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Millions Raised for Non-Muslim Rescue

By: Susan Bea Good

In just three months Glen Beck’s Nazarene Fund has raised 12 million dollars to rescue Christians living under persecution in Muslim countries. 518 kata lagi


Obama grants reprieve to turkeys 'Honest' and 'Abe'

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama spared two turkeys named for one of the nation’s most admired presidents, continuing a White House tradition that provides a refreshing sense of amusement and bipartisan cheer no matter how troubled the times. 399 kata lagi


New Daylight Savings Time to spur U.S. economy with endless Christmas shopping

Congress passed a bill Wednesday designed to keep consumers in a state of perpetual holiday shopping.

The law will require all U.S. territories to set their calendars back exactly one month on the Sunday following Christmas, effectively creating a never-ending monthly cycle of Black Friday sales events. 184 kata lagi


And The Iran Deal Gets Even Worse:

It’s not even binding for the Iranians, but we’re still going to honor our side of things and give them lots of money.


Be Good to the Bees

by Gladys Hutson

Many concerned with the decline in our Honey Bee population may know that President Obama has created a task force entitled “Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators.” It was implemented in June of 2014. 814 kata lagi

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Frying Turkey

 Magog don’t take prisoners – Ezekiel….

Hmmm, there’s one rib.  –Pastor Ward Clinton

The NRA Is Back in Obama's Crosshairs

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Written by Harry Khachatrian (@Harry1T6)

In recent turn of events, the Obama administration has decided that it’s in their best interest to shift public debate from discussing Obama’s inability to contain ISIS, or how ISIS should be wiped off the Earth, or how it may not be a great idea to bring tens of thousands of Muslim refugees to the United States – to attacking American gun owners. 510 kata lagi