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Log4j2 - Basic Logging For Java Development - Eclipse

The purpose of this exercise is to implement Log4j2 as a console logger and file logger for Java development.

1. Download apache-log4j-2.3-bin.zip

2. In Windows explorer create a /lib/ folder in you project parent folder if one does not exist, typically the same folder that contains your /src/ package folder. 290 kata lagi


Summary: JavaScript

Day 22

A total of 8.5 hours was spent today. I learned a lot about objects-oriented programming – which really gets down to the heart of programming. 222 kata lagi

CodedObject Example

The module source CodedObjectExample.txt contains an example of the encoding and decoding of a coded object byte stream via Object.Kernel.CodedObjects:CodedObject. The example module has two operations that can be entered at the command line once the source has been compiled. 484 kata lagi

Object Oriented Programming

Release 2.1.1

Release 2.1.1 of the ObjectTalk platform has been uploaded and is available at www.objecttalkplatform.org. This release contains the fix to the module load issue that can occur if the module file name does not match the module declaration in the source. 248 kata lagi

Object Oriented Programming

Problem Set #4: A Word Game (Scrabble)

We will be creating a word game which is very similar to Scrabble or Words With Friends with two different versions. When constructing this game, we will be writing in the style of unit testing, which is when we test each individual function that we write separately, and it will help us debug the code, we can use the provided test functions in the file: test_ps4a.py, to do this. 7.084 kata lagi

Problem Sets

Colony Example

Before we start I need to mention that I have discovered a problem with the 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 releases where the internal module name  within the module source is not consistent with the name of the source entity (either a file or orc entry). 1.829 kata lagi

Object Oriented Programming

Channel I/O Example

The ChannelExample1.txt module source contains a simple example of a client/server interaction based on BroadcastChannels. Before walking though the code save the source to your ObjectTalk work directory and compile the source from a command prompt and run the command  2.004 kata lagi

Object Oriented Programming