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iOS for Beginners Series Tutorial - Object Oriented Programming


Object-oriented programming(OOP) is one the key concept of modern programming.

Object-oriented programming makes it easier for programmers to structure and organize software programs.Many of the most widely used programming languages are object-oriented languages including… 622 more words

C++ Concepts

Hello world!

Hey everybody! This is a blog site where you can learn object oriented programming from the beginning! I will provide a variety of topics that you can read and learn from. 69 more words


Software Development Basics - Methods

Until now, all our code examples have been in the same Method. This is not the way it should be. In bigger projects you should create and use… 1.571 more words


Grab a coffee and learn Object-Oriented Programming in PHP with me in 15 lecture videos

Object-Oriented programming in PHP has been a tough stuff for you to learn. No need to worry, i bring you 15 new lecture videos with extended examples. 15 more words

Research & Development

Polymorphism In C#

C# is a genuine object-oriented programming language. It Implements all of the major OOP features including polymorphism. Polymorphism and virtual functions go hand in hand. In fact polymorphism is achieved using virtual methods. 764 more words

C Sharp

Inheritance in C#

As we know object-oriented programming enables you to declare and use a new class as a descendant of another class. This process is known asĀ  254 more words

C Sharp

Java: Object Oriented Programming Language

Java is widely used object oriented programming language. Its platform independent language that means code written in linux operating system can be executed on windows without changingĀ the code. 22 more words