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Trump Vows to Eradicate #BLM During First 100 Days in Office

(The Barbed Wire) – Donald Trump today made an announcement at a campaign event that has his poll numbers skyrocketing. Trump told a crowd of thousands that if elected president he would put an end to the out-of-control #BlackLivesMatter movement. 285 kata lagi


What Do People See In Donald Trump?

When I first heard that Donald Trump was running for president, I honestly thought it was a joke. Even this far into the political race, I still feel that it is just one big publicity stunt. 260 kata lagi


President Obama to Rename Planets

President Obama to Rename Planets

by Hatrick ‘Hattie’ Penry

September 1st, 2015

Not satisfied with renaming just a mountain, President Obama surprised reporters when he announced his intention to rename the planets during a press conference Monday morning. 167 kata lagi


While We're Progressing Back To Stone Age Names

Let’s do this one next.

The Nacotchtank were a native Algonquian people who lived in the area of what is now Washington, D.C. during the 1600s.

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Obama buys out cinnamon rolls at Anchorage cafe

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – How many cinnamon rolls does it take to feed a presidential entourage? If you’re President Barack Obama and you’re unsure, you err on the safe side and take the whole bunch. 234 kata lagi

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Obama's Green Marxist March To Alaska, Denali & Climate Change!

Pres. Barack Obama has gone to Alaska to push the green ┬áMarxist global warming agenda. Prior to his Glacier Summit speech, Obama decided to change Mount McKinley back to Denali, “the high one”. 452 kata lagi

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