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Flight 93 Mentality

By: Susan Bea Good

On September 11, 2001 Islamists attacked America. Four commercial airplanes were highjacked to be used as missiles against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. 463 kata lagi


Obama weighs expanding background checks through executive authority

Obama speaks about Ore. community college shooting

Speaking at the White House on Thursday evening, a visibly frustrated and emotional President Obama remarked on the deadly shooting at a community college in Oregon. 1.368 kata lagi


Affirmative Action at work

Affirmative action makes employers think, ‘Black woman nuclear physicist? Hah! Probably let her into Harvard ’cause they were looking for a twofer. Bet she got C’s in high school practical math. 10 kata lagi


Celente Discusses the Obvious Regarding Current Events, Covering Many Topics

Gerald Celente speaks TRUTH about the B.S. going on around the world.  Not that you haven’t picked up on the continuous LIES sold to The People by the corrupted media dirty “mouth pieces”.  16 kata lagi


Could you weather a Twitterstorm like Rupert Murdoch?

Rupert Murdoch has been called out on his support for ‘real black’ presidential hopeful Ben Carson, but swiftly apologised, declaring “No offence meant.”

The BBC… 234 kata lagi

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