, the summer of 1545

Rene was quick to learn and quick to adapt. He might not excel in most of the things he did but he always managed to catch up and become an average in everything he did. 1.330 kata lagi


Part 4: M'lord?

Nagoya Castle, summer 1545. Actually, it was still a stronghold, not a castle. In fact, it wouldn’t exist for another seventy four years in history. Or another twenty years at least, when Oda Nobuhide had another name: James Halcyon. 1.050 kata lagi


Part 3: Tutorial

Mikawa, the spring of 1545, nine seasons ago

Rene stared blankly from his room at the falling cherry blossom in the court. It was his first time seeing a cherry blossom, a beautiful one at that. 1.797 kata lagi