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What is object -oriented?

In our everyday life we use many objects.Like when we get up in the morning,we drink coffee or tea .Tea is a object.Car,bus,pen & etc whole things are object.In programming objects are that have a state (like a car might have an oil and a fuel level), and behavior (like a car can be started, driven, parked and stopped). 117 kata lagi

Privates and Internals

Finally, a post that doesn’t revolve around making beer! I’ve actually got a backlog of these kind of posts but I’ve been to busy brewing to write them up. 822 kata lagi

Object Oriented Programming

Working Around the Decorator Pattern

…Which still seems kind of ugly to me. Less so than before now that I’ve thought about it. But I’ve also had the problem of making a better design in my mental background space for a few days. 669 kata lagi

Code Discipline: Shall I Comment on My Code?

Back in the college, I remember how much comments in the codes were emphasized by the computer science professors. They told us that everyone needs to include the good comments in his or her codes because other people need to understand your coding and how writing good comments follows the Object Oriented Programming principle by making the codes easier to read and to maintain. 882 kata lagi


A few more projects

I’ve started teaching Python to my 12yo. brother Ben. He picks it up really quickly and asks the right questions; his problem is that he doesn’t make the mistakes that the Python book keeps trying to get him to make, the ones he’s supposed to learn from. 420 kata lagi

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Entity: Anything in the real world which can be represented as a class is referred to as an Entity.

Ex: Customer, Order etc

Class: Class consists of the properties and the methods of an entity.   280 kata lagi