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A Full Summer

I have identified the biggest gap in my knowledge and have been working on patching it. Took me long enough.

The major problem is that schools just don’t teach object-oriented programming. 981 more words

Software Development Basics - Classes and Objects

Now that you know how to separate your code in methods, the next step is to learn about classes. Classes will not only let you organize your code in a better way, but it will also let you start diving into what is known as… 1.819 more words



I am Feras darwich from CCIT college.I want to tell every body about my experience in AUE.

The course I’m doing offers majors in Network security, and in Digital Forensics, which is what I’m doing. 106 more words

Object Oriented Programming

Java is everywhere

      It is an interesting quote I read while installing Java on my laptop. We have heard ‘God is everywhere’. But how java can be everywhere. In the present world it can? 259 more words


Programming Paradigms

Paradigm means organizing principle of a program. It’s an approach to programming.

Procedural Programming

In the procedural programming approach, the focus is on the processing, the algorithm needed to perform the desired computation. 160 more words


Codifying Objects

The mechanism that enables objects to interact across ObjectTalk instances (either within a Colony or as a client connection to a colony) is dependent on a protocol for interchanging object related data. 1.512 more words

Object Oriented Programming