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C# - Abstract Class vs Interface

Abstract Class Interface Multiple inheritance Doesn’t support support Data Member contains Doesn’t contain Constructor declaration contains Doesn’t contain Definition 154 kata lagi
Object Oriented Programming


JAVA is an Object Oriented Programming language that has greatly helped in creating user friendly programs all over the world. It is an advanced programming language that is used for a number of purposes. 487 kata lagi


Generating Python Code from Object-Z Specifications

Generating Python Code from Object-Z Specifications

A.F. Al Azzawi, M. Bettaz, and H. M. Al-Refai, Philadelphia University, Jordan


Object-Z is an object-oriented specification language which extends the Z language with classes, objects, inheritance and polymorphism that can be used to represent the specification of a complex system as collections of objects. 143 kata lagi

Understanding Casting with Generics

With multiple level inheritance and polymorphism it can become a bit challenging to see how a method accepting and returning a generic would behave if within the method some transformation takes place and either a sub or super type of that generic is returned. 330 kata lagi


Ohioedge Persistence API for Cassandra

Ohioedge Persistence API for Cassandra (OPAC) is an object-relational mapping persistence API for saving and retrieving Java objects from Cassandra. OPAC also enables definition-driven management of C* db objects such as schema, tables, materialized views, constraints, etc. 756 kata lagi