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President Barack Obama signs a Memorandum of Disapproval regarding a joint resolution providing for congressional disapproval of a rule submitted by the National Labor Relations Board relating to representation case procedures. 42 more words

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Making News: New Marketwatch Column on the Big TPP Loophole Even Critics are Ignoring

I’m pleased to announce that Marketwatch.com has just published a new article of mine on President Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.  It argues that the Pacific Rim agreement will be worse than useless for the United States unless it closes a loophole created by value-added tax (VAT) systems that are at least as protectionist as currency manipulation.   6 more words


Exclusive: Read a 9-Year-Old's Letter to Obama About Putting a Woman on U.S. Currency — and His Response

The little girl who asked Obama last year why there aren’t any women on U.S. bills has finally gotten a letter back from the President — … 537 more words

A Country Is As Strong As It's Citizens, Let's Move! #JFKChallenge

Physical Fitness is a matter of concern for us all.  50 years ago we were given a gift.  Over time parents lost interest or have developed some negative feelings about it.   120 more words

Obama supports reduction in military retirement pay

So Obama supports changing military retirement to a 401k and saving 20 percent. The same time he opposes changing Social Security to a 401k like retirement program. 42 more words

Pushing "Peace In Our Time", Back For Now

No deal has been struck, but that’s OK, just move the ‘deadline’ back.  To June, and then July, and then September, etc., etc., etc.

Iran Nuclear talks hit another stalemate.   1.071 more words


Americans favor fictional TV presidents over the real guy

WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama may not be feeling the love these days. A Reuters-Ipsos poll this month showed only 46 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of the president. 143 more words