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See What's New in C# 6 and Visual Studio 2015

Bruno Leonardo Michels. C# Corner. 2015-05-28.
The future versions are C# 6.0, .NET 4.6, Visual Studio 2015. This article talks about the great things that are coming our way. 9 kata lagi


What's new in C# 6.0

Mads Torgensen. Microsoft Visual Studio. 2015-04-29
C# 6 adds a lot of small but useful language features to remove boilerplate and clean up your code. This video takes you on a whirlwind tour through all the new language constructs.


What's New in C# 6.0

Fiyaz Hasan. CodeProject. 2015-09-02.
C# 6.0. features walkthrough with easy to understand examples.


Essential C# 6 Features You Need to Know!

Michael Crump. Telerik Developer Network. 2015-10-05.
With the final version of C# 6 having been released, we can seen that a lot of syntax changes have occurred since its inception. 84 kata lagi


New Language Features in C# 6

Kevin Pilch-Bisson. GitHub. 2015-08-12.
This document describes the new language features in C# 6, the next version of C#. All of these are implemented and available in VS 2015.

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C#: The New and Improved C# 6.0

Mark Michaelis. MSDN Magazine. 2014-10-01.
Although C# 6.0 isn’t yet complete, it’s at a point now where the features are close to being finalized. There have been a number of changes and improvements made to C# 6.0 in the CTP3 release of the next version of Visual Studio, code-named “14,” since the May 2014 article, “A C# 6.0 Language Preview” (msdn.microsoft.com/magazine/dn683793.aspx). 63 kata lagi


OOP in FSharp. How to define and implement classes, abstract classes and interfaces

Kimserey Lam. Kimserey’s Blog.
Even though F# is a functional language, it also provides way to build application in a object oriented way. When interacting with C# libraries, it is very useful since C# is object oriented by nature. 44 kata lagi

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