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Make Smalltalk Great Again!

We are fighting for a revitalized future where a once-great language can be great once again.

#MakeSmalltalkGreatAgain at Twitter.

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What is Programming?

Computer programming is the act of telling a moron (a computer) exactly what to do. This moron is very good at doing whatever it is told to do. 473 kata lagi

What is OOP?

OOP stands for object oriented programming.


[VBA] Delete empty data rows in spreadsheet -a simple example of object oriented programming

Before – Data in Sample 1 and Sample 2 sheets:

After – Sample 1 sheet: Remove all empty data rows

After – Sample 2 sheet: Remove all empty data rows from row 6… 306 kata lagi


Reusing lessons, OOP & the outdoors

The mark of a good lesson is when you want to reuse it.

I have taken students outside for their FIRST lesson in Object-Oriented Programming since my first year of tertiary teaching in 2001. 139 kata lagi


[FITYMI] Open and Closed Principle - Okay, now I have to Refactor

Wow. It’s been a whole month since my last SOLID OOP post. I was doing a good job alternating between maybe useful topics and totally useless ones until I got to this: the O in SOLID. 1.714 kata lagi