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Obama: High Seriousness at Hiroshima, but Questions Too

Source: The Daily Bell

Obama is visiting Japan to meet with world economic leaders this week, and he plans to stop at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and deliver remarks about war and nuclear proliferation.

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Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies


The elegiac tone of the 2016 Pulitzer centennial celebration, on a slightly musty but historic Los Angeles theater, suited  the program’s somber themes—“War, Migration, and the Quest for Peace.” 757 kata lagi

Obama Queering America-Appoints LGBTs to Govt. Posts

by Rev. Austin Miles

WASHINGTON 5/26/16–The Jews of ancient times walked with God and upheld his instructions. If any member of a camp sinned, they immediately were brought to the camp council and if that member did not repent, he or she would be promptly kicked out. 1.487 kata lagi

The Lies That No One Believes

The main purpose of a lie is to deceive.  And thus it is only natural to suppose that a lie will fail to accomplish its purpose if the person being lied to does not believe it.  840 kata lagi


Obama's mantra is usually 'no drama.' Here's how his Asia trip challenged that mentality - LA Times

President Obama greets survivors of the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, including Sunao Tsuboi, right, during Obama’s visit Friday to the memorial at Hiroshima. (Shuji Kajiyama / Getty Images) 1.184 kata lagi

"[I'm] following my dreams,"

“My attitude is — like myself, I also grew up homeless — he didn’t ask to be born into this, and it’s not his credit, but he’s the one being punished for it,” said Sutherland, speaking of the frustrations of applying for loans. 16 kata lagi