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The Go4 Design Patterns Reclassified

From the video text…

So the Gang of Four (Go4) collected 23 object-oriented solutions to common programming problems, which they published as a catalog in… 1.037 kata lagi


CP12, CheckMyMarkv1complete

I have copied my code to the server under the folder “Checkmymark”. In it, you will find checkmymarkv1complete.py. We will spend some time going through the code and hopefully you can compare it to the code you submitted to see if you made any mistakes and for us to learn more about object-oriented programming. 43 kata lagi


CP12, Skeleton code for CheckMyMark V1

OK, so I’ve create some skeleton code for the CheckMyMark v1 program. Please follow the comments in the code and create the constructors and methods as required. 69 kata lagi


CP12, OOP Review, Hand in Python

We will go over the OOP review questions from a couple of weeks ago.

Then make sure you have handed in your email class.

Finally, make sure you hand in your final python project, so I can assign you a mark for Term1.


Programming paradigms : Part 1

Programming paradigm is as style or way of programming.

If you are studying a programming language, in its feature list the first place is always reserved for programming paradigm it follows. 2.076 kata lagi

Changing Strictly Contestants 

by Paul Curzon, Queen Mary University of London

All change

We’ve seen in the previous blog post that privacy is an important idea in programming… 1.468 kata lagi

A-level Computing

CP12, Email Class

We will be working towards a version of a Checkmymark program that will email out to students and parents their current mark in a class. 302 kata lagi