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Civil War Is Obama's Endgame For America

Survivalist expert, author and radio host Steve Quayle also gives his take on border security, the military’s Jade Helm exercises and more. We’ll also take your calls on today’s global transmission. 54 kata lagi

Foreign Leader Scheduled to Address a Certain Segment of the American Public

The leader of a foreign nation will soon, a couple of days from now, be delivering an important address to members of a certain US ethnic group. 427 kata lagi


How are those gun-free zones working out for ya?

Sean Davis makes some great points about gun-free zones over at the Federalist. Sean includes the violent and demented typical of radical anti-liberty types. Miguel follows those demented violent minds over at his blog… 111 kata lagi


Obama Messianic Muslim?

Iran is ancient Persia. Persia is mentioned in Ezekiel 38 along with Gog and Magog. These are important players in the end times. Modern Persia is ruled by Muslim mullahs, who believe that the Mahdi/12th imam will appear and take control of the world. 401 kata lagi


Trump the Rump for president

Who would have thunk that Donald Trump was a bigot?  Come on, really?  He was sued by the justice department for discriminating against black tenants.  Now, he’s telling America that we are not ready for another black president because of the damage that Obama has done. 64 kata lagi

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