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Object Oriented Programming adalah teknik penulisan kode program yang berorientasi ke
objek. Object Oriented Programming sangat memungkinkan untuk diimplementasikan dengan berbagai
bahasa pemrograman, karena umumnya bahasa pemrograman sudah mendukung fitur-fitur yang ada… 133 kata lagi

PHP Programming

VIDEO: Python Basics

Learn or review the basics of programming. This knowledge and skill is applicable to all programming languages. In this video we will review variables, data types, and operators. 53 kata lagi

Software Development

[ SOLID là gì ] Nguyên tắc 1: Đơn nhiệm - Single Responsibility principle (SRP).

      Tất cả developer chúng ta đều biết viết code – đó là điều đương nhiên, tuy nhiên không phải ai cũng biết viết code sao cho đẹp và chuẩn, và không phải ai cũng hiểu được khái niệm “chuẩn” là như thế nào trong việc phát triển phần mềm. 1.721 kata lagi

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Refinement - The way to create beautiful software products

In a previous post; we had learned about abstraction for building powerful software products. Now let us learn about refinement.

Refinement is the opposite concept compared to abstraction. 282 kata lagi

Software Engineering

VIDEO: Virtual Django Environment with Vagrant

Set up a virtual Django development environment for Python applications. Create this with Vagrant, Ubuntu, and Virtualbox.

Inside the command line/Terminal:

Start a django app… 321 kata lagi

Software Development

Why Android API kills design principle of loose coupling

After years of JAVA development, I decided to give a try to Android development a couple of days ago. At first glance, it seemed cleverly designed in terms of laying out UI components with descriptive power of xml. 703 kata lagi


Developing a Mini Calculator Part-2

Hello, this is a continuation of article on Developing a Mini Calculator Part-1. In the first part I have explained about the components required for this application. 657 kata lagi